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Is It Okay To Monitor My Daughter’s Phone Activity?

monitor my daughter's phone

As a parent there probably isn’t any length you wouldn’t go to to protect your child. To make sure your daughter is okay in school you might look through her diary.  This may feel like an invasion of her privacy but you are only protecting her. So it brings up the question is it okay to monitor my daughter’s phone activity?

Reasons You May Need To Monitor Your Daughter

There are many compelling reasons as a parent you should monitor your daughter’s phone activity.  

– Teenage Girls

Teenage girls can become very secretive with their parents. You don’t know who they are hanging out with or what they are up to. Her bedroom door is always slamming shut. When you do see her, her face is always in her cell phone.  Making sure they are hanging out with the right clique and not getting into any trouble is top priority as a parent.

– Teenage Boys

Teenage boys can be really inappropriate and may even be pressuring your daughter into doing something she is not ready to do. Make sure your daughter doesn’t get into a situation where she can be harmed or lose her innocence.

– High School Drama

If someone’s parents are out of town and your daughter is planning to head to the party of the century with all of her friends where there will be alcohol and underage drinking you will be in the know. You can stop her from getting into trouble or getting in a car with someone who has been drinking.

– Cyberbullying

You want to make sure your child is not a victim of cyberbullying. 1 in 4 students are a victim of bullying. Many of which goes unreported, and if it does the damage is done and can cause emotional harm to your child.  Getting involved before things get out of hand can spare your child a lifetime of trauma and pain.

– Online Predators

Is your daughter involved in online chat rooms? Does she have a Facebook or Instagram profile that’s set to public? Then there may be creeps out there asking her for photos and grooming her. Monitor her activity to make sure she is safe and not prey to online predators.  

What is a Cell Phone Monitoring Software?

A cell phone monitoring software is used to track and monitor a child’s phone activity. You can access anything from their text messages to their GPS location. It is just like a parental monitoring app but with even more advanced features.  Highster Mobile is the premier phone monitoring software for tracking children’s activity discretely.

About Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is compatible with all iPhones and Android phones. After the app is downloaded, data from your daughter’s phone will be accessed, extracted, and saved to your account. You can view this data from your daughter’s phone on your cell phone, tablet, or computer. You do not need access to her phone to monitor or see data from her phone.

Newest Features:

  • Keylogger: The keylogger records every keystroke that takes place on the monitored phone. This will allow you access to apps on your daughters phone that you may not know the password to.  She could be using a private messaging app and you would be able to access it with the login information.
  • Social Media: The new Highster Mobiles version 7 captures and records FULL copies of every message sent or received on social media platforms such as; Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. You’ll know what she’s up to, if she’s being cyberbullied, if she has a new boyfriend, or if she’s hanging out with the wrong crowd at school. You can step in before things go too far.
  • Enhanced GPS: Locate a cell phone to within just a few feet of its actual location. You’ll know where your daughter is at all times.  Is she really at Hannah’s house having a sleepover or is she at a party at Trevor’s house?
  • Easy Installation: To help deal with enhanced security features on the latest Android and iPhone phones, Highster has nicely adapted its download process. The app configures new permissions and automates the process, thereby requiring minimal user input. The program is downloaded by using an OTA (Over-the air) link, which allows the app to be downloaded directly to the target phone. No cable connection is required and the entire process takes just a few minutes.

Other Features:

  • Text Messages: Recovers old, new, and deleted texts.
  • iMessages and Private Messages – You will see the exact message as it was displayed on the iPhone, along with the message contents. Private messages from Messenger, WhatsApp, Kik, WeChat, and other apps can be retrieved.
  • Remote Camera: Remotely take a photo of her phone’s surroundings.
  • Call History: View the call log history including incoming and outgoing calls, their duration, and the numbers dialed.
  • Photos & Videos – View all photos and videos taken and received on her phone.
  • Email – See all the contents of every email sent and received including date, time, and to whom the email was sent or received from.

When to Use Highster Mobile

If you have been noticing any shifts in your daughters behavior or attitude or changes in her schoolwork it’s definitely time to enlist the help of Highster Mobile. If your daughter is in her tween or teen years then it is time to take a more hands on approach. Believe me I was a teenage daughter once and I wasn’t always forthcoming or truthful to my parents.  You may be thinking I’m not sure if I want to monitor my daughter, but when you see all of the ways you are protecting her and what you are saving her from you have to wonder why every parent isn’t using this kind of technology.

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