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How To Set Up Safari Parental Controls

Safari is the default web browser for Apple products. Whether it is an iPhone, iPad, or a Mac computer, the Safari browser is the default internet browser that comes downloaded on the device. Because it is developed by Apple, it is one of the most common web browsers used by people who own iOS devices. 

Because so many kids are using Apple devices, it is important for parents to understand the parental control features that are available from Apple for the Safari web browser. Apple gives parents the ability to block specific websites, limiting adult content from their children, and more.  

What Is Safari? 

Safari is a web browser created by Apple. It comes downloaded by default on just about every iOS device. Safari is optimized for these devices, so is the best browser to use on Apple products. It has many of the features that other web browsers have as well, such as a favorites tab, browser history, bookmarks, and customizable toolbars. 

For parents, filtering out adult material is important when kids are using the Safari browser on their devices. That is why Apple has available easy-to-use parental restrictions for Safari. 

How To Limit Adult Websites & Website Use On Safari

To set up Safari parental controls on a Mac computer, go to System Preferences → Users and Groups, and click the lock icon to begin editing the settings. Then, click the plus sign to add a new user on the device. In the menu, select Managed with Parental Control, which will enable parental control features. Then just follow the prompts, enter the age of your child and their name, and customize the settings! 

To set up parental controls for Safari on an iPhone, go to Settings → Screen Time. Then, select Content & Privacy and enter a Passcode. Tap on Content Restrictions and select Web Content. From here, one can select Unrestricted Access, Limit Adult Websites, or Allowed Websites Only to help block specific websites and help keep kids safe when they are browsing online. 

Limit Adult Websites automatically blocks websites from a child’s phone that are known to have explicit content. Apple is constantly working to keep these lists up-to-date so that websites with inappropriate content cannot be viewed by children. 

Allowed Websites Only is an option which enables parents to only allow their children to visit websites they have pre-approved. This is a great feature for younger kids who have no need to visit most websites anyway, and may have a couple websites that their parents allow them to visit. 

Keeping Kids Safe On Apple’s Safari Browser

With Apple being worth trillions of dollars, there will be more people than ever getting iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. For parents who want to get these devices for their children, it is critical that the browsers they use are safe from explicit and adult content that is not meant for them. Thankfully, Apple has implemented some great features like Limit Adult Websites that will help parents keep their kids safe while they are online. 

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