Craziest Things People Found Out While Hacking Into Their Partner’s Phone

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Craziest Things People Found Out While Hacking Into Their Partner’s Phone

When you think of hacking, you think of someone sitting in a basement office with multiple computer screens typing in code at lighting speed.  But with modern day technology, the average joe can be a hacker and no coding skills are required. If you’re considering spying on a partner who you believe is being unfaithful or who has become very secretive lately, you may be wondering is it possible to hack someone’s phone with just their number?  You also wouldn’t believe what people have found when hacking their partner’s phones. Here are the craziest things people found out while hacking into their partner’s phones!

He Was Going To Propose

“I was growing suspicious of my boyfriend who seemed to be doing an awful lot of sneaking around and hiding his phone.  So I installed Highster Mobile and I was shocked with what I found. The woman he was meeting up with was actually his jeweler and he was customizing an engagement ring for me.  He was planning an elaborate surprise proposal on the boardwalk at sunset. I’m bummed I ruined the surprised, but I am so relieved that he wasn’t cheating on me it was worth the peace of mind.”  –Andrea V., 28

She Was Pregnant And It Wasn’t Mine

“I felt my wife slipping away but every time I would ask her what was going on she would say everything was fine. She kept going on girls trips with her friends for long weekends and going out for late dinners with colleagues after putting in long hours in the office.  She kept assuring me that everything was okay. But I felt it, so I downloaded Highster Mobile to her phone. Her weekend getaways were with Tom from her office not her girlfriends. And her late night dinners were at a hotel with Tom. And when I saw the text of the sonogram come over on the dashboard, I almost died.  I knew it wasn’t mine, because we hadn’t been intimate in months.” -Mike M., 32

He Was Gay

“My boyfriend suddenly became very fixated on his appearance, always working on, weekly visits to the barber, gym, tanning, teeth whitening.  I thought he met another woman and was trying to impress her. So I downloaded a spy app onto his phone to catch him in the act. What I found out was devastating.  He had taken a lover alright. A man named Bret, who he’d fallen in love with and I was just his beard. He wasn’t ready to come out publicly so he was going to keep using me and stringing me along.  As hard as it was to find out the truth, I’m glad that I know and he can be himself and I am protected from STI’s and being with someone who has multiple partners.” -Erica C., 26

He Was Selling Drugs

“My husband’s phone would constantly ring and he would go outside to take the call. And then he would leave for an hour or so and I would have no idea where he would go.  He was so secretive about who he was talking to and he got angry when I would question him on it. I couldn’t take one more second of being in the dark. I had heard from a friend who had used Highster Mobile about how easy it was to install, so I decided to try it.  My husband was running a fun blown drug operation out of our house. I later found his stash in our basement and he was meeting people at a bodega to make the exchange. I gave him an ultimatum and he tried to get me to believe this was our ticket to freedom and money.  So I left the loser.” -Stepahnie L., 36

She Was Actually A Stripper

“My girlfriend started working nights and coming home well into the morning.  She said she needed to put in her time in order to get a promotion and then we could move into the home of our dreams. I was getting worried that she was cheating on me with another man, but I was floored when I found out what was really going on.  I used Highster Mobile and tracked her GPS location every night and she was driving an hour and a half away to a strip club near the airport. Through monitoring her texts, I was able to see that she was in fact working at that strip club. Her stage name…Destiny Rose. So I guess you can say taking off your clothes and giving lap dances to countless other men, feeling you up is cheating in my book.  I couldn’t even look at her the same way after I found out. I’m still messed up from this, but thank God I found out and she can’t play me anymore.” -Lamar, 29     

So that brings up the million dollar question….

Can You Hack Someone’s Phone With Just Their Phone Number?

It is possible, but it does take advanced skills to hack someone’s phone with just their phone number. So, it honestly make not be worth it to do so.

Trust Your Gut

If you are suspicious of your partner, trust your gut.  It’s telling you something for a reason. While uncovering the truth may shock you, once exposed, you can truly feel free.  

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