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How To Set Up PS4 Parental Controls

ps4 parental controls

What Is The PS4 Gaming Console? 

The PS4 (PlayStation 4) is a gaming system made by Sony. PlayStation has been around since the first one was released in 1994. Today, the PS4 is one of the most popular gaming consoles in the world. 

All the features of the PS4 include being able to access the internet. Parents that get a PS4 for their kids are going to want to make sure that their kids are safe while they are online. The console has a built-in internet browser and a PlayStation Store that has apps that are available for download. With this, it is important for parents to monitor the activity of their family’s PS4 if they want to make sure their kids are safe with playing.  

PS4 Parental Controls 

The PS4 has built-in parental control settings. To access these settings, turn on the PS4 and go to Settings Parental → Controls/Family Management PS4 System Restrictions. Now enter the passcode that will be used to change the restrictions that are set for the system. The default system restriction passcode is “0000,” so change it to something that you will remember. 

Family Management

To begin setting up parental controls on the PS4, start by setting up a user account for the child. To do so, go to Parental Controls/Family Management and select Family Management. Click Set Up Now, then Create User. Enter the information for your child, and follow the prompts. 

Content & Age Restrictions

Under the settings menu of the PlayStation 4, select Parental Control/Family Management, and select the user whose settings to change. From there, the parent can change the settings and restrictions of a variety of different options. This includes game restriction by age level, disable internet access, and implement age filtering for the PlayStation Store. 

In this menu, the parent can also change the settings for viewing content created by other players. Prohibiting this will prevent the child from seeing pictures, text, and videos that are posted by other players in the PlayStation Store.  

Play Time

With Play Time restrictions, parents can see how much time their children spend on their PS4 and create gameplay time limits. To set-up a screen time limit, go to Settings → Parental Control/Family Management and enter your passcode. Then select a user, time zone, and change their allotted gameplay time.

Web Filter 

An important feature for the PlayStation 4 is the built-in web filter. This allows parents to control what websites the child can access using the web browser on the console. It will automatically prevent harmful or explicit websites from being displayed. 

Help Kids Use PS4 Safely

The PlayStation 4 is one of the best consoles out there. With so many kids playing the PS4, it is important for parents to be able to monitor their activities so that they can play safely. Sony has implemented the right tools to make sure that kids use the console in an appropriate way.

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