5 Ways to Know Your Child Is Being Bullied

Bullying is more common than most parents realize. According to a study by the National Center for Education Statistics, nearly 20.8% of school students, between the ages of 12 and 18, experience some form of bullying at school—that’s one in every five school students!

Frequent bullying can have serious psychological effects on children. Victims of aggressive bullying are also at a much higher risk of developing mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and psychosomatic complications, according to research.

As a parent, you can play a key role in protecting the mental health and self-esteem of your child by addressing signs of bullying as early as possible.

Here are some prominent indicators of bullying:

1. Lack of interest:

Disinterest is an alarming sign of bullying. As bullying has the ability to disturb individuals on a psychological level, victims of bullying are likely to display a general lack of interest. You may notice your child losing interest in their hobbies or any activities they typically enjoy. A child subjected to bullying may also refuse to engage in their favorite sports or video games.


2. Decline in academic performance:

An estimated 33% of reported victims of bullying in the U.S indicated that they were bullied at least once or twice a month within the premises. On-campus bullying can make children reluctant to go to school, which leads to a decline in academic performance.

Adolescents are also likely to skip school altogether, if they’re subject to bullying frequently.


3. Social isolation and secretive behavior:

Lack of social interaction and secretive behavior is also one of the key signs of bullying. Acts of bullying leave victims traumatized, which makes it difficult for them to communicate their feelings and connect with others.

If your child has been avoiding family time and is exhibiting an unusually secretive behavior, they could be subjected to bullying.


4. Deteriorating health

Stress and anxiety associated with bullying can have physical side-effects, such as frequent headaches or stomachaches. Bullies at school could also be hurting your child physically. Consequently, you may notice inexplicable scrapes and bruises on parts of their body.


5. Obsession with devices

girl-with-smartphone-at-schoolRapid digitization and rise of social media has created more channels for bullying, and bullies could be using online platforms to reach and harass your child. More than 10% of students who reported bullying mention that the acts took place online or through text messages. If your child is being bullied through such outlets, you may notice a heavy cell phone usage and constant checking of devices in your children.

As parent, you may not be able to monitor all your child’s activities. However, you can keep tabs on their digital interactions through certain mobile tracking software, such as the one offered by Highster Mobile.

The hidden spy app can help parents detect early signs and symptoms of bullying by letting them have remote access to their children’s messages, call logs, videos, photos and location. In addition to being user-friendly, Highster Mobile’s application is also compatible with both iPhones and Androids, which makes it a convenient tracking option for parents.

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How to Introduce Your Employees to the Monitoring System

While employee monitoring offers multiple benefits to organizations, it also comes with a fair set of risks. Employees are often wary of workplace monitoring due to the notion of compromised privacy surrounding these systems. The idea of activity and location tracking can also induce feeling of stress and anxiety in some employees.


However, there are some tactics organizations can employ to successfully introduce monitoring systems to their work force and convince them to get on board with the concept.

Communicate Employee Benefits

Explaining benefits of workplace monitoring to employees can fast-track the acceptance process and might even boost their enthusiasm regarding the new system. Prepare a presentation highlighting key advantages of monitoring programs. Emphasize on how data from monitoring software can be used as an evidence of employee productivity and their commitment to the job. The records might also serve as a proof of location, which may be required in case of an accusation of traffic violation or attendance-based conflict.

Draft a written policy

When it comes to workplace monitoring, privacy is one of the major concerns of employees. Organizations can address these concerns through a comprehensive written policy, detailing employee rights and limitations of workplace monitoring.

By doing so, employees will have the reassurance they need and will also help firms avoid future legal issues, which may arise otherwise. Make sure the terms and conditions are outlined in simple and clear terms and includes any relevant legal provisions.

Encourage feedback

Employees tend to feel more comfortable with new systems and strategies if they’re allowed to express their views and opinions regarding it. Establish an open communication channel between yourself and your employees through which they can provide feedback about the monitoring system to be implemented. Through a feedback channel, employees can also point out areas that need improvement, so you can work on them accordingly. Respond to the feedback with gratitude and composure to win employee trust and confidence.


Need A Workplace Monitoring Solution?

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How GPS Tracking Apps can help Dementia Patients


Nearly 47 million people across the world had dementia in 2015 and the figure’s estimated to reach 75 million by 2030. Living with this progressive disease can be emotionally overwhelming not just for the patient themselves, but also for their family members and caretakers. With GPS tracking, some of these challenges have been made easier through the following ways.

Greater Independence

Losing your independence due to dementia can be a blow to patients, especially those used to being on their own and living their lives on their own terms. While a GPS tracking system can’t restore their memory, it can help them regain some independence. Those individuals who’re at an initial stage of dementia can continue to move about on their own without necessarily requiring an escort. With the assurance that their movements can be traced through GPS should the worse happen and they get lost, they can uphold a certain degree of independence.

Peace of Mind

Individuals with dementia are often aware of the risks they face, especially if living on their own. Thus, having close family members or friends use a GPS tracking system to monitor their movement also gives them confidence that they’ll be easily located if there is an emergency. This is especially useful during medical emergencies, where every second counts. A GPS tracking software will give them a peace of mind about that someone is looking out for them, even if they get lost or confused.

This is a two-way advantage of GPS tracking. Not only are the patients themselves at peace, but their loved ones too are assured that they’ll be able to locate them instantly. Moreover, GPS tracking also prevents dementia patients from getting avoidable injuries and being in risky situations.


Active Tracking

The active tracking mechanism on the GPS-intensive device allows one to track dementia patients more effectively. The phone tracking software provides you with the actual geographical coordinates of your loved one, giving you access to their whereabouts throughout the day. At any given point in time, you can easily locate your loved one through your own mobile or computer device. This can be done from the vicinity of your own home. In case the patient wanders off on an unfamiliar route or gets lost, you can easily track them down and direct them back to the comfort of their home.  

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Staying In Touch With Loved Ones during an Emergency

We’re all used to constantly staying in touch with our loved ones, thanks to our smartphones and the internet. It helps us stay connected and make sure that they’re safe and sound. But what happens when you’ve tried calling them a couple of times and they don’t pick up?

Often in cases of emergencies, we’re unable to immediately reach out to a loved one. Here’s what you can do to avoid getting worried the next time.


Send a Text Message

This one seems a little obvious, but the first step involves attempting to get in touch with your loved one directly via text or call.

In cases of emergencies like natural disasters, cell phone services tend to shut down or be obstructed due to the high traffic across networks. There may also be a loss of Wi-Fi, which can make it difficult for you to contact your loved one. Either way, by sending them a text message or making a call, you can assess the situation better.  

Check Social Media

Don’t underestimate the power of social media! Social networking platforms play a vital role in connecting people from different locations across the world. Check your loved one’s social media to see whether they’ve made any recent comments or have been online recently.

If you’re unable to detect their presence online, resort to sending out a public message through your social media account. This will enable people in your network to update you on your loved one’s whereabouts, should they see them.

Contact Acquaintances

Get in touch with those who may have seen or met your loved one recently. They can be a family member, a neighbor, a close friend, a coworker, or any other acquaintance of theirs who interacts with them daily.

By connecting with people who’re frequently in contact with your loved one, you can get useful insights on their safety and well-being.

Contact an Organization

Alternately, if you’re unable to reach out to an acquaintance, reach out to their workplace or school to locate your loved one. Sometimes, even complete strangers can have more information about your loved one than you might expect. For instance, if they go to a particular café every day, the staff and customers there may be able to tell you if they’d seen your loved one earlier.

Call the Police

Calling the police may be an option if you’re unable to reach out to your friend through any of the aforementioned ways.

 Police stations usually have a designated waiting period before they can consider your case as one in need of police assistance. This can be troublesome in case of an emergency when you need to connect with your loved one ASAP, and you might be required to wait 24–48 hours for the cops to begin pursuing the case.  


Use Tracking Software

A better way of getting your loved one’s whereabouts during an emergency is by installing a cell phone tracking application. This will enable you to view the text messages/calls, online activity, and GPS location of your loved one without you having to make a round of frenzied calls to a dozen people.

You’ll be able to stay in touch with your loved one through instant information, and can be assured of their presence & safety if a crisis strikes.

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5 Ways Employees Can Benefit from GPS Tracking

While GPS tracking has multiple benefits for employers, employees are often wary of the whole system, as location tracking can be perceived as an invasion of employee privacy. However, you can alter the perception of your workforce regarding GPS tracking by highlighting its advantages to employees.


Here are some benefits of a GPS Tracking system for your employees:

1. Monitoring delays:

It isn’t uncommon for employees to get stuck in traffic on their daily commute to work. Under such circumstances, having a GPS tracking system can be very useful as it would allow the employee to relay this information directly to the employer. This will, in turn, reduce the possibility of employee reprimands.

2. Proof of location:

Through GPS tracking, employees can provide proof of their current location. This can be required in case of an accident or an accusation of traffic violation. Proof of location also helps resolve any conflicts that may arise with regard to attendance.


3. Improved productivity:

Implementation of a GPS tracking system improves productivity. Once employees learn that their activities are being monitored, they tend to push themselves to work more efficiently and make efforts to avoid distractions.

4. Enhanced Safety:

Installing a location tracking software can enhance the safety of employees. As organizations would know the whereabouts of employees at all times, it will be easier to detect any unusual activity. In case a worker goes missing, employers can use GPS to track their location and ensure that they are safe and sound.

5. Increased job security

Job security depends on profitability of the business. As GPS tracking improves productivity and reduces operation costs, it will also boost ROIs. This shift increases job security of employees.

Need a GPS Tracking Application?

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The Basics of Internet Safety Every Parent Should Know

The advent of internet revolutionized multiple aspects of our lives and it continues to facilitate millions of people across the globe. Your children probably use it every day an educational tool or as a means of entertainment.

According to studies by the National Center for Education Statistics, an estimated 71% of children aged between 3 to 18 years used internet in 2015. However, the plethora of inappropriate content available online makes internet a dangerous place for minors. To reduce the risks that come with open access to internet, parents need to take certain internet safety precautions.


Experts have broken down the fundamentals of internet safety into 3 Cs, to help parents understand them in a better way. Here are the primary internet safety Cs you should know as a parent, to protect your child from online vulnerabilities.

1. Contact:

While internet can be a positive platform where people of all ages have the chance to meet others with mutual interests, sexual predators and child abusers can misuse it to manipulate minors. For instance, an adult posing as your child’s friend on a social networking site could persuade them into meeting him/her in person.

Online predators can also abuse personal information disclosed by your children about their daily lives. To ensure maximum safety, talk to your children about the risks associated with meeting online friends and encourage them to avoid unnecessary disclosure of personal information on the internet.

2. Content:

From pornographic imagery to violent videos, the internet is full of inappropriate visuals, audios and texts. According to research, exposure to explicit content at a young age can have a profound negative impact on your children, as it leads to the development of unhealthy notions regarding sex and relationships.

Frequent consumption of such content may also lead to perpetration of violence and assault. Discuss these long term effects of inappropriate content with your children and supervise their activities on the internet using a mobile tracking device.

3. Conduct:

You child’s own behavior can also put their internet safety at risk. Children are often unaware of the impact their digital activities can have on themselves and other people. Cyber bullying is a prime example of internet misconduct, often perpetrated by children against others their age.


Studies by the Cyberbullying Research Center suggest that as estimated 28% of students in America have experienced cyberbullying at some point, with over 16% also admitting that they have cyberbullied others at least once. You can take measures to protect your child and others from offensive behavior by monitoring their conduct on online platforms through a cell phone tracking software.

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Top Tips to Reduce the Possibility of an Information Leak

According to studies, more than 6 billion data records on average are lost or stolen every day. Critical corporate data is at an even higher risk of security breaches, as leaks can occur through multiple channels in corporate settings.

In order to protect valuable information, companies need a comprehensive data security plan that can mitigate the risk of unwanted breaches.


Here are some tips that can help employers prevent the leakage of confidential information successfully.  

1. Recognize sensitive data:

One of the first steps toward data security and information leak prevention is the recognition of sensitive data. It’s impossible to prevent unlawful manipulation and exposure of data without knowing which parts of it are at a higher risk. Identify data that needs protection and then design a comprehensive security system that addresses all threats to critical information accordingly.

2. Establish a culture of workplace information security:

Information leaks don’t always take place due to an external security attack. An employee from your company may disclose sensitive information intentionally or unintentionally. Ingrain information security in your organizational culture by explaining the security protocols of your company to new employees. Stress the importance of data security by rewarding employees who take additional steps to protect critical information.

3. Conduct information security training sessions:

Building an information security culture in your workplace will minimize the occurrence of data leaks. However, to further reduce the risk of confidential data leakage, pair the strong culture of workplace information security with regular employee training sessions. Employees that are trained and fully aware of security protocols are less likely to leak sensitive information.  


Identify threats to your current data security system and explain the threats in detail to your employees. Discuss topics such as physical document destruction, identification of malicious software or vindictive co-worker activities with your workforce during the training session.

4. Monitor employee access and activities:

Malicious employees within your organization are a major threat to your company’s data. Studies suggest that an estimated 6.46% of data breaches take place due to a malicious insider. To protect your data from such attacks, ensure that you run a strong background check of each employee prior to their recruitment and monitor their activities through employee monitoring tools and mobile applications.

Monitoring employee activity is vital for information security and data protection. If you’re looking for a cell phone monitoring solution for your organization, let us help you out!

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