How To Keep Your Employees From Surfing The Web During Work

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How To Keep Your Employees From Surfing The Web During Work

In a survey conducted by Forbes, it was found that 25% of the participants used the company’s internet access for online shopping, while the remaining candidates reported to using other social media platforms during work hours.


Why Are Your Employees Wasting Time On The Internet?

There may be a number of reasons why the majority of your workforce is spending time browsing the Web during work hours. They may not feel motivated to work due to disinterest in the project goals or lack of incentives. Employees often feel less satisfied with their jobs when they do not share the company’s vision, or feel their hard work is going unrewarded. This can result in spending time doing things not related to work.  

It’s also a possibility that they’re not being challenged enough. Maybe the work they’re being assigned isn’t as exciting as they hoped, and they feel their skills aren’t being fully utilized. They may also have considerably less work to do during the designated hours each day, resulting in them taking frequent “internet breaks.”

So the question arises, how do you prevent your employees from spending too much time on the internet during work hours?  

Inculcate a Positive Culture

A company can only be successful if it has a thriving work culture. This happens when there’s a strong leader who can motivate  employees by engaging with them and keeping them focused on the bigger goal.

Supervisors and authority figures that are aloof and appear unapproachable to their team are unlikely to make this impression, causing employees to feel disconnected.

If employees share the company’s vision and have a constant source of motivation through their supervisor, they are more likely to be passionate about their work. They’ll be genuinely involved in the projects and can direct all their attention toward achieving those goals.

This can limit the work hours wasted surfing the internet and encourage teams to come up with successful initiatives instead.  

Limit Employee Access

Setting stringent rules for employees’ personal usage can also save your employees from wasting time on the internet. For instance, they can be allowed a minimum 30–45 minutes per day for using the company’s internet service for things unrelated to work, provided that it does not affect their productivity.

You can also restrict access to certain websites such as various online streaming and social media platforms, which are a cause of distraction for your employees.

Use a Tracking Software

Ultimately, you’ll have to take assistance from technological innovations to be able to monitor internet wastage by employees. This can be done through apps such as Highster Mobile, which keep a track of the employees’ chat histories, email exchanges, and browsing histories.

Once your employees know their internet activity during work hours is being logged, they’re less likely to browse the Web for personal usage. Instead, they can direct their time and energy on work-related internet activity.

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