How An iPhone Parental Monitoring App Can Help You

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How An iPhone Parental Monitoring App Can Help You

Technology has certainly come a long way. Many of us can remember when cordless phones were the latest and greatest thing to own. The idea of a child owning a cell phone would not have made sense in the recent past. Cell phones were for business people. For the average person, they were merely a gadget to show off. Now it’s perfectly normal for a child to have multiple smart devices in their possession before aging into double digits. Although the devices have changed, many of the same old dangers are still lurking on the web. Parents today need an edge to keep up in our tech heavy world. Monitoring apps, like Highster Mobile, make it easy for parents to keep tabs on their child’s smart device. Let’s discuss how an iPhone parental monitoring app can help you keep your kids safe.

How Do iPhone Monitoring Apps Work?

Monitoring apps can grant a parent remote access to most of the important files on their child’s phone. Once installed, you’ll be able to monitor the device’s activity, view photos, read messages, and know what web content is being viewed right from the online user dashboard. There’s plenty of parental control software programs that allow for content filtering, like Net Nanny. However, if you’re looking to monitor more than just content, an iPhone parental monitoring app, like Highster Mobile is exactly what you need.

How An iPhone Parental Monitoring App Can Help Parents

Changing technology makes harder and harder for parents to keep their kids safe. We all want to protect our children from danger. If you are questioning whether or not to monitor your child’s phone, here are some reasons to do so.

Cyberbullying (Victim)

The problem of cyberbullying seems to get worse as technology gets better. School bullies have moved out of the locker rooms and into the chat rooms. Computers allow the teasing and taunting that used to be rendered to just school hours, to continue when a child gets home. Having access to your child’s device can help parents prevent their children from becoming victims.

Cyberbullying (Aggressor)

In many ways, this situation is even harder to think about than if your child was in fact the victim. It can be painful to see cruelty coming from your child. Don’t deny it if it’s happening. Monitoring his or her device can help prevent their poor behavior from becoming an ongoing problem.

Adult Content

Even with filters in place, this type of material is very easy to find on the web. Children accessing adult content is one of the biggest problems parents face with improving technology. Using a monitoring app can greatly help parents by keeping their children from seeing something they shouldn’t see.

Identity Theft

Children may not understand why it’s important to keep certain information private. Just posting your address or phone number could be enough for someone to steal your identity. Keeping tabs on what they post can prevent this from happening.


Teenagers can be naive about sending nude photos. Once something is sent out into the world, it can be copied an infinite amount of times, making it completely out of your control. Stop this unhealthy behavior before it starts by monitoring your child’s smartphone.  


Is someone sending your child something inappropriate? Thanks to Highster Mobile, you can have the evidence stored right on your user dashboard so you can put a stop to it.

Online Predators

The anonymity of the internet means literally anyone can be behind that profile. People often misrepresent themselves on the web. When it comes to your children, it’s no laughing matter. Keep them protected.

Screen Addiction

Even adults are falling victim to screen addiction. These are people who just can’t be away from a screen for too long. A child can easily become affected if they spend long enough with their smart device. Monitoring screen time and setting reasonable time limits can help prevent this problem. It can also help teach a child better time management.


Let’s face it, kids are not always honest with their parents. The location tracking feature can assure parents that kids are where they say they are, and doing what they say they’re doing. Highster Mobile can also help greatly if you’re going out of town and don’t want to come home to the remnants of a teenage house party.

Highster Mobile Key Features

  • Phone Calls: View incoming and outgoing calls.
  • GPS Tracking: Receive real-time iPhone phone location.
  • iMessage: View all iPhone iMessages and text messages, even deleted ones.
  • Web History: See all websites visited on Safari and other iOS web browsers.
  • Emails: Read all incoming and outgoing emails.
  • View Contacts: Know what contacts are programmed into the phone.
  • Photos and Videos: View all photos and videos stored on the phone.
  • Social Media: See posting from all social media platforms made from the phone.
  • Data Recovery: Save all your important data it right to the app.
  • Keylogger: See all of the iPhone keystrokes.
  • Remote Camera: Snap pictures remotely from the target iPhone.

Can Highster Mobile View Private iPhone Messaging Apps?

It sure can. There are a number of programs available in the App store designed for private messaging. Many of these programs use end-to-end encryption in order to keep their users’ content private. In fact, certain private messaging apps are banned in several countries for their ability to encrypt communication. While strong, they’re no match for phone monitoring software. Highster Mobile grants access even to private messaging apps allowing you to leave no stone unturned when watching over your child. Here are some of the private messenger apps Highster Mobile can grant access to:

  • Kik
  • WhatsApp
  • Messenger
  • Skype
  • WeChat

Installing Highster Mobile On iOS Devices

Installing Highster Mobile is so easy, you don’t even need possession of the target iPhone! Simply follow the instructions below.  

  1. Purchase Highster Mobile.
  2. Log into your account on your own device.
  3. Enter the iCloud Username and Password of target iPhone.
  4. Go to your account dashboard and begin monitoring the iPhone.

Does Highster Mobile Work On Every iOS Device?

Highster is compatible with all current iPhones and tablets including the iPhone 11. It works on all iPhone and iPad devices running on iOS 7 to 13. Along with this, Highster Mobile is one of the best monitoring apps for iPhone due to the free lifetime updates that users of the product enjoy.

Can I Legally Monitor My Child’s iPhone?

It is 100% legal for a parent to monitor their child’s iPhone. There is absolutely nothing illegal about owning or using monitoring software. It’s a highly utilized type of program many individuals use for device monitoring. The rules change once the child gets older. At 18, they are considered an adult. Then, it is no longer legal to monitor their phone without permission. Until that day, you have every legal right to monitor your child’s phone. You are the parent after all.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all these mobile dangers didn’t exist? Unfortunately they do. And parents who are serious about protecting their child from every possible danger sometimes need a leg up. This is especially true when it comes to technology which can change on what feels like a daily basis. An iPhone parental monitoring app, like Highster Mobile, gives protective parents a tremendous advantage by being easy to use, compatible with nearly all Apple devices (thanks to free lifetime updates), and strong enough not to be blocked by other programs. Parents can rest assured knowing they are well informed about what is going on in their child’s life.

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