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How To Set Up Microsoft Surface Parental Controls

What Is The Microsoft Surface? 

The Microsoft Surface is a tablet-to-laptop device made by Microsoft. Its main advantages over a standard laptop are being lighter and easy to use on-the-go, as well as having a touch screen interface. The newest models run the Windows 10 operating system. The devices are less than an inch wide and use a pop-out keyboard and fold-down stand to transform them from a tablet into a laptop. 

Users can login to the device from their Microsoft account and have access to Microsoft 360. Rhia includes Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and other useful programs that are essential for students and professionals. No matter what model of the Surface you get, like the Surface Duo, it is a great piece of technology for people all ages. 

Microsoft Surface Parental Controls

Windows 10 is the newest operating system for the Surface and offers the most advanced features for parental control restrictions. Users can utilize Microsoft Family Safety to manage the content restrictions across all of their Microsoft devices. These features include web browser filtering, the ability to manage apps, games, and media, and the option to set screen time limits for the child’s device. 

Before parental controls can be installed on a device, the user must set-up a Microsoft account. Then, login onto the device through the account. Go to Windows SettingsFamily & Other PeopleYour FamilyAdd a Family Member. Now, enter the child’s email account address (or one managed by the parent) which will be used for the account. You will likely want to create separate accounts for each child and family member.  

To begin adjusting the parental control settings on the Surface, go to the Windows Settings → AccountsFamily & Other People. This will open the browser and the Microsoft Family Safety web page. From there, the parent can begin setting parental controls for the devices. 

Microsoft Safety

Microsoft Family Safety features are available in the form of an app that can be downloaded from the Windows Store. The app allows parents to set the parental controls on a Microsoft account directly from their mobile device.  

Web Filtering 

From Microsoft Family Safety, the parent can set web content restrictions for their child’s devices which will help keep them safe while they use the internet. In Family Control, select the child’s user account and select Manage Family Settings Online. Now select Web Browsing from the list of settings to the right. Parents can set Windows 10 to automatically filter web content. This can block certain websites as well as restrict search results. However, the settings will only be applicable on Internet Explorer and the Microsoft Edge browsers. Blocking certain websites is very important for a child that will be using the device to access the internet. 

Apps, Games, & Media 

Within these settings, parents can also control the various apps, games, and media that the child is allowed to access on their Surface. In the Apps, Games, & Media part of Family Control, parents can adjust the settings that will also apply to the Surface and any other Windows 10 devices that are using the account. 

Microsoft will automatically block inappropriate apps and games for the age group of the child using the device. Parents will also be able to block individual apps that they do not want their child using. Parents can adjust the age setting to a different age to automatically filter out certain content. 

Screen Time

Parents can control the screen time settings on the Microsoft Surface, setting times for using the device throughout the day. Time limits are set in increments of 30 minutes throughout the day. Parents can use this feature to help their kids have better habits when they are using their Surface to play games, use apps, or watch movies and TV shows. The parent can set the device to shut off at night when it is time for bed, or when they are spending time with the family.   

Tracking The Device’s Location

Parents whose children are using a Microsoft Surface can also track the location of the device using the “Find My Device” feature. To enable this feature, go to Start Settings Update & Security Find my device. 

If the Surface is lost or stolen, you can locate it using your own device by going to https://account.microsoft.com/devices → Sign into your Microsoft account → Select the Find my device tab → Choose the Surface device and click Find. The site will show you the device’s location on a map. 

Child Safety While Using A Microsoft Surface

The great thing about using Microsoft Family Safety is that it streamlines the settings for all of the devices used by your family. Parents can easily manage the content restrictions on a PC, Surface tablet, and Xbox One. Each of the settings that parents can use to keep their kids safe with Microsoft make the Surface a great choice for families. 

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