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How To Set Up PlayStation 5 Parental Controls

playstation 5 parental controls

What Is The PlayStation 5?

The PlayStation 5, or more commonly known as PS5, is the newest addition to the PlayStation network developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. PS5 consoles were launched in two variants – the Ultra HD Blu-ray–compatible optical disc drive model and the Digital Edition. It offers lightning-fast loading speed, deeper immersion, adaptive triggers, 3D audio with compatible headphones, and an all-new generation of stunning games. It also allows users to play and upgrade PS4 games.

PS5 has a store rating of 4.9+ and since its release in November 2020, over 6 million units of this 9th generation gaming console have already been sold. If your child has this gaming console, utilize these PlayStation 5 Parental Controls. 

PlayStation 5 Parental Controls

Some concerns with regards to the PlayStation 5 include exposure to inappropriate game content and chats. Setting up parental controls will go a long way to keep such threats at bay.

Built-In Parental Control

One of the appealing features of the PS5 is how one could easily set up parental controls. Simply go to SettingsFamily and Parental Control Family Management Parental Controls. There is a drop-down menu where you select the PS5 console restrictions level. From here, you can also manage your child’s spending limits, set screen time limits, filter content, and more.

Activate Safe Mode

Activate Safe Mode by turning off the console. Long press the power button until you hear the second beep. Connect the controller with a USB cable then press the PS button. 

Set A Log-In Passcode

Go to SettingsUsers and AccountsLogin Settings. Select Set a PS5 Login Passcode and enter your four-digit code. Keep the code to yourself so your child will need to get your permission before using the console.

Family Account

Before creating child accounts, you need to set up a family account as the family manager. On a web browser, sign in to Account ManagementFamily Management. Select Add Family MemberAdd a Child. Enter the child’s name and date of birth, click next, then follow the instructions to set the parental controls.

Keeping Kids Safe On PlayStation 5

The PlayStation network implements an age rating of 18, but it enables parents or guardians to create sub-accounts so their child can play safely. It also has built-in parental controls that can be enabled by navigating to the Family Management section of the Family and Parental Controls Settings page. Having access to the account’s email address and passcode gives you better control over how your child can use the console. Please note that personally taking precautionary measures is still highly recommended for your child to better enjoy playing without compromising their safety and security.

Frequently Asked Questions About PlayStation Parental Controls & Safety

Can you lock the PS5?

The PS5 allows users, or parents, to set a login passcode. This may be an underrated security measure but it’s actually an effective first line of defense. Navigate to the Users and Accounts section by clicking on the Settings icon on the home screen. Click on the Login Settings then select Set a PS5 Login Passcode. You may then set the 4-digit passcode which is required to enter every time you access your PS5.

How do you set parental controls on PlayStation?

PlayStation comes with built-in parental controls which could be easily activated by navigating to the Settings page. Click on Family and Parental ControlsFamily ManagementParental Controls. Here, you can customize the restriction level, depending on the age of the family member, and you can even set a monthly spending limit.

How do I start PS5 in safe mode?

To start your PS5 in safe mode, turn it off first. When the system’s completely off, long-press the power button until you hear a second beep which could take roughly 7 seconds. Using the USB cable, connect the controller then press the PS button from there. 

Can unplugging your PS5 damage it?

Abruptly unplugging can’t directly or instantly damage your console. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to always properly shut down your PS5.