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How To Set Up Samsung Parental Controls

Who Is Samsung? 

Samsung is an electronic and smart appliance company that specializes in creating cell phones, tablets, TVs, home appliances, computers, and more. They create all of the essential devices necessary to have a smart home.

The Galaxy (an Android device) is the flagship smartphone for Samsung, competes with Apple’s iOS products. The Galaxy is one of the best Android operating system smartphones, and a great alternative for those that are wanting something besides an iPhone. 

Galaxy phones have a powerful camera, long battery life, and utilize the Google Play Store (its version of the App Store). This gives it a powerful backing from one of the world’s biggest companies, and an app store that is full of lots of great apps for games and entertainment. 

Samsung Parental Controls 

Google Family Link 

The Google Family Link App helps in supervising your child’s device and keeps them safe. It allows parents to monitor screen time, even as it varies from app to app. It also lets parents block certain apps from the Google Play store that they do not want their children to have on their devices. Family Link also shows apps that are recommended by teachers so that they parents can make sure that their kids have apps on their phones that are suitable for them. 

One useful feature is that the app allows parents to locate their child, as long as they have their Samsung device on them. This helps parents’ peace of mind as they can know that their kids are safe. 

To use this app, first, go to SettingsDigital Wellbeing and Parental Controls. Select Parent and tap on Get Family Link to install Google Family Link for parents. Click Open and make sure the information is correct, and then tap Get Started. Select Parent again and then click Next to link Google Family Link to the child’s device. 

Tap I’m Ready, and then click on YES to select your child’s account. Tap NEXT to set up your child’s device. Using your child’s device, download Google Family Link for children & teens, and enter the Family Link pin. 

Google Play Restrictions

Certain apps have their own content restriction modes that can be helpful for parents. For example, YouTube has Restricted Mode where adult content can be blocked. To access restrictions for other apps on the Google Play store, go to the Google Play app and select MenuSettingsParental Controls, and switch to On. Here you can create a pin to be able to change the restrictions on your child’s device. 

Once a pin is created, you can change restrictions for Apps, TV, Movies, Music, and more. The Play Store makes it easy for parents to keep their kids safe with the restriction settings that they are able to customize, depending on what they want their child to be able to access.  

Device Sign-In Pin, Password, or Pattern 

It is also important to create a sign-in pin for your child’s Samsung device, specifically Galaxy phones. This keeps the child’s information safe if it gets stolen. To create a pin, go to SettingsLock Screen and Security, and select Screen Lock Type. Here choose from Pin, Password, or Pattern. The Pin is a 4-16-digit number. The Password is a combination of numbers and letters, and the Pattern is where you draw through the connecting dots on the screen to make a password. 

After the password is entered it must be re-entered, and then click done. Having a secure password on the device will help keep it safe if it happens to fall into the wrong hands. 

Restricting Data, Internet Use, or WiFi

It is also possible for parents to restrict access to the internet on most Samsung devices if they do not want their kids on the internet at all. To prevent internet access, go to SettingsConnections, and next to Wi-Fi, and select Off. For Mobile Data, go to SettingsConnectionsData Usage, and turn off mobile data access. 

This may be a better choice for younger kids who do not need the internet for the apps they are using. They will still be able to send and receive text messages or phone calls, but will not be able to access the internet. 

Another option is setting a mobile data limit, so that the child does have some internet access but is not able to run up the internet bill if they are accessing the internet too much. To change these settings, go to SettingsConnectionsData Usage, and select Billing Cycle and Data Warning. Here you can place a limit on the mobile data usage.  

Kids Home

If your child has a Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet, you can use the Kids Home feature. It’s a way for kids to use their phone in a safe and educational way. They can use apps and play games that are appropriate for them, without you having to constantly review them. With Kids Home, you get access to several parental controls including setting a daily playtime and device usage limit, view device activities, list content you approve, and specific access to the Galaxy Store for Kids. 

Keeping Kids Safe On The Samsung Galaxy

Samsung has some of the most popular devices on the market today.. It is very important for parents whose kids are using these devices to make sure that they are safe when they are on the internet, whether on apps or while browsing the web. Through the Google Family Link app and some of the parental controls, parents are able to keep their kids safe while they are using their devices.

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