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How To Set Up iPad Parental Controls

iPad Parental Controls

What Is An iPad?

The iPad is a tablet device created by Apple. Apple has helped pioneer mobile devices (iPhone), and the iPad Pro is the newest version of the devices. These tablets have access to apps through the App Store, and on iOS 13 or above, the user can use the new Screen Time features. 

Models of the iPad that are compatible with iOS 13 include 5th and 6th generation iPads and above. Screen Time allows the use of functions that include the ability to limit the usage of the device which can help parents limit their child’s use of it.

iPad Parental Controls

Apple has built-in parental control functions on the tablets that parents can use to help manage what their child has access to. To get started with the parental control on the iPad, the user will first need their Apple ID which was used to login to the device. 

Screen Time

To get started with parental controls on the iPad, first go to the settings on the tablet and tap Screen Time. Then, select whether it is the parent’s device or the child’s device. Now, the parent will have access to the features of Screen Time and its content restrictions that can be used on the tablet. 

If the parent is setting up Screen Time for the first time, when they log into their child’s device, they can choose Use Screen Time Passcode to set-up a passcode for the device so restriction settings cannot be changed.  

iPads allow parents to control the screen time for the device and specific apps. To manage the settings of screen time for a child’s tablet, go to SettingsScreen TimeDowntime & App Limits. There, you can set times where your child does not get internet access (Downtime) and set limits for specific app. 

Restrict Web Content

Screen Time allows parents to filter out web content on the child’s device. To adjust the web content that is allowed, go to SettingsScreen TimeContent & Privacy RestrictionsWeb Content. The parent can choose whether to filter out adult content on the tablet. They can also choose to allow or never allow specific websites. 

Block Siri Search

For one reason or another, parents may want to restrict the use of Siri on an iPad. Some may have privacy concerns, or not want Siri accidentally bringing up explicit content that is not suitable for a child. To limit Siri on the device, go to Settings Screen TimeContent & Privacy RestrictionsContent Restrictions. Now, go to Siri and select to restrict web searches or filter out explicit language. 

Limit iTunes & App Purchases 

Parents can control the purchases that a child can make in iTunes or in the App Store. The iTunes Store gives the user access to music, TV shows, and movies, not all of which are suitable for children. To limit these purchases, go to SettingsScreen TimeContent & Privacy RestrictionsiTunes & App Store Purchases. Now, choose whether to require a password for purchases within the iTunes Store. 

The App Store’s settings can be changed within the same section of Screen Time. Like iTunes, there is a lot of content, in the form of apps, that are not suitable for kids. Parents can choose whether to require a password for installing and deleting apps. 

Restrict the Game Center 

A parent can also choose what to allow in the Game Center app on an iPad. Go to Screen Time → Tap Content & Privacy RestrictionsContent RestrictionsGame Center. Choose to restrict multiplayer games, adding friends, and screen recording. 

Stay Safe While Using An iPad

The iPad is enabled with features by Apple to make it a safe device that can be used for kids. This makes it a great choice for parents who are looking for a tablet device for their children. Be sure to get an iPad that is compatible with iOS 13 to take advantage of the Screen Time features and settings. 

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