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Staying In Touch With Loved Ones during an Emergency

We’re all used to constantly staying in touch with our loved ones, thanks to our smartphones and the internet. It helps us stay connected and make sure that they’re safe and sound. But what happens when you’ve tried calling them a couple of times and they don’t pick up?

Often in cases of emergencies, we’re unable to immediately reach out to a loved one. Here’s what you can do to avoid getting worried the next time.


Send a Text Message

This one seems a little obvious, but the first step involves attempting to get in touch with your loved one directly via text or call.

In cases of emergencies like natural disasters, cell phone services tend to shut down or be obstructed due to the high traffic across networks. There may also be a loss of Wi-Fi, which can make it difficult for you to contact your loved one. Either way, by sending them a text message or making a call, you can assess the situation better.  

Check Social Media

Don’t underestimate the power of social media! Social networking platforms play a vital role in connecting people from different locations across the world. Check your loved one’s social media to see whether they’ve made any recent comments or have been online recently.

If you’re unable to detect their presence online, resort to sending out a public message through your social media account. This will enable people in your network to update you on your loved one’s whereabouts, should they see them.

Contact Acquaintances

Get in touch with those who may have seen or met your loved one recently. They can be a family member, a neighbor, a close friend, a coworker, or any other acquaintance of theirs who interacts with them daily.

By connecting with people who’re frequently in contact with your loved one, you can get useful insights on their safety and well-being.

Contact an Organization

Alternately, if you’re unable to reach out to an acquaintance, reach out to their workplace or school to locate your loved one. Sometimes, even complete strangers can have more information about your loved one than you might expect. For instance, if they go to a particular café every day, the staff and customers there may be able to tell you if they’d seen your loved one earlier.

Call the Police

Calling the police may be an option if you’re unable to reach out to your friend through any of the aforementioned ways.

 Police stations usually have a designated waiting period before they can consider your case as one in need of police assistance. This can be troublesome in case of an emergency when you need to connect with your loved one ASAP, and you might be required to wait 24–48 hours for the cops to begin pursuing the case.  


Use Tracking Software

A better way of getting your loved one’s whereabouts during an emergency is by installing a cell phone tracking application. This will enable you to view the text messages/calls, online activity, and GPS location of your loved one without you having to make a round of frenzied calls to a dozen people.

You’ll be able to stay in touch with your loved one through instant information, and can be assured of their presence & safety if a crisis strikes.

Highster Mobile provides mobile tracking solutions compatible with both iPhones and Android. Download the app to assure your loved one’s safety now!