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How To Set Up Spectrum Parental Controls

spectrum parental controls

What Is Spectrum? 

Spectrum is a telecommunication company providing phone, mobile, internet, and cable television services for business and personal use. With television service, customers can get access to 200+ HD channels, on-demand content, and the options to add premium subscriptions to get Starz, HBO, Showtime, and other popular channels. 

With the Spectrum TV app, all those in your household can access spectrum channels and content from various devices. These include cell phones, tablets, Samsung Smart TV, Xbox One, and Roku. The company recommends opting for their Internet and Wi-Fi services to optimize your watching experience. 

Spectrum Parental Controls

For parents whose families are using Spectrum, there are parental control features that can be used to ensure kids are only watching kid-friendly content. To use and enable parental controls, they will need to be set on each Spectrum receiver as well as the Spectrum TV App, SpectrumTV.com, and the TV channel apps. 

Getting Started With Spectrum’s Parental Controls 

In the Security Suite section of Spectrum, parents can begin setting up restrictions on different devices. Parents will be able to set restrictions on certain channels based on TV ratings, or even block or restrict access to certain channels based on air time. 

Receiver Restrictions

Restrictions must be set on each Spectrum receiver in a home. To edit the settings, start by setting a four digit pin code. The pin code can control purchases, restrictions, and On-Demand access. To create a pin, go to MenuSettings & Suppor Parental Control Settings. Now click Set Parental Controls Pin

From this screen, the parent can do the following:

  • Turn parental controls on and off
  • Set televisions and movie rating restrictions
  • Set channel restrictions
  • Hide adult content from being viewed
  • Set time/day watch restrictions
  • Apply content filters to avoid content containing adult, nudity, violence, and sexual content.

Spectrum TV App 

Spectrum also has an app for accessing content on compatible devices such as cell phones. Parents can set settings within the app to control the settings, which will help keep kids safe even when they are using their own devices to access Spectrum’s content. The parental controls available here are the same as what is available on the Spectrum receivers. 

TV Channel Apps 

Some TV channels, like HBO and Starz, have their own apps that users can use to access more content after logging in with their Spectrum account. The parental controls for each app can be controlled through each app’s settings individually. 

Because so many households are using Spectrum, parents need to know the parental controls that can be set on their devices. You want to ensure that your child is only accessing content that is appropriate for them. Be sure to set parental controls on each device that is using the service.

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