How to Introduce Your Employees To A Monitoring System

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How to Introduce Your Employees To A Monitoring System

While employee monitoring offers multiple benefits to organizations, it also comes with a fair set of risks. Employees are often wary of workplace monitoring due to the notion of compromised privacy surrounding these systems. The idea of activity and location tracking can also induce feeling of stress and anxiety in some employees.


However, there are some tactics organizations can employ to successfully introduce monitoring systems to their work force and convince them to get on board with the concept.

Communicate Employee Benefits

Explaining benefits of workplace monitoring to employees can fast-track the acceptance process and might even boost their enthusiasm regarding the new system. Prepare a presentation highlighting key advantages of monitoring programs. Emphasize on how data from monitoring software can be used as an evidence of employee productivity and their commitment to the job. The records might also serve as a proof of location, which may be required in case of an accusation of traffic violation or attendance-based conflict.

Draft a written policy

When it comes to workplace monitoring, privacy is one of the major concerns of employees. Organizations can address these concerns through a comprehensive written policy, detailing employee rights and limitations of workplace monitoring.

By doing so, employees will have the reassurance they need and will also help firms avoid future legal issues, which may arise otherwise. Make sure the terms and conditions are outlined in simple and clear terms and includes any relevant legal provisions.

Encourage feedback

Employees tend to feel more comfortable with new systems and strategies if they’re allowed to express their views and opinions regarding it. Establish an open communication channel between yourself and your employees through which they can provide feedback about the monitoring system to be implemented. Through a feedback channel, employees can also point out areas that need improvement, so you can work on them accordingly. Respond to the feedback with gratitude and composure to win employee trust and confidence.


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