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Minspy Review

minspy review

Remotely monitoring cell phones can now be easily accomplished, thanks to various tech-advanced spy apps available in the market. These modern tools are programmed to automatically extract all available information from the target device and simultaneously transmit the data to a web-based dashboard. 

However, you have to be careful when selecting which spy app to install. Here’s an in-depth Minspy review to know if the Minspy phone tracker is indeed as efficient as advertised or if there’s better monitoring software.

What Is Minspy?

Minspy is a paid cell phone tracker that offers basic monitoring features. It can remotely access SMS texts, GPS locations, multimedia files, and more. However, unlike premium software such as Highster Mobile, the Minspy app lacks in-depth security settings and extensive parental controls. 

Though one of the pioneering software in the spy apps industry, it seems to have not kept pace with the various tech innovations and enhancements. Its features and functionalities are less advanced and less innovative when compared to newer apps in the industry like Auto Forward, Phonespector, and Highster Mobile. For instance, it may offer an SMS monitoring feature like most spy apps, but it’s not as efficient in keeping records of old or deleted text messages.

Minspy can also be installed and used on most iOS and Android devices. Its installation process, however, could get tricky and challenging. On some tests we’ve conducted, there are cases wherein we keep on being bounced back to the software activation step. Its general interface isn’t as user-friendly as other spy apps like Highster Mobile. Minspy is a bit congested and complex, making less tech-savvy users harder to navigate. 

What Do Customers Say About Minspy? 

minspy customers

Is Minspy safe? While no single software is flawless, we believe Minspy can do better, features and security-wise. Minspy is one of the most expensive phone spy apps on the market, but several monitoring tools offer more advanced features and more extensive security settings. 

Minspy seems to have failed in catching up with the ever-evolving technologies. It has a less competitive advantage and is left out on several aspects. And apparently, they don’t excel in customer service as well.

Such observations aren’t from our personal experiences alone. We checked out Minspy in Trustpilot, a trusted review site, and its current TrustScore is 2.4. It appears that 88% of reviewers aren’t satisfied. Here are some of them.

“Did not work at all. Asked for money back but they refused. The app for downloading doesn’t even exist. It is a scam.”

  • Melzimelza | April 30, 2022

“Absolute garbage, never found a single mobile number. Couldn’t even find my own number. Said I used blocking software, which is a lie. Swift plan is Total con everybody beware”

  • Binny | Aug 18, 2021

“I wouldn’t know if they are any good at all they wouldn’t accept either of my emails very aggravating”

  • Luther Page | Aug 2, 2021

How Does Minspy Work? 

Minspy is programmed to remotely extract data from the target device like most spy apps. Through a virtual connection that links the monitored phone and the software’s remote servers, Minspy transmits all extracted information into its databases. The acquired files can then be accessed from a web-based dashboard using your personal Minspy login credentials.

Ideally, that’s how smooth the monitoring process is. But it isn’t as simultaneous as advertised during the tests we’ve conducted. There have been quite a few delays and discrepancies. Some details aren’t captured, and some extracted files cannot be opened or viewed. Also, not all dashboard features are functional or responsive enough.

Minspy is also designed to be compatible with all iPhones and Android devices. It showcases a “no jailbreak” feature for iOS devices. While it’s possible to install the software without jailbreaking, it only allows access to super basic monitoring features. And should you need access to the more advanced ones, you’d still be required to bypass the target iOS device’s default settings.

Minspy Features for iPhone and Android

While it lacks more advanced monitoring features and more in-depth parental controls, the Minspy location tracker offers some useful services. If you’re simply looking for basic monitoring tools and the price isn’t really a factor, this cell phone spy software isn’t all bad.

Here are some of the features available in the Minspy app for Android and iOS devices. 

  • SMS Texts/iMessages. Enables users to read SMS or iMessages remotely, but not all old and deleted text messages are captured.
  • Phone Calls– Allows users to see the complete phone call history of the monitored device. Note, however, that this spy app actually records phone calls which, in certain jurisdictions, isn’t legally allowed.
  • Multimedia Files – Grants users remote access to all stored, shared, downloaded, and uploaded files on the target phone. However, there are instances where the extracted photos are corrupted, and you cannot play certain videos or audio clips.
  • GPS locations – Tracks the device’s GPS locations. However, Minspy’s location tracking feature isn’t always reliable or accurate. There are some delays in updating the locations in the maps, and there are some inaccuracies as well.
  • Social media – Monitors chats from social networking platforms like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp, but not all social media activities can be accessed.
  • Web history – Displays the history of activities on particular web browsers. However, certain activity logs aren’t captured, especially if the target phone’s owner immediately clears history or uses Incognito Mode. 

Highster Mobile vs. Minspy

Considering the key factors such as the price, functionality, accessibility, and convenience, the Minspy phone tracking app isn’t just worth it.

We’ve come across another monitoring software that excels in almost everything compared to Minspy – the Highster Mobile spy app. This modern tool is designed with cutting-edge technologies to provide modern solutions that are guaranteed to work. Highster Mobile is way more affordable and provides way greater value for your money. Plus, it’s one of the very few apps that provides a satisfactory and world-class customer experience.

Let’s take a closer look at these monitoring apps. 

Highster MobileMinspy 
Subscription Plans PriceOne-time payment for as low as $29.99 (no recurring fees)Plans start at $39.99 per month
Simultaneous Tracking and Real-time UpdatesX
Advanced and Innovative Monitoring FeaturesX
Extensive Parental ControlsX
In-depth Security SettingsX
Quick and Easy InstallationX
Streamlined and User-Friendly DashboardX
Reliable Customer ServiceX