The Legal Limits of Workplace Privacy

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The Legal Limits of Workplace Privacy

A survey conducted by the American Management Association found that nearly 43% of companies and businesses monitor their employees’ emails. Why has monitoring and controlling workplace privacy become so important, and what are the legal ways companies can go about this?

Calls & Emails

One of the biggest challenges companies face is when their employees slack off work and spend too much of their time on personal emails and phone calls. This promotes a laid back culture that creates a loss in productivity.

According to the Electronics Communications Privacy Act of 1986, electronic communication through email and phones may be monitored by businesses, provided that the employees are made aware of this beforehand.

The ECPA requires employees to consent to this monitoring when they begin working at the company, thereby informing them of the potential lack of privacy they’ll have for personal usage of phones or emails. This policy ensures that employees don’t send unprofessional emails, talk impolitely to clients, or spend half their time talking to their family during work hours.  

GPS Tracking

Although state requirements may vary, GPS tracking is usually allowed by the government. Various businesses require work that is conducted outside of office premises and thus entails extensive travelling. In these cases, employers are allowed to monitor the GPS location of their employees through tracking software.

However, businesses are usually required to present a legitimate case for why GPS tracking is in their interest. They may make case for improving efficiency and keeping work strictly related to business, without the employees making personal stops on the way.

GPS tracking lets the company know that their employees are taking efficient routes, using company vehicle only for work activities, driving safely, and are at the place they should be during work hours.   

Internet Usage


Worried about what your employees may be using the office internet for? Want to avoid lack of productivity due to internet abuse? The good news is that you’re allowed to restrict and monitor your employees’ internet usage during work hours!

Social media platforms are a common workplace distraction. With a mobile tracking app, employers can monitor the online activity of the employees. They may then hold the workers accountable for their actions, with existing evidence showing their neglect of work and abuse of internet.

Thus employees become cautious and mindful about what websites they browse through during work hours, and can concentrate more on their work instead of wasting time online.

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