Spying On Your Spouse Without Letting Them Know

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Spying On Your Spouse Without Letting Them Know

We get it: spying is bad. But have you been observing the following in your spouse?

    1. They’ve begun to focus on their appearance when they didn’t really do so before. They’re exercising, they’re eating healthy, and they’re following a skincare routine. They don’t exactly smell like a skunk anymore?
    1. They’ve resorted to secretively using the computer or the phone, away from your eyes. Their devices have passwords that you don’t know about. They’re keeping their phone with them, even taking it to the shower?
    1. There’s a loss or lack of libido on their part, and they’d rather your bed was treated like a monastery?
    1. You face unnecessary hostility from them (this goes if they weren’t abusive before)?
    1. Their schedule has changed. They suddenly need to work more, or workout more, or both?
    1. Their friends treat you awkwardly? A cheating partner almost always tells their friends, which prompts the friends to be either uncomfortable or overly nice to you.
    1. They’re absent from home for long periods of time without explaining where they were?
  1. There’s no more emotional intimacy between the two of you?

Red Flags, Red Flags, Everywhere

According to Psychology Today, the aforementioned are all the tell-tale signs of a cheating spouse. So while your moral dilemma of whether you should be snooping around in your spouse’s mobile rightly worries you, think of this: they have no qualms cheating on you with a different person. They have no regrets over lying to you. They feel no guilt over destroying your life and your relationship.

Then why should you have issues with pursuing your right as a partner in a relationship that’s being so brazenly abused?

Safe Surfing

However, we do realize that most people are worried what would happen if they spied on their spouses and the spouse was not cheating—and the spouse finds out about the spying. This could, rightly so, exacerbate the situation and the relationship even further.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, the best thing to do is to use a mobile tracing and spy apps. Spy software lets you spy on, monitor, follow, and known all about your spouse—but they’ll know nothing in return. Thus, there’ll be no way for them to ever know you’re keeping tabs on them, and your relationship will never be in jeopardy.

On the flip side, you’ll be the first to know of all your spouse’s personal and private romantic overdrives with other people, if there are any. You’ll have a veritable outlet enabling you to prove and confirm your suspicions, and will have a shot at saving your relationship before the waters run too high. You’ll have a better time dealing with the question: was my marriage a mistake?

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