Gossipmongers at Work: How To Catch Them

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Gossipmongers at Work: How To Catch Them

Profitable companies have a dedicated workforce, expertise in operations, a competitive advantage in their industry, and of course, a healthy workplace culture. When an employee wakes up early in the morning and heads straight to the office, they’re looking for more than just a handsome salary. Employees want a workplace where there’s peace of mind, a good work-life balance, and where the managers are kind and considerate.

According to the Harvard Business Review, one of the most negative aspects of a workplace— which indirectly affects all employees—is office gossip. Let’s dive deeper into the different forms that office gossip takes up.

What does office gossip include?

If you’re a business owner, you should worry about people who spread rumors about their colleagues. This doesn’t just put someone’s reputation at risk, but can also lead to low self-esteem and depression.

Office gossip includes overhearing someone’s conversation with the boss and narrating it to others via WhatsApp and email groups. Such correspondence is unhealthy for morale.

Another kind of office gossip involves constantly badmouthing the administration and the top tier management. Such people love talking about how the company is biased towards certain employees or how some people are always getting special favors from the management. The sad truth is that the allegations are not always true.

How does it affect the company?

If you’ve given company-owned mobile devices to your employees for communication and they’re constantly using them for gossiping, then you’re simply wasting resources. Other than that, workplace gossip also makes certain employees feel like the company values others’ efforts over theirs. This leads to them getting de-motivated about their work, and they’re consequently less productive.

When gossip happens within the organization, the effects are limited. If some of your employees are leaking details of the company’s internal issues to third parties, this could put the company at risk. This can result in your competitors taking advantage of your weaknesses and using it to defame you.

If your employees spend most of their time on their phones, narrating what they’ve overheard and talking about other colleagues, they’ll have little time left to actually work—what they get paid for. Gossip is, hence, one of the worst productivity killers. 

As a business owner, the first step you can take to put workplace gossiping to a halt is to install a phone tracking software in your employees’ company-owned devices. Highster Mobile is a phone monitoring app which gives you legal access to your employee’s correspondence while they’re at work. You can only use this app to monitor your employees after you’ve gained their prior approval.

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