Is It Possible to Track Someone’s Phone Without Their Knowledge?

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Is It Possible to Track Someone’s Phone Without Their Knowledge?

There are only two reasons why someone would want to track another person without their knowledge: either their children, who they’re worried about; or they’re spouses, who they’re also worried about. With children, the dangers of being found out are less threatening than with spouses. And the going gets tougher when your spouse is on to you.

So what do you do?

Life isn’t Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo, which means that you can’t hire John Stewart to follow your wife around (besides, Stewart ends up falling in love with the woman so it’s double the trouble). You’re a busy person so you can’t be the one doing the following either, and unless that invisibility cloak from Harry Potter is invented for certain, you can count out the idea of physically tailing someone.

Enter: Mobile Tracker Apps

We’re betting, unless you’re a Luddite who’s an adherent of the Una Bomber Manifesto, that your wife and you both have smartphones. And a pretty smart way of using smartphones is to use their constant physical presence with your spouse as your trump card.

Mobile tracker apps are nifty tools that can be installed on phones and then used for the purpose of tracking and spying. These versatile and multipurpose apps can record entire conversations, tell you the exact GPS location of a person, and can even record keystrokes.

In short, they can tell you all about a person without that person knowing that you’re on to their private chats.

Using it in Court

Let’s say you’ve found out that your spouse has been exchanging intimate messages with another person. What do you do now? You’ve recorded the conversations, you’ve seen their photos, you’ve tracked their location, and you’ve read their chats.

But would any of this hold up in court?

That’s always a murky idea, and it’s best that you talk to your divorce lawyer before taking the final step. Attorneys from the other side will have no problem dismissing your claims with ease. When it comes to proving that your spouse has cheated in court, you’ll need a little more than evidence from the tracking app.

We’d suggest using the tracking app as a means to determine if your spouse is cheating, first of all. Once you have gained considerable evidence and there’s not even an iota of reasonable doubt, get a professional to capture photos of the cheaters together.

You don’t necessarily have to hire a private detective (besides, who has that kind of money?), but a photographer or even someone with a decent IQ to do the job for you. You’re tracking their phone so you know their location, and it won’t be difficult to get a photo.

Then, they’re game.

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