How GPS Tracking Apps Can Help Dementia Patients

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How GPS Tracking Apps Can Help Dementia Patients


Nearly 47 million people across the world had dementia in 2015 and the figure’s estimated to reach 75 million by 2030. Living with this progressive disease can be emotionally overwhelming not just for the patient themselves, but also for their family members and caretakers. With GPS tracking, some of these challenges have been made easier through the following ways.

Greater Independence

Losing your independence due to dementia can be a blow to patients, especially those used to being on their own and living their lives on their own terms. While a GPS tracking system can’t restore their memory, it can help them regain some independence. Those individuals who’re at an initial stage of dementia can continue to move about on their own without necessarily requiring an escort. With the assurance that their movements can be traced through GPS should the worse happen and they get lost, they can uphold a certain degree of independence.

Peace of Mind

Individuals with dementia are often aware of the risks they face, especially if living on their own. Thus, having close family members or friends use a GPS tracking system to monitor their movement also gives them confidence that they’ll be easily located if there is an emergency. This is especially useful during medical emergencies, where every second counts. A GPS tracking software will give them a peace of mind about that someone is looking out for them, even if they get lost or confused.

This is a two-way advantage of GPS tracking. Not only are the patients themselves at peace, but their loved ones too are assured that they’ll be able to locate them instantly. Moreover, GPS tracking also prevents dementia patients from getting avoidable injuries and being in risky situations.


Active Tracking

The active tracking mechanism on the GPS-intensive device allows one to track dementia patients more effectively. The phone tracking software provides you with the actual geographical coordinates of your loved one, giving you access to their whereabouts throughout the day. At any given point in time, you can easily locate your loved one through your own mobile or computer device. This can be done from the vicinity of your own home. In case the patient wanders off on an unfamiliar route or gets lost, you can easily track them down and direct them back to the comfort of their home.  

Highster Mobile provides mobile tracking solutions that are compatible with both iPhones and Android devices. Download the app now to make sure your loved ones are safe and sound, and can be easily located when the need arises!

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