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mSpy Review

mspy review

Phone monitoring software and apps can be utilized as a child parental control, an employee monitoring tool, and an overall tracking and monitoring software. Getting a monitoring app is easy enough, it’s the choosing that can be hard and tricky. The fact is there are several apps to choose from which is both a good and bad thing. That is probably what brought you here, in the first place. 

mSpy is one of the more popular monitoring software available on the market today. It provides software that’s compatible with iPhones and Android devices. You’ve probably heard of mSpy and want to do some research before purchasing – if that’s the case, good job! This mSpy review will highlight all that you need to know to make a wise purchase. We’ll go through the features, the pricing, and more. Is mSpy as great as it claims to be? Is mSpy’s popularity based on facts or is it simply an overblown fad? Read on and find out.

What Is mSpy?

mSpy is a phone monitoring software that is best used as a parental control app or child monitoring software. It can fairly justify its claim for stealth monitoring and secure acquisition and transfer of data from the target device. It also boasts of its many features that allow for advanced in-device as well as online monitoring. While mSpy does have some great features, most of these advanced features only work for rooted Android devices and/or jailbroken iPhones.

mSpy comes with a web-based dashboard or control panel where users can monitor features including GPS location, messages, social media apps, phone calls, web browser history, and more. We’ll have a more in-depth discussion of this spy phone app’s features later.

mSpy works on both Android and iOS devices. Like other monitoring software, however, mSpy has some technical requirements. You have to make sure the target device (not your device) meets these requirements before going ahead and purchase a subscription plan.

  • Android Monitoring

If the target device is an Android phone, it must at least be an Android 4+. The software does support major phone brands. As mentioned earlier, this app has pretty great monitoring features. For instance, it can monitor WhatsApp messages despite the end-to-end encryption and disable Last Seen settings. The catch, however, is that the target device must be rooted. Also, whether you root the target device or not, physical access is required.

  • iOS Monitoring

If the target device is an iPhone, you can choose between the non-jailbreak and the jailbreak software version. The jailbreak version is easier to install but would only allow limited access and monitoring. The jailbreak version allows access to the advanced features but is trickier to install. Security updates from Apple also greatly limits the mSpy features

How Does mSpy Work? 

This monitoring software and parental control app is easy enough to use once you’ve completed the download and installation process. mSpy can be used for Android and iPhone monitoring. It might be subject to some legal restrictions though, both on the local and federal levels, so it’s best to check first. 

The mSpy app and monitoring software establishes itself on the target device. It then acquires data on any supported features and sends it to your mSpy account. Some of the features or information that can be acquired include text messages, call logs, social media and other online engagements, and GPS location tracking. The data can be accessed by using your mSpy login credentials to get to the control panel. The mSpy app uses the target device’s Wi-Fi or data to send the information.

How To Install mSpy

If you check out the mSpy app website, installing the app is supposedly as easy as following these three steps:

  1. Create an Account

Go to the mSpy software official website and enter your email address which will be used in the creation of your mSpy account.

  1. Pick Plan

Choose which plan or software version you want in monitoring the in-phone and online activities of your target device. It’s important to take note that there are different software versions for iOS and Android operating systems. You must then settle the payment.

  1. Start Monitoring

Once you’re all set up, simply log in to your mSpy Control Panel and view the activities on your target Android or iPhone device.

Of course, in reality, it is more complicated than that. The mSpy app is trickier to install since it’s not available in the Google Play Store (for Android devices) or the App Store (for iPhones). The mSpy website features no instructions which could at least give potential users an idea of how the process works.

For iOS, the non-jailbreak version of the mSpy app would only require the target device owner’s iCloud credentials. The installation process is easier for this version of the app albeit you’ll only be able to access the most basic features. However, it could be quite tricky if two-factor authentication (2FA) is activated. As for the jailbreak version, that’s still trickier. Also, just like in rooting, jailbreaking the target device wouldn’t be a wise security decision especially if you’re using mSpy as a parental control app.

mSpy – iPhone & Android Features

mSpy has software versions available for both iPhone and Android devices. The features that can be accessed from the target device will depend on the software version you get.

mSpy iPhone Supported Features (Non-Jailbreak)

  • Call Log Monitoring
  • Phone Contacts
  • Text Messages (Sent and Received)
  • WhatsApp
  • Online Browsing History
  • Events
  • Notes
  • Installed apps

mSpy iPhone Supported Features (With Jailbreak)

  • Social Media/ Messaging App Monitoring like mSpy Snapchat, Viber, WhatsApp, and Telegram, with an option to block.
  • Current GPS Location and Geo-Fencing
  • Text messages (Received, Sent, and Deleted)
  • Phone Calls
  • Contacts
  • Emails
  • Online Activities: Web History / Bookmarks / Keyword alerts / Optional blocking
  • Calendar Activities
  • Device Wipeout

mSpy for Android Supported Features 

  • Social media and messaging apps (Snapchat, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Line, WhatsApp, Telegram).
  • Current GPS Location and Geo-Fencing
  • Text Messages (Sent, Received, and recently deleted)
  • Phone Calls
  • Contacts (Option for blocking – best for parental controls)
  • Emails (incoming and outgoing)
  • Online activities like Web History and Keyword Alerts
  • Calendar Activities

Is mSpy Worth The Price?  

As of writing, mSpy app is offering a 50% discount. Even after the said discount, mSpy still costs a pretty penny. The pricing options are as follows: 

  • Monthly plan is $35 per month. 
  • 3-month subscription plan costs $20 per month totaling $60.
  • Annual subscription costs $8.33 per month totaling $99.96. 

Also, upon your renewal, you’ll be paying the full price. So if you pay $35 for the one-month subscription plan then you’d be paying $70 the next month.

Now that’s pretty steep for a parental control app or monitoring software, especially if you take into consideration this only lets you monitor one target device. Yes, mSpy, allows you to keep tabs on text messages, call logs, emails, Facebook Messenger, etc., and it has software versions for both Android and iPhone, but there are other monitoring apps that have just as good and even better features at a more affordable price. mSpy is a good enough monitoring app but is rather expensive. 

mSpy – Is It Too Good To Be True? 

Does mSpy really work? Well, mSpy is good enough for a parental control app and monitoring software. When it comes to compatibility, it’s good in that it would work whether your target device is an Android or iPhone. It also has great advanced features that go beyond monitoring call logs, social media and messaging apps, and basic online monitoring. However, most of these advanced features are only available if you root or jailbreak the target device. This is a big no-no when it comes to phone security and beats the purpose of child monitoring.

mSpy is also pretty expensive. You can certainly get better apps at a more affordable price. Also, given all the hype that surrounds it, it’s pretty disappointing, particularly its subpar customer support and even less stellar refund policy. It does have its strong points but it’s not exactly as great as it’s touted to be.

Highster Mobile vs. mSpy: Which Is Better?

Yes, mSpy is a popular monitoring software. Being popular, however, doesn’t necessarily make mSpy the best parental control app and monitoring software out there. If you want a better alternative with equally, if not better, features at a considerably lower price, then Highster Mobile is a great choice for you.


One-time payment with no recurring billing for as low as $35.88. 

Monthly plan starts at $35.00.

Free Trial

Doesn’t offer a free trial but offers a money-back guarantee. 

There’s an mSpy free demo account offered.

Device Compatibility & App Installation

Compatible with Android phones, iPads, and iPhones. Can be installed without rooting or jailbreaking.

Compatible with Android and  iOS devices, macOS, and Windows computers. Rooting and jailbreaking are required.

Inclusive Features

Essential monitoring features, efficient tracking tools, intricate parental controls, and exquisite security protocols. 

Essential monitoring and tracking features but no parental controls and no ability to block apps or sites.

Alerts & Notifications

Simultaneous and real-time alerts and notifications.

Certain delays on alerts and notifications. 

Phone Calls

Recording of phone call logs only, showing call IDs, phone numbers, network carriers, call types, timestamps, and call duration.

Keeps a record of a phone’s call logs including the numbers involved, timestamps, and call duration.

Control Panel Dashboard

User-friendly interface with a smart and straightforward design.

A crowded and scattered general user interface.

Customer Service

Available 24/7 and response time is almost instant. 

Available 24/7 but the response time is a bit long.

The mSpy monitoring software has its strengths, but when compared to Highster Mobile, it’s clear Highster Mobile is the superior cell phone monitoring app. Highster Mobile is more affordable, faster extraction of the device data, has a user-friendly interface, and excellent customer service team. Highster Mobile checks off all the boxes of what is included in a top-rated cell phone monitoring app.

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