Monitoring Apps and Parenting

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Monitoring Apps and Parenting


A male elephant stays with its herd for around 13 to 14 years, and leaves on the onset of puberty. From then on, it’s on its own. A lion cub when it grows to three years old leaves the pride and wanders off to build a pack anew. It’s on its own. A bald eagle grows its wings in around 10 to 14 weeks and takes flight from the nests it was born in. It’s on its own.

Human adolescents though . . . rarely abandon the safety of the pack.

A Juvenile Human is Never on its Own

Humans in this case are pointedly distinct. Our young ones tend to stay with us for most of their teenage years and well into their adulthood. Unlike our bestial cousins from the Savannah, our young ones learn to depend on us—for sustenance, suiting, survival, and surveillance. They expect from us an unceasing responsible attitude.

Humans perhaps are the only mammals who’re not meant to leave the sides of their parents well until maturity. The point of isolation does not surface at puberty but well into adulthood. Separation isn’t ritualistic and children are guarded fiercely even by wizened parents. Cynics will contest that humans mature the latest of all animals—but then again we live in an avenue far more dangerous than the jungle or the plains. We live among other humans—and it’s the most dangerous place of all.

When Your Children Begin Keeping Secrets


We’ve established that the human beings aren’t genetically designed to distance from the parents. However, at the onset of puberty and even prior to that, something of the animal instinct finds an awakening among them. Children will start keeping secrets from their parents, communication tones down, and a general aloofness grows between the child and the parent. Smartphones and the internet are often at the root of the problem. As these children grow increasingly addicted to their phones and digital lives, they grow more distant. And this raise concerns with parents worldwide. “My child is keeping secrets from me” is a common global complain.

That secretive children are a constant source of worry is a trope oft explored in movies: think of The Purge, Laddaland, Dexter, and more. There’s always a child who’s stopped talking to their parents, is often out late, and displays some aberrant and worrisome behavior. The parents in this case simply clank their forks and command their disobedient offspring to have dinner with them. Eventually, parent-child bonding occurs and is usually a leading underlining theme in the plot.

In real life, the scenario doesn’t play out as smoothly as it does in fiction. If not investigated correctly, the child will grow more distant and more aloof. If not surveyed properly, there’s risk of potential harm.

How Spy Apps Function as Parenting Tools


Children expect you to keep an eye out for them, to care for them, and to be their sentinels. They might keep secrets and engage in potentially harmful activity on their phones—but subconsciously they’re still hardwired to expect guardianship from their parents. As a parent, it’s incumbent upon you to give them their due privacy. But it’s also incumbent upon you to keep a watchful eye over them—until, at least, they leave the pack/pride/herd and are capable of living on their own.

Now unless you have limitless time on your hands and are following your child all around town, there’s hardly a way for you to keep a constant eye on them. The problem is further exacerbated by the invasion of smartphones which keep children busy for most of the day. Spy apps solve both problems with one stroke: they help you keep track of your child’s location, and they help you keep an eye on their activities. Parents all over the world are turning tracking software to keep a better watch over their children. It’s more than an app as of today—it’s a parenting tool.

Install a Tracking App and Be a Better Parent

If you too are a concerned parent and desire monitoring your child’s movements and activities, worry no more. Highster Mobile has a highly advanced and sophisticated tracking app for smart phones which is helping parents in their duties. Allowing them the use of additional features such as stealth camera and recovering lost data, Highster has become a leading figure with parents. Get in touch with us today.

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