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How To Set Up Optimum Parental Controls

optimum parental controls

What Is Optimum? 

Optimum is a television, phone, and internet provider serving primarily in New York and the Northeast. It is currently available in 4 states, also including Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. 

With Optimum’s TV services, they offer a variety of packages depending on what channels you would like. You can also add-on premiere channels like HBO and Starz. If you would like to access your Optimum channels on devices other than your television, you can use the Optimum TV App. 

Optimum Parental Controls

For parents whose families are using Optimum, there are parental control features that can be used to make sure kids only view content that is appropriate for them. Parental control settings on Optimum will need to be set on each Optimum receiver and the Optimum TV app.

Parents will be able to set-up a pin code that is used to control the restrictions on the account. Keep this code secret so that your children cannot circumvent the parental control settings that are put in place. 

Getting Started With Optimum’s Parental Controls 

Optimum has parental control settings for its television services and its app. Parents can set a code that will be used to control parental restrictions across all devices. Once they have a code, parents can block certain channels that they don’t want their kids watching. 

Parents will be able to block certain channels, block specific movies or TV shows, and restrict the content based on rating. Each of these settings are designed to help parents keep their kids from watching content they shouldn’t. 

Set a Pin for Purchases

For Optimum’s TV services, parents can set a pin that will be used for purchases so that there are no purchases made without their approval. To set a pin, go to Settings. Now select Parental ControlsSettingsSet Pin. Now enter the passcode that will be used for the account. 

Blocking Channels

Parents can block the channels that aren’t appropriate for their children. To set channel restrictions on a television with Optimum, press Settings twice and then select Parental Controls. From here, the user can begin setting up parental control settings on the account to block certain channels. Set restrictions based on the ratings to ensure that kids are not watching adult content. 

Optimum TV App 

Optimum also has an app that can be used to access content remotely from a cell phone or tablet. Users must use their device data or Wi-Fi connection to be able to watch Optimum content. Optimum also offers parental control settings for its app so that parents can keep their kids safe when they are using its services. The settings that are available on a TV with Optimum are the same that are available on the Optimum TV app. 

Keeping Kids Safe on Optimum 

Optimum is the go-to internet and television service provider for those living in the Northeast. However, just like any TV service or streaming service, there is content that is not suitable for children. To protect them, make sure to use the parental controls from Optimum previously mentioned.

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