Is Your Wife On Tinder? Here’s How To Find Out!

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Is Your Wife On Tinder? Here’s How To Find Out!

Tinder is a popular dating app that allows people to connect by swiping through profiles to find your next hookup. Let’s face it, very few people go to meet their future wife on Tinder. But what do you do if you find your current wife on Tinder? Marital infidelity has been going on way before smartphones, but there are ways of catching your cheating spouse on Tinder using their smartphone.

How Tinder Works

In the early days of internet dating, you would have to scroll through countless profiles to find your perfect match. Then, you would spend hours crafting the perfect message. After a few weeks of prospecting, you might get actually get a first date. Tinder works differently, you quickly swipe either left or right on the pics of the people depending on your interest. If they are also interested, you get paired up and are able to chat. Most people use Tinder for quick hookups over long term dating.

How To Find People On Tinder

Unfortunately, you can’t search for particular people on Tinder. It is based on the age, gender, and location parameters you set on the app. You are limited to how many people you are allowed to swipe through on the free account, so finding a particular person in a populated area could be difficult. You might have to swipe through a bunch of tinder profiles to get to the one you are trying to find, if they are even there.

Another pitfall when it comes to finding out if your spouse is on Tinder is that you have to create your own profile to do the searching. If someone they know spots you on Tinder, you might be in hot water for doing something you didn’t even do. They could also be on app for reasons other than cheating, like to see if you’re on Tinder looking to cheat.

Go Catfishing

When in doubt, you can create a dummy account to catch your wife. Make your persona something your wife would likely be attracted in order to get them to swipe right (which means they are interested).

This plan may seem foolproof, but there are snags you can hit along the way. First, your wife might swipe left (to show they are disinterested) and you’d never know. Also, catching your spouse cheating in this way could seem a bit like entrapment and could make a bad situation much worse.

What Do I Do If I Find My Wife On Tinder or other Dating Sites?

First thing to do is to remain calm. There are plenty of non-cheating reasons people use these sites. Many people find that years with the same partner that the sizzle wears out. They might just be window shopping to see what’s on the market or trying to get a self esteem boost. They have no real intentions of taking it further than that.

Talk to your wife if you suspect her of cheating, and be open and honest about your feelings. Use I statements and don’t be accusatory. If your wife admits she is cheating on you or you have hard proof of it, you will have to make a decision as to whether or not you are going to continue the relationship.

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