GPS Navigation and Tracking: How It Began

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GPS Navigation and Tracking: How It Began

Whether you’re traveling to an entirely new place or trying to find the venue for your colleague’s wedding ceremony, without a GPS navigation system, all will be lost and the most you’ll be able to do is keep going round and round in circles.

GPS As We Know It

More than helping navigate and filling you in on where to turn next in how many meters, the GPS navigation system is now being used via a sophisticated development for tracking apps which help keep one posted about their location all the time.

Highly sophisticated and technologically advanced to suit the needs of people in this rapidly moving world, apps that make use of GPS have become everyday and essential to us.

And it all began once upon a time.

How It Happened

When the sharp rise and that marked a rise in technology happened come 1990, GPS navigation gained a respectable reputation in a short span of time. But if one really wants to delve into the history of the complex navigation system, then it’s to the Sputnik era that we must travel, back when the scientists were trying to track satellites so as to market their shifts in positions. This they would do by scrutinizing radio signals and making use of what in Physics is known as the Doppler Effect, according to NASA.

It was the US Navy that began conducting experiments related to navigation around the 1960s. This they did so as to detect if there were any submarines below, carrying the dreaded nuclear bomb.

Fast forward to 1978, and the country was set to launch its first Navigation satellite system called the System with Timing and Ranging (NAVSTAR).

The Big Jump

Once scientists had realized that it’s possible to track satellites from a stationary position in the ground by doing no more than taking measurements of its radio signals, they knew how to track the locations of these cosmic vehicles.

This wasn’t just a deduction used in many succeeding wars to help detect enemy warships and planes, but also was the foundation on which modern GPS technology as we know it is based.

GPS Today

In 1991 the world was informed by Bill Clinton and the FAA, that everyone—and not just the scientists who were trying to track satellites and submarines—could use it free of cost for, in their words, “the foreseeable future.”

One can agree that we’re living that foreseeable future, and making good use of the tracking system. The GPS system was used for the first mobile phones in 1999, and it’s safe to say we haven’t looked back since!

Today almost everyone knows what GPS is—but few know how it began to be!—and use it to their advantage.

Imagine: it all began with a war!

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