Your Smartphone Needs Smart Security: And here is why

The modern world is digitally connected to extents we never thought were possible. Nearly everyone today owns a smartphone, and it’s through these little handheld computers that we control and manage our financial accounts, our social media profiles, and personal data such as photos and videos of ourselves and our loved ones.


Because smartphones contain such crucial personal information, it’s become imperative to protect them from malware and cybercriminals. Just think about how much of your private information can be accessed through your social media accounts, email and the other apps you have on your smartphone, and imagine the damage there will be if all this information got into the wrong hands.

According to a study conducted at the University of Maryland, hackers are attacking computers and networks at near-constant rates. Every 39 seconds, there is a digital breach, somewhere around the globe.

This is where smartphone security apps and software step in. Over the course of this blog, we’ll go over why your smartphones need smart security.

The Ever-present Threat of Hackers

You probably have antivirus and antimalware software installed on your PC to protect it from hackers and malware. Well, your smartphone is essentially a mini-computer and is just as vulnerable to hackers as your regular PC. Hackers can gain access to your smartphone by infecting it with malware.

Malware has the ability to steal sensitive data from your smartphone and in some cases; hackers can even hold data as hostage. According to a research study conducted by Symantec, worldwide ransomware attacks increased by 36% in 2017, and more than a 100 new malware families were introduced by hackers.


How Smartphones Get Infected By Malware

There are various ways through which your smartphone can get infected with malware. You should be especially careful when using third party app stores. These are generally a free-for-all, which makes them attractive for smartphone users. Third party app stores can contain dodgy and questionable apps which might contain malware. It’s best to stick with legitimate app stores such as Apple’s app store and Google Play because the apps available on these stores are almost always safe.

Another way your smartphone can get infected by malware is through ‘drive-by downloads’. These are files that automatically get downloaded and installed on your computer without your consent. Drive-by downloads usually happen if you visit questionable websites or open dodgy emails. Other than malware, these files can be anything from spyware, adware to something even more sinister such as a bot, which can perform malicious tasks through your phone.

Phones Can Get Lost or Stolen

Phones are small objects and can easily get lost or stolen. With Highster Mobile, you can track a lost phone and you can also recover all the important data from a smartphone such as your photos, videos, documents and even your text conversations.

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone, the Highster Mobile phone tracker app can recover all important personal data from your device! Our customer support team is highly qualified and always ready to answer your questions and queries. Don’t hesitate to call us at (866) 611 9506.

Spy Apps: All there is To Know

The demand and popularity of spy apps and mobile monitoring software has grown exponentially in recent years as they seem to be the perfect solutions for parents who want to monitor their children’s cellular and online activities, and for companies that wish to keep track of their employees.


Highster Mobile is one of the top-rated mobile monitoring apps currently available on the market. It provides a range of exclusive features, all of which are available for an affordable price. Over the course of this blog, we’ll tell you all there is to know about spy apps and explain how they work.

What is a Spy App?

A spy app is software that is used to monitor a person’s cell phone activities. These activities include, text messages, phone calls, social media, web browsing, photos, videos and GPS location. A spy app provides real time updates on all the aforementioned activities and also has the ability to obtain and save data from a cell phone.

How Spy Apps Work

Firstly, all spy apps need a web connection to work. It could be 3G, 4G OR Wi-Fi. After a spy app has been installed and configured, it starts recording the activity on the target phone and sends it to the software company’s web server through the internet. The recorded data can then be accessed through the online dashboard.


Installing a spy app is a simple process that generally takes just a couple of minutes. After you’ve purchased the spy app, you will need to download and install the app on the target phone. Once the app is installed and configured, just enter the license key, and you’re good to go!


In order for a spy app to work smoothly (or work at all), it needs to be compatible with the mobile device, so make sure that the app you’re purchasing is compatible with the target device. The best spy apps are compatible with a wide array of devices, and all major operating systems, such as Android and iOS.  After the spy app has been downloaded and installed in the target phone, the phone’s activities can be monitored remotely.

Spy Apps are Undetectable

Perhaps the most impressive feature of spy apps is that they are undetectable. After they have been installed and configured on the target phone, they run smoothly and inconspicuously in the background without the knowledge of the user.  

No Location Restrictions with Spy Apps

Provided there is internet connection, spy apps can monitor devices that are located anywhere on the globe. They are designed for worldwide use and there are no location restrictions whatsoever.

There you go! This is all the information you need on spy apps and mobile monitoring software. In addition to having great features and an easy to use interface, Highster Mobile’s app is compatible with a variety of android devices and iPhones.  Call at (866) 611 9506 for further details or queries.

3 Reasons Why You Need Parental Control Apps

9ec6532Your child may disagree.

But the truth is that parental control apps are necessary, now more than ever. With around 1,209,600 pieces of new data being produced by social media users each day, you really cannot monitor what your child might see.

It doesn’t help that nearly all young individuals nowadays (72 percent) use smartphones. So it’s even easier to access all sorts of information online without any supervision, some of which may not exactly be beneficial for them.

So what should a parent do?

The answer could be parental control apps.

What is a Parental Control App?

It’s not as Big Brother-ish as it sounds.

A parental control app is simply an app that sifts through the system, giving you (the parent) the gist on what your child might be surfing the internet for. Phone monitoring apps such as Highster Mobile for example, allow you to view who they’re texting or calling, what their search results are.

By using such apps to keep an eye on your child’s online activities, you can at least nip a problem in the bud if something happens.

Why Use Parental Control Apps

1. To Improve Your Child’s Online Safety

It’s no secret that our younger generation is not really educated in online etiquette. They share all their information online, their locations, their special moments, even their mood swings. However, access to such intimate information can leave them open to cyber bullying and even cybercrime.

By using such apps to keep track of their online activities, parents can teach their children about online safety and what they shouldn’t share on social media.

2. To Improve their Online Reputation

6d710f47def2The internet is forever. Whatever your child shares today could come back to bite them in the future, especially if the information, photos or even opinions are offensive or ignorant. Using parental control apps will give you security so you can monitor whatever your child shares. And have it deleted if it’s too inflammatory.

3. To Keep their Data Safe

This is probably the most important reason to use parental control apps. Your child’s phone is a vault of information. It holds their important documents, details, photos and data, all things that could become vulnerable to malware and viruses. By using these apps as data backups, you can keep digital files safe, even if the phone itself dies.

Install the Right App!

By Installing Highster Mobile on your iPhone or Android device, you’ll be able to retrieve useful information and monitor their cell usage without them knowing.

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Here’s How To Tell If Your Phone Has A Tracking App

If someone says they’re worried their smart phone can be smartly spying on them, they’re not paranoid—they’re being rightly cautious and wary. The digital world has entered an era in which data is the new gold and electronic devices such as cell phones and computers can easily be used to spy on people, to blackmail them, to commit crimes, or for far more sinister reasons.

Just 12 weeks ago the FBI warned banking circles worldwide about a potential ATM heist, and which could affect millions of users worldwide. Cyber criminals have reached a level of notoriety where webcams are being routinely used to spy on people. This news was made public when Mark Zuckerberg and the director of the FBI James Comey revealed that they make sure to cover the cameras on their computers when they’re not using them.

In such a world, it is genuinely and naturally possible that your mobile has a spy malware installed on it. And here’s how to find out.

Look for Jailbreaking Tools

For iPhones to ne installed with spyware, a person will need to perform a process known as jailbreaking.

Only seasoned professionals can get this right, and while you may not notice it at first you can look for jailbreaking software on your iPhone: Cydia, Installous, Icy, SBSettings, etc. They might not even have an icon, but if they’re there and you haven’t used them, it’s a good indicator that someone else has.

Data Roaming Can Tell

What usually is the case with most spyware is the fact that someone sitting outside the country or far from your immediate location is monitoring your phone and using its GPS location.

In such a case, your data charges are bound to go up. If you notice a hike in your data charges and haven’t ventured far from home, you should start worrying about them immediately.

Cryptic Messages

If at times you receive a message which looks like utter gibberish: computer code or random series of numbers, don’t ignore them. They might be from the person controlling spy software. Such messages are required by a spy software and generally are not supposed to be noticed, but if you do notice them, take proactive measures to get to the root of the cause.

Other Signs

There are other ways of telling if your phone might have been in some way been compromised. Some of them are:

  1. The phone takes a long time shutting down
  2. The phone keeps losing its battery rapidly despite little use
  3. The phone lights up without cause
  4. The phone is warm despite not being used
  5. The apps on your phone are taking a long time to function

If all or many of these signs show up, you should give your phone a serious scrutiny.

Prevention is Better than Cure


You might be thinking how exactly someone else could install a spy app on your phone without your knowledge. It’s easy: you don’t carry your phone around with you all the time, do you? One needs physical access to the phone to install the app and such can only be done when the phone can be easily broken into when not with you.

For safety measures always ensure you have a pin in place or other precautions so that when you do have to leave your phone alone, it can’t be botched. Also, make sure the pin is not something anyone can guess: like 123456 or your birthday.


Looking for Tracking and Spy Apps?

If you’re interested in installing a tracking or a spy app in your own phone for security purposes, Highster Mobile has superior quality and technologically advanced mobile tracking apps which are used to keep tabs on chats, calls, contacts, photos, videos, emails, and GPS location. There are some additional features in the mix, them being: iMessages, recovering deleted messages, and a stealth camera. You will rarely find these features elsewhere!

Perfectly compatible with iPhone, Android, and other advanced phones and tablets, the Highster mobile monitoring software easy to use and easy to install. For support and assistance, our customer support can be reached at 1(866) 611-9506.

How Businesses Can Benefit From GPS Tracking Systems

We all know that as civilians we can use the GPS navigation system to our advantage: from using it to finding difficult locations to using it to keep track of our friends and family, there is much that civilians can gain.

But when businesses enter the fold, the benefits increase tenfold.

GPS in Businesses

Originally a navigation system for the military being managed by the US Government and using the radio wave signals transmitted by 24 satellites in space, GPS  navigation help individuals and businesses alike.

Many businesses these days require a fleet of vehicles as an essential part of their service: from cars to heavy duty trucks used for the transportation of hefty goods, there’s a good deal of locomotion and movement happening around, all which could be tracked with the help of GPS navigation.

And contrary to what many people might think, businesses have much to gain from GPS Navigation. While all businesses can, in some capacity, utilize GPS navigation and reap the benefits, this blog will look at the major businesses which use the navigation system to their advantage.

Delivery Services

Whether it’s the person managing the deliveries or the customers waiting to receive them, the real-time location—also known as the “status” of the subject—is essential for the service to run smoothly and efficiently. All that the delivery man needs is a smart phone equipped with a tracking app and his client as well as his manager can know of his location at all times. A functional internet connection, of course, is needed.

Car Rental Services

Since car rental companies depend upon the letting of cars to clients, it is always a good idea to have a way in which to monitor their vehicles. If it is a digital cab service like Uber, they can effectively keep tabs on their driver’s behavior and routes, which ensures added security and helps to make them more popular with their customers.

Field Services

While many firms require to send teams down to the fields to get jobs done—such as manual inspection and fixing of things—there is one catch: a field service team is required to be present on the ground for most of the time, and without a way to keep a tab on their routes, there are few ways in which a manager can manage so many workers and instruct them to reach a spot.

With GPS navigation, one can track workers and help them connect with the nearest spot where their services are required. The service is, naturally, made automatically more efficient, and the smooth and quick performance of the firm is sure to get them more clients overtime.

They’ll know that a trusty field engineer is nearby, that they’ll be easily located, and sent to them in record time.

Food Delivery Van Services


Food delivery vans need to maintain a sub zero temperature at all times or they food that they contain can go to rot. GPS tracking can help firms keep track and thereby helps them preserve their stores for a longer amount of time.

Other Businesses

Truckers and sales professionals use GPS for delivery status and driving directions respectively. Additionally, law enforcement agencies such as the police force and the paramilitary units use GPS to keep track of their on-duty personnel at all times.

About the Highster Cell Phone Monitoring App

Highster Mobile provides high quality and technologically sophisticated mobile tracking apps which can be used to keep track of delivery status, navigation history, and GPS location. Businesses can use the app to transform their workforce and their fleet into valuable assets, which can function even more smoothly and efficiently when being tracked.

Our app is compatible with iPhone, Android, and other advanced phones and tablets. Easy to use and easy to install, the Highster mobile monitoring software it contains some features which are rarely found elsewhere.

Our highly qualified team is always willing to offer support and assistance, and can be reached at 1(866) 611-9506.

How Exactly Does a GPS Tracking System Work?

Nobody in today’s world finds GPS an alien term: we all know about it, we all know that it’s a navigation system which helps pinpoint location, and we all know that  smart phones can be used for the purpose.

But while the purpose of a GPS tracking system is well known, the deeper and intricate mechanism of its work is relatively unknown. It’s not really all that difficult to understand, as you’re about to find out.

Its Central Management

Owned and controlled by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), the GPS and the US Military go back a long way. Originally experimented upon and designed for the benefit of the US Navy during the Cold War, the technology behind the GPS system was used to track submarines carrying nuclear weapons. It blew into becoming a navigation system that relied on the detection and measurement of the frequency of radio waves. Ground stations collaborate with satellites and that formed the original basis for the famous navigation system which would go on to serve so many people all around the world.

GPS for the World

No longer the exclusive domain of the US Military, GPS today is used by civilians not only American but from all around the world for the purpose of navigation. The service is provided to them free of charge and there are no restrictions applied.

Who Uses Is Today

In addition to the obvious military usage many individuals benefit from installing GPS tracking devices on their electronic devices and vehicles for purposes of personal safety and navigational help. Companies and corporations—mostly those which involve frequent movement, such as that of trucks—also use the device to keep track of their vehicles and goods. Parents have started investing in the system in order to better scrutinize their children. Valuable assets when being transported from one place to another are also monitored using a GPS tracking system.

How It Works

Think of GPS as a highly advanced and sophisticated tracker that functions in microwaves. The GPS system can be installed in cell phones, cars, etc. A device that contains a GPS tracking system—such as a smart phone—carries the active software around with it whether moving or stationary. From the larger movements of a vehicle to the less notable movements of a person, all can be traced using a GPS tracker.

Using the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) a GPS tracking system manages to receive data from satellites in microwaves, and can reveal a person’s or a vehicle’s location, rate of acceleration, and which direction it is headed in. Time can also be recorded and thus information in real-time can be gained with pristine accuracy. Additionally, a GPS tracking device can also reveal the history of navigation on any device.

In a GPS system there is a receiver which receives signals from satellites in microwaves and processes them, and the position of a subject can be computed in 3D. Out there in space are 24 satellites—plus 3, which are backup in case of failure—which orbit the Earth and send back signals to millions of people, helping them navigate. This information is received by tracking stations which are found in many ground locations around the world.

That’s all, folks!

The Ultimate Cell Phone Monitoring App

The GPS navigation system is utilized by Highster Mobile and is incorporated into our high quality and technologically superior mobile tracking apps. Our app will help you keep track of chats, calls, contacts, photos, videos, emails, and location of any person or vehicle. There are extra features too, which you won’t find in many tracking apps—these are: iMessages, recovering deleted messages, and a stealth camera. Keep track of everything and everyone!

Our app is completely compatible with iPhone, Android, and other advanced phones and tablets. The Highster mobile monitoring software is quite easy for use, it can be installed effortlessly, and it comes equipped with some features which are to be found nowhere else in the industry. Our team is highly skilled and we’re ever ready to offer support and assistance to our customers, so don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1(866) 611-9506.


GPS Navigation and Tracking: How It Began

Whether you’re traveling to an entirely new place or trying to find the venue for your colleague’s wedding ceremony, without a GPS navigation system, all will be lost and the most you’ll be able to do is keep going round and round in circles.

GPS As We Know It

More than helping navigate and filling you in on where to turn next in how many meters, the GPS navigation system is now being used via a sophisticated development for tracking apps which help keep one posted about their location all the time.

Highly sophisticated and technologically advanced to suit the needs of people in this rapidly moving world, apps that make use of GPS have become everyday and essential to us.

And it all began once upon a time.

How It Happened

When the sharp rise and that marked a rise in technology happened come 1990, GPS navigation gained a respectable reputation in a short span of time. But if one really wants to delve into the history of the complex navigation system, then it’s to the Sputnik era that we must travel, back when the scientists were trying to track satellites so as to market their shifts in positions. This they would do by scrutinizing radio signals and making use of what in Physics is known as the Doppler Effect, according to NASA.

It was the US Navy that began conducting experiments related to navigation around the 1960s. This they did so as to detect if there were any submarines below, carrying the dreaded nuclear bomb.

Fast forward to 1978, and the country was set to launch its first Navigation satellite system called the System with Timing and Ranging (NAVSTAR).

The Big Jump

Once scientists had realized that it’s possible to track satellites from a stationary position in the ground by doing no more than taking measurements of its radio signals, they knew how to track the locations of these cosmic vehicles.

This wasn’t just a deduction used in many succeeding wars to help detect enemy warships and planes, but also was the foundation on which modern GPS technology as we know it is based.

GPS Today

In 1991 the world was informed by Bill Clinton and the FAA, that everyone—and not just the scientists who were trying to track satellites and submarines—could use it free of cost for, in their words, “the foreseeable future.”

One can agree that we’re living that foreseeable future, and making good use of the tracking system. The GPS system was used for the first mobile phones in 1999, and it’s safe to say we haven’t looked back since!

Today almost everyone knows what GPS is—but few know how it began to be!—and use it to their advantage.

Imagine: it all began with a war!

About the Highster Cell Phone Monitoring App


High quality and technologically advanced mobile tracking apps can now be bought from Highster Mobile, apps which can help you keep track of chats, calls, contacts, photos, videos, emails, and GPS location. There are additional features added, rarely to be found in other tracking apps—there are: iMessages, recovering deleted messages, and a stealth camera. Nothing will surpass your notice now!

Our app is perfectly compatible with iPhone, Android, and other advanced phones and tablets. The Highster mobile monitoring software is fairly easy for use, it can be installed with a simple technique, and it contains some features which are to be found nowhere else in the industry. Our team is highly qualified and always willing to offer support and assistance, so don’t hesitate to call us at 1(866) 611-9506.

Keep Track of Your Children with Tracking Apps


No matter how badly people in the online arena try to make you believe that the online world is safe and sound, parents know for a fact that it is not. When a whole world exists in bits and bytes, with sinister cyber sailors ever on the prowl, the cyber world is never safe—especially not for children.

How Unsafe the Cyber World Really Is

Hackers recently cloned the key fob of Tesla’s Model S in mere seconds. They managed to elude the defenses of the British Airways. A recent Facebook breach affected some 50 million people worldwide and became privy to their personal information. The online world is full of such cyber predators waiting to pounce on their next victims: but their victims need not be giant corporations like The British Airways or Facebook or Tesla all the time.

Sometimes, their victims can be children.

And parents understand this threat very well.

Cyber Crime and Young People


Young people—in particular, children—are more vulnerable than the average man where it concerns cyber crime. The internet is partially to blame, access to which a bridge is opened between unsuspecting children and predators. Add to this mix and uncomfortable addition of the disturbed, worried parent, and you have a pretty kettle of fish on your hands.

What you have on your hands is a parent who is bent on protecting his children and keeping an all-encompassing eye on them.

What To Be On Guard Against

According to reports, a mix of events such as bullying, blackmail, sexual abuse, fraud, and threats of various kinds are all possible risks a child might face from having access to the cyber world.

When children acquire their smartphones—and 45% of children aged between 10 and 12 have one—they construct their own worlds in them: worlds that are kept hidden from the prying eyes of their parents. Respecting them for their want of privacy, parents don’t usually pester them, but addiction to mobile phones—which 78% of our children are prone to—results in their isolation from their parents.

young-boy-using-cell-phoneThey’re no longer sharing things: things such as information about new friends they’ve acquired, or the places they’re going to meet their new friend in, what’s troubling them, etc.—information that is vital in terms of knowing that your child is well and safe in his connections and his cyber goings-on.

How It Could be Avoided

A mobile tracking app can come in handy for parents who feel the pressing need to keep an eye on their children—and indeed, many do. While there’s no qualm in getting your children an iPhone or a Samsung for their 12th birthday, there is a dire need of keeping tabs on them.

Especially in cases of emergency and when you notice that there’s something wrong with your children but they won’t confide you in, a mobile tracking app could conviniently come to your aid.

You can find out what pages on social media your child is visiting, who he is talking to, what he is planning on doing, what kind of groups he’s engaging with, what he’s searching for on the web: these little things might appear inconsequential but can help greatly in terms of evaluation of a child and at least until a child is of an age where they begin to take their own sefety and security seriously, they should be kept under scrunity.

Highster Mobile Tracking App

Highster Mobile offers parents high quality and advanced mobile tracking app that keeps track of chats, calls, contacts, photos, videos, emails, and their GPS location. Added to these are the extra features of tracking iMessages, recovering deleted messages, and a stealth camera. Thus even if the child went to great heights to hide things from you they’d be unable to do so—and they won’t know you know it.

Compatible with iPhone and Android and other advanced phones and tablets, the Highster mobile monitoring software is easy for use, can be installed with a simple technique, and has some features unparalleled in the industry. Our team is very active and ever ready to offer support and assistance, and can be reached at 1(866) 611-9506.

Fun Jobs in the Digital World

Now that the information age is upon us and millennials are becoming adults, many people have begun making money on the side by working freelance or making money working through an app. There are all sorts of great jobs available for those that are wanting to work while they are in school, no matter what skills they have.

Sometimes all it takes is a little creativity and inspiration, and it becomes a lot easier to find jobs in places one normally wouldn’t expect.


Jobs in the Digital World


Lyft or Uber Driver

Becoming a new-age taxi driver at Uber or Lyft might not technically be “digital,” but in 2018 it counts. This is a great job for those that love to drive and have a car that gets good gas mileage. If this is a job that someone is interested in, they will need to pass a background check, and be 21 or over. They will also check the driving record through the DMV.

Upwork Freelancing

Freelancing through Upwork is another great gig for those that are wanting to work part-time or even full-time in the digital world. This type of job is more blatantly digital. Upwork is a great website that lets users post jobs or bid on the jobs that are being posted. There are all sorts of jobs being posted there, from coding to website design to content writing.

Upwork has no background screening, which may be a bonus for some. They do take a sizeable amount of the cut, so keep that in mind when bidding for jobs. Overall this is a great way to get a little part-time work in.

Photography or Videography

These days it seems like just about everyone and their mom is a photographer or a videographer. But maybe that’s because it’s just such a good gig. Those that excel in this field do very well and are able to earn a good living. But it’s also a great job for college students and others who can’t work full-time but are able to book work on the weekends and during the summer. People always need a photographer or a videographer at their weddings, so keep that in mind as well.

Social Media Marketing

These days many people spend more time on social media than they do watching television or listening to the radio. That’s why the best way to market a business right now is through social media marketing. Social media marketers can draw customers to a business and help it grow.

There’s never been a better time to get a job in the digital world. People continue to find work in this sector of the economy because it’s one of the fastest growing fields out there. If you want to apply to one of the jobs that require a background report, it may be wise to go ahead and do a reverse phone number lookup of your own number to make sure that there is nothing on the record worth reporting to the potential employer. It's worth the time!


Your Daughter’s First Concert: Monitor Her to Protect Her

Your teen daughter’s first concert is an exciting event and a rite of passage: experiencing live music for the first time. When the lights down and her favorite band or musician emerges on stage, your teen has entered a new level of independence.

Music—especially live music—makes people feel alive, but a live concert is rife for bad behavior if your teen isn’t careful. Usually, teen girls just want to sing together at the top of their lungs and act silly, but concerts also foster their independence and it’s only natural that a teen grows up during one show.

So how do you ensure your teen is safe at her first concert? Other than buying a ticket and sitting behind her, a concerned parent can install a mobile monitoring app like Highster Mobile on her daughter’s smartphone. What would a spy cell phone number app like Highster Mobile do? Well, just think about the things that you didn’t tell your parents when you went to shows. Then imagine being that crazy and thoughtless but under the bright lights of today’s dangerous digital world. Back then, if you were doing drugs, you didn’t take a picture and post it on Instagram. Today, kids wear their reckless behavior like a badge of honor.

A spy cell phone software on your daughter’s cell phone will also track her GPS location to make sure that she gets to the arena or music festival in the first place. When you download the software—installation takes only two to three minutes—you can follow her movements to make sure she gets to the concert and home safely.

You can also make sure she’s not meeting up with the wrong crowd—there are all sorts of people at shows. Most of them are great, and just there to enjoy the music. But some are not. Some guys are trying to sell your daughter Ecstasy. Some guys are trying to buy her drinks. Some guys want to take pictures without her knowing, and post those pictures online. Some guys are also texting those photos and using her body parts as a source of laughter and comedy for his buddies. Believe it or not, it happens.

And what about her actions after the concert? You want to make sure she’s also not using the first concert experience to illegally post the concert to certain websites. She could get into a whole new world of problems that way. Legal ones.

Highster Mobile is an amazing product because you can install the software and then monitor the targeted phone from anywhere—even from multiple devices. So even if you’re out to dinner and she’s watching Taylor Swift at Madison Square Garden, you can make sure she’s safe. You’re never far from checking up on your child. When she got her first cell phone, did you ever think you’d have peace of mind ever again? Now you can have it back.

Highster Mobile spy cell phone lookup software is there for your daughter’s first show, and beyond. A modern cell phone monitoring software app gives parents and guardians more control than they thought could ever have—even when your child is growing up and going to her first live concert. Let her enjoy Taylor, but be swift in the ways of protection.​