How LEAs Use Monitoring Apps to Fight Crime

Cell Phone Monitoring

How LEAs Use Monitoring Apps to Fight Crime

You’ll be surprised to find out that you’re in the same boat as many law enforcement agencies, throughout the world, when it comes to using apps.

Naturally, they’re little interested in using Snapchat and lesser interested in its filters, but when it comes to mobile tracking apps; they have the same level of interest as a layman. Besides, the tracking systems make their job much more efficient and help them keep the masses better secure.

Police Departments

Although it’s the police departments that are tasked with the job of keeping us safe, most of the time they’re hardly as advanced in terms of technology as the military. This has often been a disadvantage with them, especially when it comes to tracking down possible miscreants and potential criminal activity in and around their vicinities. Other outlets centralized and run by the federal government are far more advanced and have an arsenal of sophisticated tools and technology at their hands to guide them through the process.

The police, then, has to make do with only what they have, especially in small towns. And it seems that the police force is catching up.

Cell Phone Spy Tools and Military Grade Surveillance

According to the National Public Radio, police departments are investing in spy apps and other similar systems to step up their surveillance and crime-fighting game. The NPR host revealed how 50 of the US’s biggest police departments have so far invested in such technology.

The technology includes two major elements: devices for cell phone interception and for cell phone extraction. Using these devices, not only can the police force glean important information that gives away the users’ location and intentions, but they can also read deleted texts and chats, access deleted photos and browse location history.

In short, if they do latch on to a potential criminal they’ll know exactly where they’ve been to, what they’ve been doing, and what they plan to do.

In this manner, it’ll become easier to stop the crime before it takes place. tracking systems are enabling police forces to act in favor of prevention rather than to cure the wound when the damage has been done. From the collection and accumulation of data law enforcement agencies understand and work out potential terrorist threats, acting immediately to counter them.

Thus even on a small scale, mobile tracking systems are helping in the national security, helping policemen identify and take action against possible troublemakers.

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