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How To Set Up Netflix Parental Controls

netflix parental controls

What Is Netflix? 

Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming services in the world, with over 183 million subscribers worldwide. It offers TV shows and movies, many of which are original and produced by Netflix. Netflix is available as an app on smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, gaming consoles, streaming sticks and more.

Netflix provides many different package options that cost $8.99 per month and above. On Netflix, parents are able to create profiles for every user (depending on the subscription), and enable parental controls. 

Netflix Parental Controls 

Like other streaming services, Netflix has parental controls available that parents can use to help their kids use the platform safely. 

To get started with parental controls on Netflix, create a user profile for your child. Login at Netflix’s homepage, www.netflix.com, and select the Add Profile icon. From there, you can create a profile for everyone in the family that will be using the account (depending on your subscription). Each child’s account can have different settings that allow them to watch certain shows based on maturity ratings. You also have the option when creating the profile to make an “Kids” account. 

Restricting Access by Maturity Level 

Under the Manage Profiles section, there are four categories of maturity level that can be selected to filter out content. For Little Kids Only, For Older Kids & Below, For Teens & Below, and All Maturity Levels. Select the option that best describes the content you want your child to watch.

To restrict access to certain TV shows and movies on Netflix, login and go to the Account tab. Go to the Profile & Parental Controls option. Select the kid’s profile and go to Viewing Restrictions. Enter the password, continue, and you are able to begin customizing settings for the account to moderate the content that they see. 

Restrict Certain Shows

If there is a certain show or movie that you don’t want your child to watch, you can lock it so that it cannot be viewed on the kid’s profile. Go to AccountProfile & Parental ControlsViewing Restrictions → Select Change. Enter the account password and go to Title Restrictions. Now, enter any titles that would like to be restricted.  

Lock The Parent Profile 

It is important for parents to lock their own profile that they use on Netflix so that kids cannot log on to it and view mature shows. To lock certain Netflix profiles, go to the Account tab → Profile & Parental Controls → Select the parent’s profile. Then, click on Profile Lock and Change. Enter a 4 digit pin that will be saved as a password to login to the parent’s Netflix profile. 

Recently Viewed Content 

Netflix has an option for parents to be able to see what shows and movies their children have been watching. Just go to the Account tab → Click Settings → Go to Recent Device Streaming Activity. This lets parents make sure they approve of the content their children are viewing on Netflix. 

App Screen Time 

If a child is using Netflix from a tablet or smartphone, a parent can use built-in parental controls to limit their child’s use of Netflix. 

On iOS Devices:

  • Click on Go to Settings → Screen Time → App Limits.
  • Select Add Limit and select the Hulu app. 
  • Select Next to set limits for the app.
  • When finished, tap on Add

On Android Device:

  • Go to Settings → Digital Wellbeing and parental controls → App timers.
  • Scroll down to the Hulu app and click next to it to create a customer screen time timer amount. 

Netflix and Kids 

Netflix has parental control settings that keeps its streaming service safe for kids. It also has a lot of great kid-friendly content that can be accessed from their Netflix profiles. Parents can use these tools to help keep their kid’s safe as they use the family Netflix account.

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