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Important Tips for Choosing the Right Mobile Call Monitoring Package

If have been looking around for a way to efficiently monitor how your employees are using their company smart phones, you must have done enough research about phone monitoring software programs and how they work. You may have noticed also that there are so many different companies offering monitoring mobile apps and software packages. Now you wonder which package can suit your needs perfectly.

There are various mobile call monitoring packages available in the market today. They actually differ in terms of the type of mobile phone you want to monitor and the kind of information you wish to get from it. Below are some things you need to consider before purchasing any monitoring software.

  1. How long do you need the monitoring service?

If, for example, you just want to keep track of a mobile phone usage because you feel suspicious about how your staff is using it, you may need the service for a short time only. In this case, getting a software monitoring mobile phone with a monthly contract is recommended. Short term contracts are a better option because you can cancel them easily if you don’t need the service anymore.

  1. How detailed do you want the reporting to be?

Cell phone monitoring programs will give you reports on the information or data coming from the target phone. Such information may include text messages, call logs, social media activities, browser history, and so on. If you need to get details about the calls made and received, as well as the text messages coming to and from the phone, a basic package will do.

The more advanced packages come with more complicated features and thus, more complex reporting. This would include call recording and even GPS location mapping. As expected, the more features offered by mobile call monitoring software, the higher the cost.

  1. How many mobile phones do you need to monitor?

Another thing to consider when choosing a mobile monitoring package is the actual number of cell phones you wish to monitor. If you want to monitor multiple phones, you should look at packages that can be used for as many as three phones in a single license. While there are more packages that can accommodate a single phone only, you may actually use the software from one phone to another. This is necessary in case the target phone is to be upgraded or changed.


No matter what your reason is for having to use a mobile phone monitoring app, knowing what monitoring package you need is essential. This will prevent you from spending too much on the service, and it will make sure you aren’t tied in a very long contract.

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