Why You Need to Monitor Your Child’s Phone

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Why You Need to Monitor Your Child’s Phone


Children all over the world carry mobile phones in their pockets. A tool used for communication, socialization, and more, one can hardly be expected to survive without them. But while smartphones enable you to contact your child whenever the need arises, there are issues which accompany a smartphone. These issues amplify and turn into even bigger problems when left with unmonitored children.

Giving your child a phone is fine. Leaving the child with the phone unmonitored is not.

What are They Doing Online?

Check which websites your child is frequenting when they go online. Are your kids using mere apps and games or are logging into phony dating websites? Are they using websites with mature content? In the worse-case scenario, they might be surfing websites on the dark web. Pornography can hamper brain development in children.

Who are They Talking to?

Are they using their phone to keep up with friends and classmates or is there more to their connections? Remember how you told your child not to talk to strangers? Smartphones have just made it easier for strangers to contact your children—and it’s an outlet that encourages responsiveness.

A mobile surveillance app lets you monitor their calls and texts, giving you complete insight into their circle of communication. There’ve been numerous incidents where children have met up with shady strangers while their parents remained clueless. These strangers often contact children through smartphones. These phony meetings end in harm if allowed to go unchecked.

What are They Sharing with People?


It’s most crucial to monitor all outgoing files on your children’s phones. Teenagers going through puberty can be easily fooled into sharing sexually explicit content and media, often without their express consent. Predators then use these files to blackmail and bully children, which creates far more problems in its wake. Spying on your child’s phone enables you to sit with them and talk to them in case they attempt sharing similarly damning media.

Where are they Going?

Since you can’t physically monitor your kids all the time, use a GPS tracking software to stay updated on their whereabouts. Whether they’re home on time or whether they’ve reached their destinations, where they’re going when they don’t tell you, etc. can all be found out. From your home or workplace, easily monitor your child wherever they go.

Are They Hiding Something?

Although your children need their privacy, it’s also important to find out if they’re hiding something. This becomes especially important when they begin displaying aberrant behavior. If they become too secretive and refuse to talk to you about whatever’s troubling them, spying on their phone can be useful. You can find out things about their inner thoughts and feelings, and gauge if you need to talk to them. Based on the nature of the information you find out, you can take further action as best suits your position.

What to Do?


If you do discover something incriminating on your child’s phone, sit with them and talk about it. Explain gently but seriously why they’re engaged in something wrong. Explain to them why they could be in danger. Have a heart-to-heart to them instead of snatching away their phone or grounding them. Parenting works best when you communicate with your child.

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