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Should Parents Use a Phone Spy App to Monitor Their Teens?

spy app to monitor teens

Various technological advancements have provided modern solutions to various safety and security concerns – from ‘how to remotely track employees’ to ‘how to hack someone’s Facebook.’ There are also some promising tools for parents to use to ensure their children get to enjoy their devices without being exposed to serious dangers.

Let’s further understand how crucial teen monitoring is and how parents should properly execute it.

Pros and Cons of Teen Monitoring

As the term implies, teen monitoring is a parenting strategy wherein parents use a reliable tool to look after their kids remotely. Such tools could be in the form of an app, a security software, hardware equipment, or remote access via a remote server. Some examples are the safe search of  Google, the exclusivity of the App Store, Verizon parental controls, built-in Child Mode on most smartphones, and so much more.

Most people, especially teens, are constantly using their mobile devices in this digital age. Hence, the greater their chances are of getting exposed to certain dangers. This is why most parents use cell phone spy apps to monitor their children remotely. They leverage technology to ensure the safety and security of their kids while they, in return, get to enjoy the benefits of technology.

Teen monitoring, in general, is a wise parenting strategy. Like any other method, however, there are limitations. Parents should then be extra careful. Here are some pros and cons you must be wary of.

  • Pros:
    • Ensure they only use kid-friendly apps
    • Block age-inappropriate site or content
    • Regulate their screen time
    • Protect them from online predators
    • Keep their data private and safe
    • Keep their device malware-free
  • Cons
    • Possibility of privacy intrusion
    • They might feel untrusted

4 Reasons Parents Must Remotely Monitor Their Kids

Most phone spy apps are designed with built-in parental controls and security tools. After all, such software has been created mainly to help users protect their loved ones. Monitoring apps grant remote and real-time access to compatible devices, making it easier for the user – a parent, for instance – to identify and address issues or threats.

Overall, the main goal of spy app developers is safety. And here are some great reasons why you, as parents, must remotely monitor your teens.

  • To Protect Them From Inappropriate Content

The world wide web is full of all sorts of content. Suppose no filters or security measures are put in place. In that case, teens will get access to all those, including digital materials that contain violence, pornography, drugs, horror, foul language, and other inappropriate content.

  • To Protect Them From Malicious Users

Aide from malicious content, malicious users are lurking on the internet. These online predators usually target more vulnerable victims such as kids. Parents must actively take action to steer their kids away from child predators –  from hackers to catfishers to scammers to cyberbullies to child groomers.

  • To Protect Their Data

Personal details and basic information are usually required when setting up a newly downloaded app, registering for an online subscription, or creating an account. Also, people could quickly get their hands on such confidential information if one’s not careful enough. And in most cases, teens could be naive and mindlessly disclose such details.

  • To Protect Their Device

Malicious users commonly use phishing and social engineering to hack into other people’s devices. They have creative ways to hide infected links or apps within friendly conversations or what seem to be harmless advertisements.

Is It Even Legal?

The legality of spy apps varies per jurisdiction. In most cases, however, it’s okay to install monitoring software on a minor’s phone or on a device they bought for their child. This is primarily because even the government acknowledges that kids are not responsible, wise, or experienced enough to act accordingly while on the internet. 

Here are some other instances where it’s generally okay to use a monitoring phone.

  • To track employees within work hours.
  • To ensure proper usage of company-owned facilities.
  • To monitor an over 18 years old child with a disability.
  • To back up important files on personally owned devices.
  • To aid a legal investigation or when an authority believes it to be necessary.

Highster Mobile Features That Can Help Protect Your Child

Highster Mobile is one of the trusted phone spy tools in the market. This advanced and powerful software is full-packed with features that enable users to monitor any compatible device remotely. Its codes and algorithms are programmed to ensure parents, employers, or regular phone users won’t have issues navigating.

If you’re a parent, Highster Mobile is a specifically excellent choice. It’s loaded with parental controls that are efficient and effective. Here are some advanced features that could indeed come in handy.

  • Phone Contacts Access
  • Browser History Monitoring
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Location Tracking
  • Web and App Filters
  • Content Blocking
  • Screen Time Limit


Nevertheless, parents could utilize such technologies to limit their children’s phone usage. You could use spy software to locate a secret dating app icon or check out who they are DMing, but such rights must never be abused. And yes, even if you’re simply doing it for their safety and security, it is crucial to ensure your kids are safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I see what my teen is doing online?

The easiest way to remotely monitor your teen is to install reliable monitoring software. Spy apps like Highster Mobile can track social media and web search activities.

  • At what age should your parents stop checking your phone?

Generally, it’s okay for parents to monitor the device of their minor child. In most states, that means anyone below 18 years old. However, some argue that it’s okay to stop checking your child’s phone when they reach 13. After all, it’s the “official” recommendation of most smartphone developers.

  • Can I remotely install a spy app?

Spy apps, even the most advanced ones, would usually require you to have physical access to the target device for at least a few seconds. This is to establish the connection needed to connect the device to the app’s remote servers. There are, however, instances where you can remotely install, but these would usually require you access to confidential details like login credentials and PINs.

  • Why should teens be monitored? 

Teenagers are still in the development age. While they’re old enough to make decisions for themselves, they lack the wisdom and the experience to make objective decisions. Plus, teens are more likely to get consumed by their emotions. 
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