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4 Tips for Preventing Theft and Fraud in the Workplace

Whether it’s in the form of downloading company information, sharing confidential data, stealing merchandise, or manipulating financial reports, employee theft is a serious issue that business owners have to address….

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Determining the Compatibility of Your Smartphone and Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Cell phone monitoring applications are very easy-to-use, use-friendly computer programs that are used to track, record, and monitor the activities of a smartphone or any other device. They are especially…

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Cell Phone Spy Software Review - Monitor Your Employees’ Company Issued Cell Phones Without their Knowledge

Monitor Your Employees’ Company Issued Cell Phones With Monitoring Software

There has been a heated debate on whether it is right to monitor employees. According to a CBS report, some companies are even hiring private detectives to check up on…

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Are Your Employees Cheating You Out Of Your Time?

You have already invested a lot in your business. You cannot wait to get the returns. The only way to achieve success is to have the best team by your…

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tips for using cell phone spy software

Tips and Tricks to Remember When You Monitor a Cell Phone

Monitoring a person’s cell phone can be a tricky thing, since usually you’re looking to stay pretty ‘under the radar’ when doing so. Whether its to not tip off employees…

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Uses Of Highster Mobile’s Stealth Camera

Stealth camera viewing is absolutely necessary for target phone tracking. What can a stealth camera view give you? The location of any phone’s surroundings. Say you’re a local florist that…

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cell phone monitoring tips to help parents protect teens

Tips For Ensuring Teen Internet Safety

As parents, the most important thing to do when it comes to the internet is make sure your children know the dangers that come with it. Online predators are doubling…

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Cell phone app to ensure business theft doesn't occur.

Who Can You Really Trust?

In today’s society, who can you really trust? Do you strongly believe your employees are being completely honest with you, especially when they are on their own for majority of…

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texting instead of studying

Is You Daughter Actually Doing Her Homework?

Homework. It’s a dirty word in some households and an unpopular idea with kids across America. But while kids and parents alike hope for less homework and wish there were…

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