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How To Track A Phone Quick and Easy

how to track a phone

Phones have become a great necessity, especially in this digital age. Just imagine the things you could do with your mobile phones – connecting with people, conducting business activities, doing bank transactions, ordering, buying and/or selling stuff, marking your calendar, and much more. The role of phones in daily living and the amount of time spent on them are more than enough reasons to take some precautionary measures in the event a phone gets lost.

Security is also a great reason for wanting to have the ability to track a cell phone. Having security protects the pertinent information stored on your phone and sim card. Whatever your reason may be, it’s pertinent you learn how to track your phone, such as using a phone tracker app.

Track A Phone: Choose Your Method

Tracking a phone’s location could be done for free, or you could choose to invest in a tracking app if you want to know more than the phone’s GPS location. Tracking could be as easy as having to download the app or a little trickier by having to jailbreak or root the device before installing software or an app on it. Before we discuss any further though, we would like to give a friendly reminder that phone tracking may be subject to some laws and it must only be done for valid reasons such as having the ability to locate your lost phone or monitoring the location of your child.

Find My Device

Android devices come with the default service called Android Device Manager or the Find My Device app that can be downloaded. This would greatly help in finding a lost or stolen Android phone and/or to keep tabs on your phone with real-time location updates. It’s important to remember to have your phone’s location and Find My Device turned on.

Once you sign in to android.com/find with your Google account, you will be able to locate your Android phone and secure it. Using this tool, you could also erase all content on the device to prevent any criminals or strangers from accessing your phone. 

Find My iPhone

Just like with Android devices, Apple has its own phone tracking system – Find My iPhone. Once you install it on your iPhone and sign in with your Apple ID, the app will then help you locate your device and remotely lock it. It can also let you play a sound to scare a thief or find it nearby, display a message, or even erase all of the data on your iPhone.

Phone Tracking Apps

If you want to know and track more than just a phone’s location, there are several tracking apps available on the market. There are both free and paid options, however, it’s best to go with a paid option. Even though some of these apps have a higher price point, they allow you to do so much more than simple GPS tracking. For example, Highster Mobile allows you to monitor a phone and its activities like call log, text messages, emails, media, browser history and social media activities. These features really come in handy for parents who want to ensure their internet and device safety. 

Tracking apps could indeed be of great help; however, always proceed with caution. Make sure to select only the most trusted and reliable software provider. Most importantly, be conscious of how you use such tracking software.

Contact Your Cell Phone Carrier

Your cell phone carrier may be able to help you locate your cell phone. This method isn’t guaranteed, but it is worth a try. Visit your local store and consult with their experts. 

As you can see, tracking a phone is easy as long as you pre-install an app that can locate it. Remember, these methods may not work if the phone is off, the above apps aren’t set up properly, and/or the phone’s location setting is off.