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How To Set Up Signal Parental Controls

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What Is Signal?

Signal is a cross-platform messaging service developed by Signal Technology Foundation and Signal Messenger LLC. The app has a 4.4+ store rating with over 105 million downloads and around 40 million monthly active users. 

The signal app can be downloaded and used for free on Android, iOS, or any internet-enabled device. Users can then complete the installation by allowing all necessary permissions and linking their active phone number. After inputting the activation code sent via text, users are asked to continue setting up their profile. They can also set a PIN during the registration process or do it later on. Signal is like a social media platform and messaging app in one as it allows users to instantly connect with their friends. Users can send messages, initiate video calls/phone calls, and share multimedia files. It supports one-on-one conversations and group chats wherein all communications are end-to-end encrypted.

Signal Parental Controls

The time spent by kids connecting with others, either through text messages or online messaging and social media platforms, raises many concerns. There’s the concern about excessive screen time, unauthorized app purchases, divulging personal information, insufficient web filters in place, and more. Signal is one of the safest apps out there, supporting encrypted messages and voice calls and various parental controls that can be set up for safer use.

Safety Numbers

Signal users can verify safety numbers for more secure communication with a contact. The safety number is verified either via messages or in person. Simply open a conversation, tap the other person’s name at the top, and select View Safety Number. A QR code and a string of numbers will appear. For in-person verification, just hover your phone over theirs and select Scan Code at the bottom of the screen.

Block User

In case your child ends up having a conversation with someone inappropriate, opt to block the user. Just open the Signal app on your child’s device and go to Inbox. Open a conversation with or from the person you wish to block and tap their name at the top of the screen. Select Block User at the bottom of the new screen and clicking Block. To finish, just tap Ok on the pop-up screen.

Signal PIN

Signal PIN is a code that supports features like non-phone number-based identifiers. It can be used to recover profiles, settings, contacts, and blocked users. Change your PIN by going to Signal SettingsPrivacy (Android) or Account (iOS) → Select Signal PIN → Enter your four-digit PIN. A more complex PIN may be created by tapping on the Create  Alphanumeric PIN from the Change Your PIN menu.

Registration Lock

Aside from the Signal PIN, there is also a Registration Lock. This prevents others to re-register their account on another device without the PIN used to sign-up for Signal. Registration Lock may be enabled by launching the Signal app and tapping on your user icon in the top-left corner of the screen. A menu will then appear, tap Privacy to reveal additional options and enable Registration Lock.

Keeping Kids Safe On Signal

Signal allows users aged 13 years and up. Aside from its military-grade end-to-end encryption, various safety nets have been put in place to maintain a positive and safe environment, especially for younger users. Like other apps of its nature, Signal private messenger can be trusted as a platform, but malicious users seem to find their way onto the apps. This is why taking additional precautionary measures is a must like enabling Signal parental controls.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Signal Parental Controls & Safety

Can you lock the Signal app?

Signal has a Screen Lock feature (for mobile app users) that allows you to hide messages using a PIN, fingerprint, Face ID, or Touch ID. To enable, simply navigate to the Settings page and set the Screen Lock Timeout. On some Android devices, this could also be manually set by tapping on the Signal is unlocked notification and selecting Lock Signal.

Can the Signal app be traced?

Signal utilizes end-to-end encryption, meaning sent/received data are accessible by involved parties only. Signal doesn’t collect or store sensitive and confidential information. Some third-party parental monitoring apps, however, can track activities under certain circumstances to help parents ensure the app remains safe for kids.

Can the signal app be hacked?

Signal utilizes end-to-end encryption among its various other safety measures, making hacking somehow difficult. Then again, like any other software or application, we can’t just disregard the fact that hacking is possible. If someone wants to read your Signal conversations without your permission, they have to first hack or gain physical access to your device. 

Is the Signal app safe for video calls?

Aside from instant messaging, Signal also offers high-quality voice and video calling. Regardless, Signal uses end-to-end encryption protocols, making all conversations and communications safer.

Is Signal safer than WhatsApp?

Signal has rapidly gained popularity due to its end-to-end encryption feature. Through this technology, third parties and Signal cannot decode or unlock your messages. WhatsApp has recently faced controversies pertaining to its privacy policy. The key difference between the two is that WhatsApp stores data and keeps chat backups on Google or iCloud while Signal sticks to device-based storage.