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A Parents’ Guide To Tablet Parental Controls & Safety

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In this digital age, kids and gadgets seem to be inseparable. After all, we can’t deny technology has greatly contributed to human evolution. Even to kids, iOS or Android devices can be beneficial for one’s overall well-being.

Hence, instead of getting in the way of your child’s tablet and app usage, be there to guide and assist them. Along with online precautionary measures, utilize built-in control settings to mitigate the risk of exposing them to any inappropriate type of content.

What Tablet Safety Precautionary Measures Can You Take?

To protect your child from threats that are lurking on their tablets, there are several precautionary measures you could take. 

Start by learning more about their screen time behaviors. Pay close attention to their habits to have an idea where to start guiding them and how to efficiently assist them. It may also help to befriend or follow them on their social media accounts. Additionally, you could restrict access to the App Store or Google Play and disable in-app purchases. 

Here are some other safety tips to try:

  • Educate them about online etiquette and data privacy.
  • Create and implement rules on tablet and social media use.
  • Initiate extracurricular or offline activities.
  • Regularly update the tablet’s operating system.
  • Install third-party parental control app.
  • Utilize a tablet’s built-in safety features.

What Tablets Have Parental Controls?

Before you give your child a tablet, thoroughly check it first. Scrutinize all available features, controls, and settings. If possible, select one that automatically activates or sets up parental controls.

To help choose the tablet that perfectly fits your kid’s needs, below are some important features to consider.

  • Features

From size to display to settings to controls – be sure that the features available can fulfill your child’s needs and positively help them.

  • Compatibility

There are tablets specifically designed for children or teens. Be sure that you choose one that’s age-appropriate and compatible with their personalities.

  • Access

Kids may be tech-savvier than most parents, but it won’t hurt to look for a tablet that’s easy to access and navigate. Check out the general user interface (GUI).

  • Ratings

It helps to conduct basic research on which tablet brand or version is best for your child. Browse through trusted review sites and start narrowing down your list based on consumer ratings.

  • Price

The tablet’s price is something that should be considered especially if you’re on a tight budget. It doesn’t mean that you should automatically opt for the cheapest item. In the same way, expensive doesn’t necessarily mean “the best”. By price, we mean, you must decide on a tablet that can provide great value for your money.

To give you an idea, we took the initiative to list the most commonly used tablets:

What Dangers Your Child Could Get Exposed To During Tablet Use?

Everyone leverages technological advancements, even criminals. A study shows that hackers attack every 39 seconds.

Secure your kids’ user-profiles and see to it that their confidential data is safely stored in their tablets. Cybercriminals silently access networks when given the chance, and more often than not, victims don’t notice until it’s too late.

Watch out for these common dangers your child could get exposed to while using their tablets.

  • Inappropriate Content
  • Malicious Sites
  • Malware Hacking
  • Cyberbullying
  • Data Breach
  • Identity Theft
  • Addiction

Be sure that you hold the upper hand in terms of the parental controls on your child’s devices. Also, consider using third-party monitoring software or security programs downloadable from Google Play and App Store.