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How To Set Up Peacock Parental Controls

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What Is Peacock?

Peacock TV is a streaming service operated by NBCUniversal, a subsidiary of Comcast. Peacock and related marks are trademarks of Peacock TV LLC. All individual programs and marks, however, are the property of their respective owners.

Peacock and related marks allow users to stream TV shows and movies. Unlike other streaming platforms, Peacock offers a free account option. Though its free base version is ad-supported, you get to enjoy television series, films, news, and sports programming. Peacock TV first launched nationwide on July 15, 2020, and currently has approximately 42 million users.

Peacock Parental Controls

Streaming platforms like Peacock offer a wide array of movies and TV shows to choose from. Due to the abundance of choices, kids could spend much time on the streaming platform. Parents must keep tabs on their children’s screen time and program preferences. To ensure they do not come across inappropriate programs, set up the following parental controls.

Age-Related Parental Controls Setting

Peacock TV has five age-related parental control settings. This allows the filtering out of material that parents find inappropriate for their kids. Simply log on to the account and tap on the profile photo. Select Settings then toggle Parental Controls. Then choose the age restriction you think fits your family.

Here are the age restriction filters available:  

  1. Little Kids 

This includes programs designed for children ages two to six (TV-Y).

  1. Older Kids 

This contains programs for kids aged seven and older. Parents still need to be familiar with the included programs as some may contain fantasy violence. (TV-Y7, TV-Y7 FV, TV-G, G)

  1. Family 

This includes programs that some parents may find unsuitable for younger kids. (TV_PG, PG)

  1. Teen 

This contains materials that may be unsuitable for kids aged 13 and below. (TV-14, PG-13)

  1. Adult 

This includes programs that are for adults only, or those 18 years old and above. (TV-MA, R, NC-17, NR/UR)

Parental Control PIN

Peacock TV allows you to set up a Parental Controls PIN. This is in connection to the age restriction settings. Follow the instructions for setting age restrictions then continue to set a Parental Control PIN. This PIN will be required to watch any program that has a higher rating than specified in your age restriction.

Keeping Kids Safe on Peacock

Ever since the launch of  Peacock TV LLC, more and more users are streaming through Peacock, including children. Peacock offers various safety features like its 5-level age restrictions. So, if there are any shows that you find unsuitable for younger children or those below 13 years of age, you can easily filter content. Age ratings greatly help, but there’s no denying that children under 13 years could still be exposed to inappropriate content. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Peacock Parental Controls & Safety

Is Peacock TV really free?

Peacock TV offers 3 tiers – basic free with ads, premium with ads ($5), and ad-free premium plus ($10). The basic version is inclusive of basic channels, more than 7,500 hours worth of movies, and sample episodes of Peacock originals.

Why does Peacock not work on my TV?

There could be various reasons why Peacock won’t work on your TV – from software malfunction to hardware incompatibility. While Peacock is constantly enhancing, there are devices it’s not compatible with like the Amazon Fire TV. 

Does Peacock have parental controls?

Yes, Peacock has built-in parental controls like its 5 age-related show filter and the option to set a PIN to restrict access. Peacock has put these in place as they’re well aware that certain programs may be unsuitable for children.