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How To Set Up T-Mobile Parental Controls

t-mobile parental controls

What Is T-Mobile? 

T-Mobile is a wireless provider that powers iOS and Android devices. There are millions of T-Mobile subscribers throughout the United States. After recently acquiring Sprint, T-Mobile has a broader 5G network and more resources available to be able to assist its customers.  

There are a lot of parents who are using T-Mobile service for their own cell phones, but also for their family’s devices as well. Smartphones and tablets powered by T-Mobile allow the user to have internet access via Wi-Fi and their 5G cellular network. 

T-Mobile Parental Controls 

Family Allowances

For T-Mobile customers with 2 or more lines on the account, there are free parental control features available from T-Mobile called Family Allowances. The user who wants to make changes to the restrictions on the account must be the primary account holder in order to adjust the settings. 

To get started with Family Allowances, login on the T-Mobile App. Go to ProfileFamily ControlsFamily AllowancesManage. Now select the user whose settings to adjust. 

The tasks that Family Allowances allows you to do includes:

  • View The: Amount of time spent on call, # of calls, amount spent on downloads, and total amount of sent and received messages per device. 
  • Whenever Minutes: Set limits to the time allowed for phone calls. 
  • Messages: Set a limit for the amount of messages that can be exchanged. 
  • Downloads: Set a certain amount that can be spent on downloads.
  • Schedule: Set time slots where you allow or block your children from using their phone. 
  • Always Allowed Numbers: Create a list of numbers that your child is allowed to contact.
  • Not Allowed Numbers: Create a list of numbers that your child cannot contact. 

Family Mode

Family Mode is an extra service from T-Mobile that costs $10 a month. With Family Mode, parents can access features like: 

  • Set time limits for when specific apps and the internet can be used. 
  • Set a bedtime when your child’s phone is offline. 
  • Create downtimes when your child can’t use the internet like when doing schoolwork or chores. 
  • Oversee their app, cell phone, and online activities.
  • Track their phone’s location in real-time.
  • Set app specific content filters. 

The FamilyMode app is available in the App Store or Google Play. 

Control Screen Time 

With T-Mobile the primary account holder can adjust the screen time allowed for each person in the family who is using a T-Mobile device. Controlling screen time is an important feature for parents because with social media and apps on the devices it is very easy for kids to lose track of how much time they are spending on their device. 

Location Tracking

To track phone locations with T-Mobile, parents will need the FamiyWhere app. Once the app has been downloaded, go to My T-MobileMy AccountProfileFamily ControlsFamilyWhere. Then, select the name of the person you want to track. 

Keeping Kids Safe with T-Mobile 

T-Mobile has Family Allowances and the optional Family Mode app to help parents keep their kids safe when they are using their mobile devices. These powerful tools can be used by parents to make sure that kids are using their phones wisely by limiting their internet access, monitoring screen time, and setting Allowed Numbers for people that the child is able to communicate with.

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