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How To Set Up Edge Parental Controls

microsoft edge parental controls

What Is Microsoft Edge? 

Microsoft Edge is Microsoft’s current internet browser, first released for Windows 10 in 2015. Many people will remember Internet Explorer. Edge is the revamped version, with more features like Cortana that are designed to make surfing the web easier and safer. 

For parents who are using products that run on Windows, understanding the parental controls that Edge offers is crucial to ensure their family’s safety online. Edge has helpful features, like time limits and web filtering that block inappropriate content, that many parents have found very useful.  

Edge Parental Controls 

Setting Up Your Child’s Account

To set up parental controls for Edge, first have your child sign in on their Microsoft account. If they don’t have one, follow the steps they provide to create one. On signed in, go to the Start Menu → Settings, and select Accounts

Next go to family.microsoft.com to set up parental controls and add a family member. Scroll down and select Add a family member. Enter your child’s email account that they use and send an invite. They will then need to accept the invitation from their email address. 

Once the child has accepted the invite, the parent can set-up parental control features and monitor or restrict apps, games, media, web browsers, and more. 

How To Set Up Content Restrictions On Edge

Apps & Games:

To set up content restriction on Edge, select Content Restrictions under the user account for the particular family member whose setting you are wanting to change. Then, select Apps, games, & media. Under Allow apps and games rate for, select the age limit for your child. Also in this section, you can create Always Allow and Never Allow list of apps and games. 

Filter Out Inappropriate Websites & Searches:

To prevent your child from viewing or searching inappropriate online content, navigate to Content Restrictions. Then, go to the Web browsing section, and turn on Block inappropriate websites. Under Always blocked, you can input websites you don’t want your child visiting. On the other hand, if you want your child to only use certain sites, you use the Only allow these websites feature. 

Once these content restrictions are set up for your child’s account, they will not be able to use any web browsers besides Microsoft Edge. If the child attempts to use another web browser or access a website that has been blocked, the parent will get a message alerting them. 

Keeping Kids Safe On The Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge has a lot of features that can be utilized by parents to help keep their kids safe when they are using the web browser. There’s a lot of adult content on the web that is not suitable for children, so it is very important for parents to understand these features and learn how to use them.

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