How to Deal With Your Teenage Child’s Favorite Mobile Apps

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How to Deal With Your Teenage Child’s Favorite Mobile Apps

Smartphones and tablets are two of the modern-day gadgets that have completely turned the world of parenting on its head. Things have been complicated even further with the advent of mobile applications. When we take a look at a teenager’s mobile phone these days, we see hundreds of mobile applications installed. With its increasing popularity, several mobile applications are released every day. Seems like there is a mobile application for anything that we can think of doing, and, unfortunately, it is not possible to have the slightest clue about their capabilities by looking at their names.

There are many mobile apps that encourage positive behavioral traits amongst the users. However, some of the mobile apps are used extensively for inappropriate purposes such as cyberbullying and sexting. Therefore, parents must ensure that none of these apps are installed in their child’s mobile phone.

Kik internet messenger has probably received the maximum amount of negative publicity amongst all mobile apps. As we all know, children prefer texting because it doesn’t cost them any extra money. Private messages sent through Kik often contain languages that are provocative and not appropriate for the kids.

As their names suggest, Dirty Talking Lite and Sex Texts Lite are two mobile apps that are used extensively for sexting. While using these apps, users can browse through different ideas of things that can be said to others. While these ideas can be funny for the mature users, it is never acceptable for the younger app users to entertain these thoughts.

Snapchat is another app that may have seriously adverse impact on growing children. This platform allows users to send temporary messages that are self-destroyed after they have been viewed. Since the images sent through this app are seen for a limited period, users are greatly encouraged to send inappropriate content in different forms.

Online dating app Tinder is extremely dangerous because any teenager can pretend to be an adult to sign-up here. With this app, users can rate the pictures of other users as good as bad. The nature of this app makes it extremely susceptible to cyberbullying.

Looking at the severity of the potential danger, the only way to deal with this problem is to restrict your child from using any of these apps. In order to do that, your first step should be to start monitoring your child’s mobile phone to find out the list of mobile apps he/she is using. This can be done easily using a good quality cell phone tracking software program. Using a cell phone monitoring app called Highster Mobile can be extremely useful because this program does not require any software to be installed in the target phone. Therefore, you can continue tracking the phone without letting anyone know about it. In case you discover that your child is using any of these dreaded apps, now you can be proactive and completely remove these apps from the phone or block access to these applications.

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