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Are Your Kids Mature Enough to Own a Cell Phone?

Children these days are asking to have their own mobile phones at a very young age. This doesn't mean, however, that they are ready to have one. As a parent, it's important that you recognize when is the right time for your child to have their own cell phone. But if you end up giving in to your young child's request, however, you might as well use some cell phone monitoring software.

Should you give your child a phone?

Generally speaking, teens and pre-teens are considered old enough to have their own phones and other mobile devices. However, it is important for parents to set clear rules and guidelines on how their children should use their gadgets, particularly their cell phones. 

When deciding whether it's time to allow your child to own a phone or not, you can't actually just focus on your child's age. What you should take into consideration instead is the maturity level of your child. Is he responsible enough to have a phone? Can you trust her to take care of her phone or use it properly?

Every parent wants to stay in touch with their kids. Of course, you want to be able to reach your child anytime and especially during an emergency. However, you also have to take into consideration the other things your child can do using his or her phone without your knowledge.

What do most children do using their phones?

Unlike in the past when cell phones were used mainly to communicate, smartphones these days come with so many features that are aimed at giving users entertainment. There are many online games children can access on their phones, which undoubtedly are huge distractions to their studies.

Children are very interested in meeting other people online through social networking sites. If you have a computer spy software, you may find out that your 10-year-old child is actually chatting with a 25-year-old woman in your family computer. Children's exposure to social media poses so many dangers to their security because there are so many dishonest people online who are looking to prey on young kids.

How to handle cell phone concerns?

If you really think it is a necessity for your child to have a cell phone, then you have to make sure that your child understands the limitation of this kind of privilege. You have to establish rules that your child should follow when using their phones. It is recommended for parents also to install some kind of mobile phone locator or Highster Mobile phone spyware on their child's phone just to make sure their kids are not doing something that could put them in harm or danger.

texting instead of studying

Is she actually doing her homework?

Homework. It’s a dirty word in some households and an unpopular idea with kids across America. But while kids and parents alike hope for less homework and wish there were more time in the evenings to do fun things and less had to be devoted to doing homework, that’s probably just a wish.

Homework is indoctrinated into American culture, and it is a cornerstone of many educational theories. While popular education theory changes over time, the current thinking is that, while the intensity of useful homework differs depending on the age of the students, some homework provides a good refresher and reinforcement of the lessons learned during the school day. For high school students, the recommended maximum is about 30 minutes of homework per subject.

Another thing that differs in how homework is viewed is how it is approached by parents. Some are highly involved and help their kids wade through assignment lists and complete complex homework tasks. Others simply tell their children to go off to a quiet place and get it done. And, however the family approaches homework, there will always be some time when students are expected to work through their homework on their own, without direct parent supervision.

So,  as a parent, you send your child off to her room on a Sunday afternoon, so she can complete her weekend homework. Three hours later, when you check on her, it isn’t even close to done. And of course it is quite possible that the lesson is particularly difficult or that she needs more help than at some other times. Progress can be slow in tricky subjects, and it’s not always easy for a child to work through hurdles of understanding.

Or maybe the lesson is too difficult or the teacher isn’t very good. It’s easy to start blaming others when your child struggles with school work. But what if something else is going on? What if the reason she didn’t get her homework done wasn’t that the lesson was tough or the workload too great?

What if the reason your little scholar isn’t done is that she spent the last two hours watching a movie on her iPad? Or maybe it was an hour-long call with her best friend. Won’t you look silly at the parent teacher conference if you go in complaining only to hear that your child is constantly being corrected for using their cell phone during school hours?

If you’re wondering what you can do, one option is to load your own monitoring software onto your child’s phone. That way you can see in real time what she’s doing when she’s locked in her room “studying” for that big test. Unless it’s a fashion test, her 20 minute visit to the Vogue website probably wasn’t time well spent.

Cell phone monitoring software like Highster Mobile allows a parent to see everything their child does with their mobile device, including all the websites they visit, all the apps that are installed (and which ones they use) and all the text and email traffic that comes through their phone. With this kind of insight, mom and dad will never have to wonder what’s really going on when their children go to “study”. 

Cell Phone Monitoring Done Right

How It’s Done: Cell Phone Monitoring Done Right

You're probably searching all over the internet for the best cell phone spy software for your money. Lots of things pop up all over the web and it can start to become confusing. Utilyzing cell phone monitoring software can be a sticky situation of legality and con artists so you really have to know what's available and what's just a scam. With such deep technological roots, cell phone monitoring software can seem uneasy to understand. Highster Mobile is one of the most upstanding products within this market. The software is completely legal and user-friendly. 

Being user-friendly doesn't mean it's a simple product without advanced features. Highster Mobile's cell phone monitoring software includes all the most advanced features on the market, but with an easy-to-follow control panel that anyone can use. With the simple three part process "Download, Install, Monitor", you can access all these features:

  • Text Messages
  • Call Logs
  • Email Messages
  • GPS location
  • Browser History
  • Contacts
  • Photos &Videos

All these features may seem standard, because in most products like these they are. The important thing to note is that with Highster you can even see lost or deleted messages on all platforms. This makes it impossible for anyone to hide anything from you. Highster Mobile goes above and beyond these standard features and offers a stealth camera option, which enables you to take pictures using the target phone's camera directly to your device. Another one of it's most impressive features is it's ability to completely lock or bar the target phone from running a specific application, or not at all. With all this data you'd think that your spying could get pretty complicated, but the live control panel shows the messages exactly as they appear on the target phone. Highster Mobile makes it way too easy to spy on your target.

Whether you're trying to spy on what your are kids doing after school, where your employees have been when they're 20 minutes late to the meeting, or just curious where your loved ones are at all times, Highster Mobile cell phone monitoring software can be helpful to you. Highster Mobile is one of the most cost-effective products in this market that allows anyone to afford the highly useful software for a one-time fee of $69.99. This is a company that is valuable and ethical, spying the right way!