Here’s How To Tell If Your Phone Has A Tracking App

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Here’s How To Tell If Your Phone Has A Tracking App

If someone says they’re worried their smart phone can be smartly monitoring them, they’re not paranoid—they’re being rightly cautious and wary. The digital world has entered an era in which data is the new gold and electronic devices such as cell phones and computers can easily be used to monitorn people, to blackmail them, to commit crimes, or for far more sinister reasons.

Just 12 weeks ago the FBI warned banking circles worldwide about a potential ATM heist, and which could affect millions of users worldwide. Cyber criminals have reached a level of notoriety where webcams are being routinely used to monitor people. This news was made public when Mark Zuckerberg and the director of the FBI James Comey revealed that they make sure to cover the cameras on their computers when they’re not using them.

In such a world, it is genuinely and naturally possible that your mobile has a malware installed on it. And here’s how to find out.

Look for Jailbreaking Tools

For iPhone monitoring software installation, a person will need to perform a process known as jailbreaking.

Only seasoned professionals can get this right, and while you may not notice it at first you can look for jailbreaking software on your iPhone: Cydia, Installous, Icy, SBSettings, etc. They might not even have an icon, but if they’re there and you haven’t used them, it’s a good indicator that someone else has.

Data Roaming Can Tell

What usually is the case with most monitoring software is the fact that someone sitting outside the country or far from your immediate location is monitoring your phone and using its GPS location.

In such a case, your data charges are bound to go up. If you notice a hike in your data charges and haven’t ventured far from home, you should start worrying about them immediately.

Cryptic Messages

If at times you receive a message which looks like utter gibberish: computer code or random series of numbers, don’t ignore them. They might be from the person controlling monitoring software. Such messages are required by a monitoring software and generally are not supposed to be noticed, but if you do notice them, take proactive measures to get to the root of the cause.

Other Signs

There are other ways of telling if your phone might have been in some way been compromised. Some of them are:

  1. The phone takes a long time shutting down
  2. The phone keeps losing its battery rapidly despite little use
  3. The phone lights up without cause
  4. The phone is warm despite not being used
  5. The apps on your phone are taking a long time to function

If all or many of these signs show up, you should give your phone a serious scrutiny.

Prevention is Better than Cure

You might be thinking how exactly someone else could install a monitoring app secretly on your phone. It’s easy: you don’t carry your phone around with you all the time, do you? One needs physical access to the phone to install the app and such can only be done when the phone can be easily broken into when not with you.

For safety measures always ensure you have a pin in place or other precautions so that when you do have to leave your phone alone, it can’t be botched. Also, make sure the pin is not something anyone can guess: like 123456 or your birthday.

Looking for Tracking and Monitoring App?

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