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Are Your Employees Cheating You Out Of Your Time? Use Cell Phone Monitoring Software

You have already invested a lot in your business. You cannot wait to get the returns. The only way to achieve success is to have the best team by your side. With all the investment you have made, you cannot afford to let anything to jeopardize your business growth and reputation. You are certainly prepared to do anything to curb that from happening. Do not worry because Highster mobile app will help you to sweat the small stuff, while you deal with other operations of your businesses.

What does the mobile tracking software do?

Cell phones are an integral part of businesses nowadays. It seems the landlines are paving way for the mobile technology, for many good reasons. They are easy to use, portable and cost-effective. However, if you fail to control their usage, your business could face losses, especially when they are used for irrelevant purposes. That is where Highster Mobile comes in handy. It becomes your eye to watch over your employees. This way, they are forced to deliver results and in return, your company’s revenue shoots up.

For instance, in a call center, it will be an injustice to the company and to your customers if a call agent decides to hold on clients’ calls to do their own things. The remote monitoring software ensures that employees do not laze around, since they know that they are being watched. As a rule of thumb, it is important to inform employees that you intend to install the software. This keeps them alert and focused. With time, they will not need to be monitored.

What are the capabilities of the mobile monitoring software?

Generally, cell phone monitor software enables you to track all the activities of the employees. They may be the workers in the field far off the premises or even those who are onsite. No matter the distance, the software is capable of gathering all that information.

Usually, good software allows for time restrictions, memory wipe, backup and restoration of information and web filtering. It should also be able to give GPS locations, allow a number of users in a single account, give access to calls, notes and iMessages as well as unlocking web history, phone usage and photos. There is also the text messages spy. This is what Highster application is capable of. With all the aforementioned features, you can be sure that you will have full control over your employees.

When your staff knows that you are watching, they will not dare to do anything that is out of line when it is time to work. Pay less on your mobile phone usage bills by using software that costs you less, but with long lasting benefits. Remember; the input into a business determines the outcome. Do not let anything whack your dream of climbing to the pinnacle of the business ladder. You are the boss, conduct maximum surveillance with minimal effort. Install the Highster software from highster mobile com and then get the reports whenever you want. Other businesses have done it, may be most of your competitors, and you too should consider this solution. 

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Highster Mobile Features

Have suspicions about the ‘truthiness’ of your teen, the faithfulness of your spouse, or perhaps you are a business owner and you just plain old can’t afford to trust anyone, well then Highster Mobile is the software for you.

Highster Mobile, is hands down the best product on the market for all your super sleuthing needs. A cell phone monitoring software designed specifically for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, and Mac OS operating systems.

It works using four components- the mobile device app, the internet, accessing the Highster Mobile server, and the subscriber control panel. It tracks, monitors and logs user activity invisibly on the client device. Then the data is logged, encrypted and stored on a remote server. The user friendly application can access the acquired data via the control panel which can be logged into from just about any internet enabled device.

Whether you are a fully integrated techie or a computer novice, installation is easy. Follow their step by step instructions to create your personal Highster Mobile online account. Once your account is created you simply log in and immediately can begin tracking data.

Possible useful applications of Highster Mobile cell phone spyware-

Call Management- not only can you view all incoming and outgoing calls but it gives you call duration as well as time stamping.

Text message tracker- the software allows you to read all texts and multimedia messages either sent or received by the users phone. Even if they’ve been deleted.

Remote Control- allows user to remotely lock down a lost or stolen phone’s data.

Track GPS location- can be set to track user phone location.

Other uses include:

Monitor Internet Use

Read Emails

Access Calendar and Contacts

Control Apps and Programs

Analyze Data

The internet can be a dangerous place for children, teenagers in particular. Parents are consumed with worry about bullying, stalking, grooming, and predators lurking about social media and chat rooms. This type of software offers parents the ability to monitor and protect undetected. While at the same time allowing teenagers to not feel like their parents are snooping. Highster Mobile feeds teens a seymbiance of independence while allowing parents to keep tabs from the shadows.

Though I can see where an overzealous parent might abuse the good intent of Highster Mobile. And I suppose we have to ask ourselves how far are we willing to go to keep our kids safe? 

But it’s the uses for my business that I find most intriguing. According to a Business Insider article, "When you consider all the important data you store virtually — from financial records, to customers' private information — it's not hard to see why one breach could seriously damage your business."

I find that babysitting a certain number of my employees has increasingly becoming part of my typical day to day activity. With Highster Mobile’s software I will be able to spend less time on chasing after my sales team and more time on growing my business. I find that tracking phone usage, monitoring emails, using the GPS to see if my sales people are where they say they are, is a cost productive tool for any business.

While, I agree that Highster Mobile is a useful tool for keeping tabs on children, or helpful when dealing with employees, but find it’s applications are endless. A watchful eye over a forgetful elderly parent. The nanny. Tracking employees. Finding a lost device. Or even keeping tabs on a suspicious spouse.

Cell phone spyware might seem a necessary evil to some. When used responsibly, it is technology at its best but what makes it amazing might also make it seem Orwellian to others. But it is supervising software and its intent is such.


Safety First

What are some of the iconic safety messages? Look both ways before crossing. Caution signs. Stop, drop and roll is simple to process – these rhyming instructions can help anyone escape potential and permanent injury or death by fire. Its easy word structure is designed for kids to remember. Don’t run with scissors. Wait an hour after eating before swimming. Don’t talk to strangers.

We are inundated with safety messages and caution on a daily basis with a variety of sayings and signs. What does this say about us as a society? That we’re careless? That we run headfirst into danger? And if these precautionary tales were intended for adults, how much hesitation is needed for children? By nature, kids are fearless and throw themselves into precarious situations without even knowing it, or caring. It’s a parental imperative to protect kids from harmful instances. But what else can we do to protect our family, besides asking kids to remember a random statement that rhymes?

Highster Mobile is a mobile software application that can be added to your teenager or tween’s phone and installation only takes minutes. Cell phone monitoring is not only legal for the authorized user, it can be a welcome modern aid to any concerned parent or guardian who want to track mobile phone behavior. Why would you want to track mobile phone behavior? Sometimes teenager’s don’t make the rational or safe decision; in fact, they’re most likely not to.

Here’s how it works: the simple three-part process is simply download, install and monitor. Your child’s phone is considered the target phone. Once the application is placed on the target phone, the user can view a whole range activity on their unique user panel: text messages, call logs, email correspondence, GPS location, social media posts, and more. Highster Mobile makes it easy to spy on a cell phone without having access to it, except for that initial installation, which only takes a short time. It’s yet another roadway to safety, like the red flashing warning lights or orange safety cones in the road. It’s there to guide you home through the stormy times.

Efficiency Equals a Healthy Bottom Line

The need for a cell phone monitoring solution in the workplace is more important than ever. Of course, the protected rights of workers are crucial towards the success of any business, and that’s usually what ends up in the headlines. But what about the rights of the employers? The Wall Street Journal recently reported that there are benefits to cell phone spy tracking: among them, reduction in theft and an increase in productivity. Efficiency in the workplace equals a healthy bottom line for any company.

Technology created an economic boom, and with it, the need for different types of employee monitoring. Hidden cameras do their part, but the pictures taken in the office don’t necessarily tell the whole story. Dave disappears for his lunch hour and comes back two hours later instead of within the designated lunch hour. Wouldn’t you like to know where Dave went? Did Monica really call a customer? Or is she chatting with her sister-in-law? Who is John texting at his desk? Why is Chris turning off his cell phone screen every time the boss walk by? Is he spending all that time on Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter? And why is the same foreign number appearing on Steve’s company-issued mobile device? International calls on company time add up to big phone bills at the end of the month and compromised company security. If you take action now, you’re actually protecting your employees in the long run (and obviously, your business.)

These type of questions and more can be answered with Highster Mobile’s powerful software and robust reporting. The installation process only takes minutes. Once installed, you’ll have access to all of your employees’ calls, texts, social media activity, GPS location, and much more. Imagine this: you now have access to all of Dave’s whereabouts, Monica’s calls, John’s texts, Chris’ social media life, and Steve’s foreign friends.

All of your company profits are riding on the success of your employees. How can you afford NOT to monitor? The Highster Mobile app works by extracting information from the target phone and displaying it in a secure online account. All the target phone’s information can be viewed in multiple ways: on a cell phone, tablet or computer. It’s like having an in-company IT detective that can also be portable. Then you, as the employer, can take proper steps to reduce employee mistakes. We’ve all made mistakes in our personal lives that we wish we could take back, and too often the same mistakes are repeated on company time.

Your businesses reputation is on the line at all times. You’re responsible for the safety and well-being of employees, and monitoring company-issued phones can aid in keeping the organization safe and secure. You worked hard to maintain a professional demeanor and a high standard of quality, and your profits should reflect that. America’s modern organizations are more and more dependent on the ease of communication. Don’t let that communication be compromised! Highster Mobile can easily reduce organization inefficiency before it spirals out of control.