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Spy Mobile App: Tips to Ensure the Internet Safety of Your Children

Those parents who use spy mobile app and software are aware that the Internet is a potentially dangerous place for young people and children. That's because a person's digital footprint is just like their actual footprints that are very easy to follow. Thus, many parents rely on cell phone spying to ensure the safety of their kids.

There are many ways young children can be in danger because of the internet. The common crimes against young people include cyberbullying, stalking, sexual harassment, and so on. Children need to understand why they have to be responsible enough when using the web. Similarly, parents need to understand why they need to keep an eye on their young children when they're online, whether it's by using phone tapping software or otherwise.

Here are some tips for parents on keeping their children safe online:

– Parental supervision is of utmost importance. Parents have to realize the importance of their role not only in the lives, but also in the safety of their children. If you're allowing your children to use the family computer and use social media, see to it that you're always there to monitor and supervise them. That's the only way you will truly know what's going on with them online.

– Many internet users, especially children, think that internet browsing is anonymous. As a parent, you have to explain to your child that their online reputation is permanent. They should know that every time they visit a site, post something on social media, share content, or upload images and videos, they're adding to their digital footprint. All this information can then be found and gathered by anybody on the web.

– Make your child understand why they should make online contact only with those who they already know. There are so many people using the internet, and they all have their own reasons for wanting to meet others. Some just want to connect or make friends, but there are also many ill-minded individuals who want to take advantage of other people, particularly children. Make them understand also that it's hard to trust someone whom they haven't met in real life.

– Emphasize to your child the importance of not sharing any personal information on the internet. Tell your child also that he or she should check with you first before they fill in and submit any online forms.

– Install a spy mobile app on your child's smartphone or tablet. This kind of software will let you see everything your child is doing when they're online. You can see the sites they're visiting, the images and videos they're downloading, and even the people they're chatting with. Highster Mobile also comes with spy GPS feature that lets you track the location of the target phone in real time.

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How to Spy on Text Messages and Why You Should Do It

Mobile phones have become a necessity, and even young children are becoming dependent on them, which is why parents are now very anxious to learn how to spy on text messages. In the past, cellular phones were used mainly as a means to communicate. But today, there are so many things one can do on their mobile phones, especially when it's connected to the internet. But still, are these enough reasons for parents or any other people to spy on mobile phones, particularly text messages?

What is a Text Spy App?

A text spy app is one that allows you to access the text messages of someone else's phone. Today, the functions of a spy on text messages app are already one of the monitoring features of reliable mobile phone spy software like Highster Mobile. This software is very useful and very easy to install, but you need to have physical access to the target phone to do the installation.

Why do you need to spy on text messages?

Well, there are several reasons and benefits for using an app or software to spy text messages Android phones, iPhones, etc. Below are the advantages of using this software.

For Business Owners

Employers can benefit a lot from installing spy software on their office mobile phones. It is common for employers today to provide their workers with cell phones to improve communication and efficiency. However, there are employees who can't resist the temptation of using their company phones to make personal calls, play online games, chat on social media, and even leak confidential company information to make some money.

By installing Highster Mobile phone spy on workers' cell phones, employees will hesitate to use their devices to do things not related to their work. Spying on company phones also makes it easier for employers to monitor the activity of their employees, and also to make sure no confidential data is stolen from the company database.

For Parents

Parents need this software to monitor the text messages on their young children's cell phones. Again, Highster Mobile does not only have the text spying feature, but a number of other monitoring features. This spy software enables parents to view what their children are viewing online, such as websites, videos, games, and so on. This kind of monitoring is very powerful especially for parents who want to make sure their kids are not trying to access inappropriate web content.

For Tracking Stolen or Lost Mobile Phones

It's not known to many that a spy on text messages app can also help them locate a stolen or missing phone. Highster Mobile comes with a GPS tracking feature that allows you to trace the location of your phone when it goes missing.

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Are Your Kids Mature Enough to Own a Cell Phone?

Children these days are asking to have their own mobile phones at a very young age. This doesn't mean, however, that they are ready to have one. As a parent, it's important that you recognize when is the right time for your child to have their own cell phone. But if you end up giving in to your young child's request, however, you might as well use some cell phone monitoring software.

Should you give your child a phone?

Generally speaking, teens and pre-teens are considered old enough to have their own phones and other mobile devices. However, it is important for parents to set clear rules and guidelines on how their children should use their gadgets, particularly their cell phones. 

When deciding whether it's time to allow your child to own a phone or not, you can't actually just focus on your child's age. What you should take into consideration instead is the maturity level of your child. Is he responsible enough to have a phone? Can you trust her to take care of her phone or use it properly?

Every parent wants to stay in touch with their kids. Of course, you want to be able to reach your child anytime and especially during an emergency. However, you also have to take into consideration the other things your child can do using his or her phone without your knowledge.

What do most children do using their phones?

Unlike in the past when cell phones were used mainly to communicate, smartphones these days come with so many features that are aimed at giving users entertainment. There are many online games children can access on their phones, which undoubtedly are huge distractions to their studies.

Children are very interested in meeting other people online through social networking sites. If you have a computer spy software, you may find out that your 10-year-old child is actually chatting with a 25-year-old woman in your family computer. Children's exposure to social media poses so many dangers to their security because there are so many dishonest people online who are looking to prey on young kids.

How to handle cell phone concerns?

If you really think it is a necessity for your child to have a cell phone, then you have to make sure that your child understands the limitation of this kind of privilege. You have to establish rules that your child should follow when using their phones. It is recommended for parents also to install some kind of mobile phone locator or Highster Mobile phone spyware on their child's phone just to make sure their kids are not doing something that could put them in harm or danger.

When Is It Legal to Use Mobile Phone Spy?

Many people are so intrigued about the use of mobile phone spy software. Basically, those who hear about this technology wonder if it is at all legal to use this kind of technology. Well, it is legal to use this software for cell phone surveillance, but there are limits, of course.

Companies are permitted by law to produce and sell this kind of software, but the problems usually arise with the way consumers use it. If you are considering buying such product, don't get fooled by those marketing ploys telling you to spy on your spouse to catch him or her cheating. These statements have been used by irresponsible cell phone spy companies to market their products in unethical ways.

Many phone spy companies use such advertising to entice new customers. They also include disclaimers in their products so that they will not be held liable for any wrongdoing in case their customers end up breaking the law by using their product.


What Do the Disclaimers Mean?

Makers and sellers of mobile phone spy products include a disclaimer on their website, which is often difficult to find, by the way. There are companies also that make buyers acknowledge that they have read the disclaimer by having them check a box once they place their order online.

Companies display a disclaimer so that they can advertise and sell their products online without worrying about repercussions. They don't actually care if their customers use their software illegally. They can actually claim that they offered some kind of warning to their consumers. In short, disclaimers can be used to pass the responsibility to the buyer.


Knowing the Laws in Your Area

Perhaps you are wondering how you can use a mobile phone spy program legally. Unfortunately, the concept of legal use in this case depends a lot on the laws in the country or state that you live in. Thus, before you perform some kind of cell phone tapping using this software, it's important that you first explore the privacy laws in your location. You may also need to consult a legal professional in your area. 


Legal Use of Mobile Phone Spy

There are two main legal uses of a cell phone spy tool like Highster Mobile. These are:

a. You may monitor the cell phones used by your minor children even without their permission.

b. Business owners and employers can monitor their employees' phones as long as the devices are owned by the company.

Take note that if you use Highster Mobile phone spy software, you may incriminate yourself when you use the information you get through it. You will not be able to use such information as evidence in court because cell phone tapping is considered illegal in many countries and states.

Is Your Teen Hiding Something from You in the Cyberworld?

Have you noticed your teen trying to avoid your questions about what they are doing online? Do you see them covering their phones the moment you enter their room? These are worrisome behaviors, for sure, but you have to understand that they are not uncommon among teens today. It should also make you realize that perhaps it's time that you used some kind of internet monitoring software or cell phone spy app just to have an idea how your teen is using his or her mobile phone.

According to a study by McAfee, more than 70 percent of teens know how to hide their online behavior from their parents. In addition, more than 56 percent of parents are just clueless that their children are trying to hide what they are doing online.

So how are teens these days able to hide their online activity?


Manipulating Their Phone's Internet Settings


A huge majority of teenagers go online for several hours a day. They are also smart enough to know that parents are very curious as to what they are doing in the cyberworld. What do they do? Well, all they need to do is manipulate the internet settings on their mobile devices, particularly their phones, so they could hide certain information. Here's how they do it:


a. They clear browser history. With just a click or two, your child can easily clear the web browsing history of their phones. This means that parents will not be able to see what websites they are visiting and what content they are trying to view or access. Once the data is gone, they are safe. 

b. They delete content. Teens know their mobile phones very well, so they know how to delete any information there that they don't want their parents to see. Such information includes photos, videos, social media posts, text messages, and even call history. The good thing about iPhone monitoring software like Highster Mobile is that it allows you to see such information by updating you on a regular basis. Thus, you can view such content even before your child deletes it.

c. They tweak their device's privacy settings. Most teens are knowledgeable and very confident about managing the privacy settings on their mobile devices as well as their social media accounts. This is good if they are doing it to be safe from strangers on the internet, but it becomes a problem if your child does it to block you.

You have to be proactive and innovative if you want to ensure your child's safety in the internet. Fortunately, with the help of software programs and tools like Highster Mobile, you can use spy camera for iPhone, and other monitoring features that will let you know about all the internet activity of your teens.


How to Use Highster Mobile Spy Ware

So you have purchased Highster Mobile to track your teenagers. What next? Not being a techie at all, you might be confronted with the seeming technicalities of this powerful spy ware.

Not to worry. Highster Mobile is designed to be user-friendly so even the elderly will not have any trouble using it.

Outlined below are simple steps and information you need to know before you start monitoring using the best spy apps for iPhone that is Highster Mobile:

Highster Mobile works by obtaining information from the phone you are monitoring and stores this information in a secure server which you can access anytime. You will be given log in information so you can view messages, phone calls, images, videos and control the target phone.

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to go their website, HighsterMobile.co and click on the BUY NOW button.
  2. Fill out the required personal and billing information.  You will then be led to a window where you   can download the software.
  3. Install the software on the target phone. You need to at least have 5 minutes possession of the software for installation purposes. Highster Mobile stealthily hidden so that the person you are trying to monitor cannot detect that cell phone spy software has been installed on his phone. You need to enter the license key that will be provided you upon purchase. This is to register the product and enable it to update regularly for bug fixes.
  4. Log into the secure server using your phone and your computer and start monitoring!


The power features that come with Highster Mobile:


  1. SMS Monitoring – This feature allows you to read incoming and outgoing SMS. 
  2. GPS Locator – You would be able to keep track of the whereabouts of the person holding the target phone. 
  3. Web Browsing History – You get to be informed which websites are being frequented by the owner of the target phone.
  4. Call History – Know the incoming and outgoing calls as well as the time and the name of the person calling or called.
  5. Remote Camera Activation – You can discreetly control the camera of the target phone, enabling it to take pictures and videos of the environment.
  6. Remote Microphone Activation – You can control the phone’s microphone so  you can listen in on the actual conversations and background noise.
  7. WhatsApp, and iMessages Tracking – You can read and record iMessages and other messages sent and received using other popular messaging tools. You can even retrieve messages that have been deleted by the user.
  8. Media Logs – You can view all images and videos captured using the target phone. You can even record media received by the user. In this way, you will know if your kids are victims or cyber bullying even if they don’t tell you.

These are just but a few of the many amazing features of Highster Mobile. It is the most affordable, reliable spy software in the market. Not all spy apps for iPhone, even the most expensive ones, can compete with the features of Highster Mobile. You can never go wrong choosing this remarkable software.

3 Simple Methods to Improve Employee Productivity


Employees spend an average of five hours every day at their office desks, which companies are rightfully paying for. There are times, however, when an employee's output does not match the time they spent working on it. Thus, it is important for managers or employers to be aware of how employees spend their time at work. In this case, cell phone spy software is the perfect tool you can use for employee monitoring.


As a manager, here are the things you can do to boost productivity, efficiency and engagement among your employees:


1. Don't be overly strict about internet use in the workplace.

Many employers have very tight restriction over the use of the Internet in the workplace. This is their way of preventing the misuse of their computers as well as to discourage workers from wasting their time surfing the web. However, it is a fact that many things can be done and tasks accomplished more efficiently if workers are allowed to surf the web freely.

A good example is the use of the internet, particularly social media for marketing. According to studies, marketing on social media can play a huge role in helping employees and businesses grow. Thus, it would be to your advantage if you let your employees use social media for advertising your business. Besides, there are several types of surveillance equipment you can use to monitor their Internet activity.


2. Consistently evaluate employee productivity.

Before you can measure the level of productivity and the quality of performance of your employees, you first need to set goals for the team, with results that are easily measurable. Take note also that in order for productivity stats to be improved, there should first be some reporting numbers. That way, you will have a clear idea of what has to be improved in the workplace, and how your employee performance can be enhanced.


3. Do not forget the importance of brain breaks.

While it is important that you monitor employee productivity to ensure the stability and success of the company, you should not forget that your employees are humans, too. Thus, they need a break from time to time. You can help your workers become more creative, enthusiastic and productive by allowing them to take short vacations. In the long run, it is the company who will benefit from this.



When it comes to monitoring your employees, there are various tools or devices you can use, such as Highster Mobile for tracking a cell phone. With the help of such technology, you will be able to let your employees enjoy some freedom at work, while at the same time ensuring that no company resources are wasted and misused.


4 Tips for Preventing Theft and Fraud in the Workplace

Whether it's in the form of downloading company information, sharing confidential data, stealing merchandise, or manipulating financial reports, employee theft is a serious issue that business owners have to address. According to studies, occupational fraud can lead to significant loss in an organization's revenue. As a business owner, this poses a huge challenge, especially when you are still in doubt if employee monitoring, such as with the use of Highster Mobile spyware, is necessary.

Read on to learn some tips on how you may prevent or manage employee theft and fraud:

1. Utilize pre-employment background checks properly

One of the ways you can prevent fraudulent employee behavior is to avoid hiring a fraudulent employee in the first place. During the hiring process, make sure you do strict background checks on your candidates, especially those who are applying for positions that deal with cash or have access to confidential information.

2. Do not ignore candidate references

It's surprising that many employers skip checking applicants' references. It is good practice to check on a candidate's references to know if the former has a history of any fraudulent behavior in their previous workplaces. Reference checks will also give you an insight of the kind of person and professional a job candidate is.

3. Come up with an employee code of ethics and conduct and proactively communicate it

Although a code of conduct may not totally prevent fraudulent behaviors from happening, the standards you set will serve as a legal basis of what employees can and cannot do in the workplace. It is important for employees to have a clear understanding of what is expected of them, so they would also be aware of the consequences of doing something that goes against their code of ethics and conduct.

4. Don't be afraid to employ monitoring in the workplace

Employee monitoring is common practice these days mainly because of the availability of a wide range of inexpensive monitoring tools. Cell phone tracking, for one, is very popular as it allows employers to see how workers are using their time at work. With the help of Hyster Mobile phone spy, you can see if any of your employees are getting unauthorized access to company information. Spying on your employees' phones also allows you to locate them through the software's GPS feature.

Cell phone spying can play an important role in your ability to monitor your employees' activities in the workplace. Through this, you can also protect your confidential information and valuable merchandise from being stolen or illegally utilized. And when it comes to cell phone monitoring, there is no other name to trust but Highster Mobile phone spy. It has all the important monitoring functions and features that will give you all the information you need about your employees.

Determining the Compatibility of Your Smartphone and Cell Phone Spy Software

Cell phone spy applications are very easy-to-use, use-friendly computer programs that are used to track, record, and monitor the activities of a smartphone or any other device. They are especially good to use for employers who want to track an employee on a company-issued phone, or for a parent looking to track their tween or teenager in this dangerous digital world. Purchasing a cell phone spy application requires consideration of certain factors such as its features, its cost, and its compatibility with the target device.

In this article, you’ll soon learn how to choose cell phone spy software. We’ll discussed three factors briefly and provide our readers a guideline on what factors to consider when purchasing a cell phone spy application. One of the major considerations of investing in mobile monitoring software is its compatibility with the target device. Failure to consider this factor may result in lack of functionality of the software and ultimately loss of invested money. It’s important to always follow the directions for correct installation of the software.

Why Determining the Compatibility of Software and Device is Important?

Compatibility of the software with your target device is necessary to track and monitor the activities of the device. In order to be compatible, the target device must have an internet connection and an operating system supported by the mobile spy software. Many old phones do not have internet connectivity and therefore their data cannot be tracked using a cell phone spy application. A simple formula to determine the compatibility of the target device with the spy software is:

Internet connectivity + Supported operating system = Compatibility

It is important to choose a cell phone spy application that supports a large number of devices, such as Highster Mobile cell phone monitoring software. The software not only boasts a large number of features, it also supports all types of Android and Apple phones. Therefore, if you are planning to invest in Highster Mobile spy software to track a phone, compatibility should not be a major issue for you.

Knowing the Settings of Your Smartphone

The formula for determining compatibility has two components: internet connectivity and supported operating system. Determining if your phone has an internet connection or not is a fairly simple and straightforward process. However, certain steps should be followed in order to know the operating system of the target device.

For Android Phones – Go into the ‘phone settings’ and scroll down to ‘about phone’. When you will scroll down, you will be able to see the Android version of the phone.

For Apple Devices – Go to general section of setting and scroll down to ‘about’, where you will be able to see the version of operating system

Highster Mobile Monitoring Software – Compatible Devices

Highster Mobile cell phone monitoring software is designed to make tracking easy and convenient for the users. It supports virtually every Apple and Android device, is easy to install, and comes with a one-time, low-cost fee. Highster Mobile is highly regarded in the cell phone monitoring software market to be the best in the business. If you need to spy on a cell phone this is definitely the route to go! You won’t regret it.

Cell Phone Spy Software Review - Monitor Your Employees’ Company Issued Cell Phones Without their Knowledge

Cell Phone Spy Software Review – Monitor Your Employees’ Company Issued Cell Phones Without their Knowledge

There has been a heated debate on whether it is right to spy on employees. According to a CBS report, some companies are even hiring private detectives to check up on their employees! While the lawmakers are yet to come up with a solid solution to this issue, it is all right to monitor your employees without their knowledge. However, there are conditions. First, the company must have issued the phones, because it is a criminal offence to track someone’s personal cell phone. In addition, you should only do this if it is for business reasons. While there are many software that claim to be the best in monitoring employees, Highster Mobile is incomparable. Everything is possible with this one, and it's a fantastic cell phone spy product available right now on the market.

What are some of the legal things to monitor over your employees?

Managing calls

The costs of phone calls have always caused financial qualms in many businesses. Fortunately, this is something you can manage with less effort. The software allows you to monitor all the incoming and outgoing calls. This way, you can know how your employees use the company’s cell phones. You can get loads of information from the calls including which they called their relationship with them and what they talked about. Highster Mobile app helps you to save your company money as well as guard its privacy. It is possible to record the conversation, and thus you are able to know when an employee is breaching the privacy of your business and act accordingly.

Monitoring messages

It is all right if you want to track messages on the business cell phone. Here you will be in a position to view all the sent and received messages in the phone. Text message spy also allows you to gain access to those deleted texts. Usually, most employees have a tendency of deleting messages, which they know would put them in jeopardy. With the cell phone monitoring software, you can get ahead of them.

Checking whether employees are at their duty locations.

Overseeing employees in the field can be stressful especially when you have workers in different locations. It might also be an internal worker, whom you regularly send to certain places. With the GPS location feature in the Highster Mobile, you can track where they are. It can save you a lot of time and money. A PC World report claims:

One of the most important capabilities that smartphones now have is knowing where they are. More than desktops, laptops, personal navigation devices or even tablets, which are harder to take with you, a smartphone can combine its location with many other pieces of data to make new services available.

Run the web history

Your employees know too well that you can check their cell phones. Hence, you will be lucky to find the URL of that nasty site that they were browsing in the morning hours, but not when you have the software for monitoring the cell phone. It has the capability of uncovering all the sites, which has opened over time.

Browse instant messages

Some employees are notorious for using company cell phones to chat on Whatsapp, Skype and the like. They do this because they know it is hard for their employer to access these messages. However, you only need the Highster Mobile app to read such messages, as long as they were sent or received with the business cell phone.

With that, you now know that you can spy your employees without getting into legal tussles. All you have to do is to keep it professional and reproach those who need to, after you have enough evidence. Visit https://www.highstermobile.com/features.html to see all the features of this great cell phone monitoring software.