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How To Use A Facebook Tracker App On Your Child’s Phone

Facebook is one of the most commonly used social media platforms by kids today, aside from Instagram and Snapchat. Even though there’s been a noticeable drop in young users recently, many still use it to connect with family and check out local business and entertainment pages. Kids also use the Facebook Messenger Kids app to communicate with friends their age.

With children still using Facebook and Messenger, parents need to know what their children are up to on both of the apps. But how? By using the Highster Mobile Facebook Tracker App for iPhone or Android mobile phones, that’s how.

What’s A Facebook Tracker App?

Similar to how you use a parental control app, a Facebook Tracking App can be used to monitor practically all Facebook app activities. Specifically, parents love the Highster Mobile Facebook Monitoring Software because it’s user-friendly and super easy to install. So, your child won’t bust you for monitoring their Facebook activities. Plus, it can be used on the newest and latest iPhone and Android devices.

What Devices Can I Use It On?

As stated previously, you can monitor a Facebook account on the latest and older versions of Android and iPhone devices and operating systems.

These devices include:

  • iPhone 5 – 13, and iPads (all versions) running on iOS 7 – 15.
  • Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Google Pixel and other Android smartphones.
    • Running on Android Honeycomb – Pie.

What Facebook Activities Can I View?

You can practically see all activities of a Facebook app on Android or iOS devices.

  • Text messages (and their contents) sent on Messenger and Messenger Kids.
  • Facebook posts including photos and videos shared.
  • Post comments.
  • Facebook photo and videos saved to the target device.

How To Use A Facebook Tracker and Monitoring Software

– Step 1: Purchase Highster Mobile Facebook Phone Tracking Software

Before starting, you must purchase the Facebook Monitoring App. What you purchase depends on the device you want to monitor. So, if your child has a Samsung Galaxy Note 10, then you need the Android software.

– Step 2: Install It

The installation process does differ on Android and iPhone. With the Android software, you do need physical access to it for less than a minute. For the iPhone software, you do not need physical access to the target phone, just your kid’s Apple ID and password. For specific details on the installation process, visit our Android monitoring and iPhone monitoring product pages.

– Step 3: View The Facebook Activities

After installation, you can log into your personal and secure account from your own smartphone, tablet, or computer. Once their, you can easily view all Facebook activities and so much more! The dashboard is color coded, so you’ll be able to easily spot all Facebook data collected from your child’s phone.

Why Highster Mobile Is The Best Option

So, why is Highster Mobile the best option to track your child’s Facebook activities?

  1. With the 500,000+ downloads and 300,000+ customers Highster Mobile has had, it has been proven as the premiere cell phone monitoring app for parents.
  2. Highster Mobile is very user-friendly, even for those who aren’t tech savvy. We also provide users with very easy steps to follow on how to install and use the tracker app.
  3. You get FREE lifetime upgrades! So, in the event your child’s phone undergoes a major operating system update, you won’t have to pay extra to upgrade Highster Mobile.
  4. Using Highster Mobile, your child will not find out you are tracking their Facebook account.

So, that’s how you can use a Facebook Tracker App on your kid’s phone. When looking for the best app for you, consider choosing Highster Mobile as your tool.

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