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How To Set Up Skype Parental Controls

skype parental controls

What Is Skype? 

Skype is a video chatting and instant messaging app that is owned by Microsoft. It is available as an app on mobile phones, tablets, Xbox One, and can be accessed via a web browser. Users can begin by creating a Skype account at www.Skype.com, or sign in using your existing Microsoft account. 

Skype offers phone subscriptions, where users can make phone calls to phone numbers worldwide for a fee. Though, the free version gives 60 minutes a month of worldwide calling. Other users do not need to be on Skype to be able to receive a voice call. Skype also offers group video calling for users who need to conduct meetings for their business. 

Skype Parental Controls

Skype does pose potential dangers to kids because of its video chatting service and the ability to text messages, photos, and videos, and make worldwide phone calls. These dangers include being sent inappropriate content and being targeted and messaged by online predators. Skype has a recommended age for its users of 13 and above.  

If a parent wants their child to be able to use Skype, there are a few built-in features that they can use to help keep their child and their child’s privacy safe on the Skype video chatting platform. 

Only Be Contacts By Contacts

Skype has a feature that only allows users who are in the child’s contact list to contact them on the platform. This includes messages, video chats, phone calls, etc, and any other form of communication within the app. 

Hide Personal Information 

Under the settings on Skype, parents can edit the profile of their child to limit the amount of information that is shown to the public. They can edit the name to just an online nickname that is not their real name, remove their location and phone number, and other details. 

Hide User From Search Results 

Skype allows the user to prevent themselves from showing up on in-app search results. Meaning, if someone searches their name or handle they will not appear. To turn on this setting, tap the profile picture at the top of the screen within the app. Click Settings at the bottom, and then Contacts. Now select Privacy and tap the switch next to Appear in search result to turn it off.

Using this setting is a good way to prevent strangers from contacting and talking to your child on Skype.

Share Location With Bing

Skype also has a feature called Share Location with Bing. When turned on, this feature will share the user’s location with their contacts on the app. This feature is off by default, but parents of children who are using Skype will want to make sure that it stays off. To adjust this setting go to Settings → General, and make sure that the switch next to Share Location with Bing is off. 

Keeping Kids Safe on Skype 

Skype is not recommended for children under 13, but there are some tools that parents can use to help keep their children safe if they are using the video chat service. Skype does help people keep in touch with friends and family, and its built-in features can help keep a child’s information private. 

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