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How To Use An Android Device Locator To Find Your Phone

Do you have a history of losing your Samsung Galaxy, or another Android cell phone? Well, then you really need to come up with a plan on how you can locate it in the future. The plan can’t just be to visit every place you were that day. You need to use an Android device locator app like, Highster Mobile, to track it down to its exact location.

What’s An Android Device Locator App?

The Highster Mobile Android Device Tracker App can find the location of an Android device instantly! Your device’s location is uploaded to your user dashboard on a Google Map every 10 minutes. With having the map in hand, you can locate your phone in no time!

Also, this Android device tracking app works on an impressive number of devices with different operating systems. The ones Highster Mobile is compatible with are:

  • Samsung, Google Pixel, Motorola, HTC, LG, and Huawei Android phone.
  • Android 3 (Honeycomb) – Android 10 Operating Systems.

However, these tracker apps aren’t just capable of tracking a phone’s GPS location. They can also track practically all phone activities. This includes social media activities, browsing history, phone apps, photos, videos, Call Log, contacts, and more. So, in the event your Android phone is lost, all of your precious phone data will be backed up onto your Highster Mobile dashboard.

Now, that you know what this app is, you should be convinced that it’s essential to have and use. To prevent you from losing your phone in the future, you really should pre-install this app right away.

How To Find Your Smartphone Using An Android Phone Tracker

Step 1: Purchase Highster Mobile Android Tracker App

The first and most obvious step is to purchase the locator app. There are no hidden fees in the event of a phone or product update.

Step 2: Install The Android App

Next, you need to install the app on your mobile phone. Open the link sent to you by Highster Mobile via email. Then, enter your product license key and password provided to you. After a few clicks of a button, the app will be installed on your phone.

Step 3: You’re All Set!

Now, whenever your phone gets lost on vacation or just in your couch cushions, you can locate it. You phone’s location will be automatically updated on your product dashboard, which is accessible from your phone, computer, and tablet. Also, always make sure your phone’s location setting is turned on as well.

Well, that’s how to use the Highster Mobile Android Device Locator App to find your phone in a jiffy! Interested in learning more about Android tracking? Read: How To Record Screen On Android