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How To Set Up MeetMe Parental Controls

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What Is MeetMe?

MeetMe is a social networking app owned by The Meet Group. It has a 3.7+ store rating with over 100 million users. The app is downloadable for free from Google Play or the App Store. A person can easily create a profile using their email address or Facebook account. After inputting the activation code, the user can complete their profile.

MeetMe offers anonymous and private messaging services. While the platform may be utilized to connect with old or current friends, it is designed for users to meet new people. It works similarly to dating apps wherein users get to choose who to chat with, depending on the filters they set – from local people to users who share the same interests. Users can also live stream at any time. 

MeetMe Parental Controls

The MeetMe app is one of those apps deemed as a dating app appropriate for adults but has become quite popular among teens. Accounts can be created with an email address or through a Facebook account. To meet new people and make new friends, MeetMe is a good option. MeetMe users, unfortunately, are not exempted from the hidden dangers of connecting with other people online. There is a risk of exposure to inappropriate content or compromise of personal information. Thankfully, MeetMe some safety features and parental controls

Block User

If you find someone acting inappropriately, block that user from getting in touch with your child again. On a web browser, go to meetme.com, sign in, and go to the member’s profile page. Click the Block *Name* link located under the Break it Off tab on the left of the screen.

On an iPhone, view the person’s profile → Tap Report in the top right corner → Select Block User. If you’re utilizing the app on an Android device, click the menu button on the device and then tap Block.

Manage Chat

There is an option that allows you to manage who can chat with your child. Go to SettingsChat Settings → Choose to allow everyone or just friends. This is most effective if you also check your child’s friends list.

Manage Spam and/or Inappropriate Messages

If a message appears to be spam, click on the exclamation point (!) icon in the chat or chat list. Then, select Mark Spam which will delete the message and report the sender to MeetMe for further action.

Now, if a message contains inappropriate content or offensive language, you have two options. If you simply want to prevent the user from contacting your child again, just opt to Block the user. If the message is highly offensive or has highly objectionable content, it’s best to report the user. Simply click the Report Abuse icon at the top right corner of the page. Include the full text of the offensive message and other pertinent details.

Privacy Controls

You can also manage who sees certain parts of your child’s profile. Just click the Me icon at the bottom → SettingsPrivacy and Content. Here, you can toggle off Include me in Meet to keep your child’s profile out of the Meet stream of profiles in the main navigation.

Keeping Kids Safe On MeetMe

MeetMe allows users aged 13 and up but due to its mature content and references, trusted stores and rating boards only recommend the app for those 17 and older. As its name implies, most users download the app to meet new friends or dates/partners. Despite its popularity to teens and tweens, the app encourages parents to supervise use, especially of their younger kids. Most local authorities have even listed MeetMe as one of the dangerous apps for kids. They’ve warned parents regarding the possible exposure to inappropriate content, virtual currency scam, exploitation, child grooming, cyberbullying, and the like. Hence, be sure to utilize the mentioned MeetMeparental controls.

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Frequently Asked Questions About MeetMe Parental Controls & Safety

Is MeetMe anonymous?

MeetMe is a social media platform and dating app in one that fosters anonymous interactions. While you’re asked for your personal information like birth date and email address upon signup, these won’t be disclosed to others unless specifically included on your profile. Also, though you can also use the app to chat with old friends, it’s specifically designed for users to meet new people.

Does MeetMe delete inactive accounts?

Yes. Though not laid out in detail, the MeetMe terms of service state that accounts that are inactive for an extended period of time might be terminated.

How can I get my MeetMe account back?

MeetMe allows you to regain access to your account even after a long period of no access. If you can’t remember your credentials, you may utilize the Forgotten Password feature. You may opt to receive the recovery code via email address, phone number, or your Facebook account. There will be easy-to-follow on-screen instructions after clicking on the Forgotten Password.

How old do you have to be to use MeetMe?

Technically, MeetMe is only suitable for users aged 13 and up. However, there is currently no strict procedure to verify a user’s age. Note that due to its mature content and references, trusted rating boards recommend this platform to users who are at least 17-years-old.

Is MeetMe dangerous?

MeetMe is well-known for its privacy and anonymity which could be both a positive and a negative. If you’re an adult, per se, who’s specifically looking to meet new friends or find your next date, this could be the perfect platform for you. On the other hand, the app could contain mature language and age-inappropriate content, making it a dangerous platform for kids. Most cybercriminals also utilize the privacy and anonymity features to their malicious intentions.