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Are Your Employees Cheating You Out Of Your Time? Use Cell Phone Monitoring Software

You have already invested a lot in your business. You cannot wait to get the returns. The only way to achieve success is to have the best team by your side. With all the investment you have made, you cannot afford to let anything to jeopardize your business growth and reputation. You are certainly prepared to do anything to curb that from happening. Do not worry because Highster mobile app will help you to sweat the small stuff, while you deal with other operations of your businesses.

What does the mobile tracking software do?

Cell phones are an integral part of businesses nowadays. It seems the landlines are paving way for the mobile technology, for many good reasons. They are easy to use, portable and cost-effective. However, if you fail to control their usage, your business could face losses, especially when they are used for irrelevant purposes. That is where Highster Mobile comes in handy. It becomes your eye to watch over your employees. This way, they are forced to deliver results and in return, your company’s revenue shoots up.

For instance, in a call center, it will be an injustice to the company and to your customers if a call agent decides to hold on clients’ calls to do their own things. The remote monitoring software ensures that employees do not laze around, since they know that they are being watched. As a rule of thumb, it is important to inform employees that you intend to install the software. This keeps them alert and focused. With time, they will not need to be monitored.

What are the capabilities of the mobile monitoring software?

Generally, cell phone monitor software enables you to track all the activities of the employees. They may be the workers in the field far off the premises or even those who are onsite. No matter the distance, the software is capable of gathering all that information.

Usually, good software allows for time restrictions, memory wipe, backup and restoration of information and web filtering. It should also be able to give GPS locations, allow a number of users in a single account, give access to calls, notes and iMessages as well as unlocking web history, phone usage and photos. There is also the text messages spy. This is what Highster application is capable of. With all the aforementioned features, you can be sure that you will have full control over your employees.

When your staff knows that you are watching, they will not dare to do anything that is out of line when it is time to work. Pay less on your mobile phone usage bills by using software that costs you less, but with long lasting benefits. Remember; the input into a business determines the outcome. Do not let anything whack your dream of climbing to the pinnacle of the business ladder. You are the boss, conduct maximum surveillance with minimal effort. Install the Highster software from highster mobile com and then get the reports whenever you want. Other businesses have done it, may be most of your competitors, and you too should consider this solution. 

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Highster Mobile Features

Have suspicions about the ‘truthiness’ of your teen, the faithfulness of your spouse, or perhaps you are a business owner and you just plain old can’t afford to trust anyone, well then Highster Mobile is the software for you.

Highster Mobile, is hands down the best product on the market for all your super sleuthing needs. A cell phone monitoring software designed specifically for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, and Mac OS operating systems.

It works using four components- the mobile device app, the internet, accessing the Highster Mobile server, and the subscriber control panel. It tracks, monitors and logs user activity invisibly on the client device. Then the data is logged, encrypted and stored on a remote server. The user friendly application can access the acquired data via the control panel which can be logged into from just about any internet enabled device.

Whether you are a fully integrated techie or a computer novice, installation is easy. Follow their step by step instructions to create your personal Highster Mobile online account. Once your account is created you simply log in and immediately can begin tracking data.

Possible useful applications of Highster Mobile cell phone spyware-

Call Management- not only can you view all incoming and outgoing calls but it gives you call duration as well as time stamping.

Text message tracker- the software allows you to read all texts and multimedia messages either sent or received by the users phone. Even if they’ve been deleted.

Remote Control- allows user to remotely lock down a lost or stolen phone’s data.

Track GPS location- can be set to track user phone location.

Other uses include:

Monitor Internet Use

Read Emails

Access Calendar and Contacts

Control Apps and Programs

Analyze Data

The internet can be a dangerous place for children, teenagers in particular. Parents are consumed with worry about bullying, stalking, grooming, and predators lurking about social media and chat rooms. This type of software offers parents the ability to monitor and protect undetected. While at the same time allowing teenagers to not feel like their parents are snooping. Highster Mobile feeds teens a seymbiance of independence while allowing parents to keep tabs from the shadows.

Though I can see where an overzealous parent might abuse the good intent of Highster Mobile. And I suppose we have to ask ourselves how far are we willing to go to keep our kids safe? 

But it’s the uses for my business that I find most intriguing. According to a Business Insider article, "When you consider all the important data you store virtually — from financial records, to customers' private information — it's not hard to see why one breach could seriously damage your business."

I find that babysitting a certain number of my employees has increasingly becoming part of my typical day to day activity. With Highster Mobile’s software I will be able to spend less time on chasing after my sales team and more time on growing my business. I find that tracking phone usage, monitoring emails, using the GPS to see if my sales people are where they say they are, is a cost productive tool for any business.

While, I agree that Highster Mobile is a useful tool for keeping tabs on children, or helpful when dealing with employees, but find it’s applications are endless. A watchful eye over a forgetful elderly parent. The nanny. Tracking employees. Finding a lost device. Or even keeping tabs on a suspicious spouse.

Cell phone spyware might seem a necessary evil to some. When used responsibly, it is technology at its best but what makes it amazing might also make it seem Orwellian to others. But it is supervising software and its intent is such.


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Tips and Tricks to Remember When You Spy on a Cell Phone

Spying on a person's cell phone can be a tricky thing, since usually you're looking to stay pretty 'under the radar' when doing so. Whether its to not tip off employees that they're being watched or to allow  your child to have their freedom, you don't want to ruin a good relationship by being caught spying on them. In this article I have assembled tips and tricks for spying on someone's cell phone.

These tips from bestcellphonespy.com include: 

  1. Always know what you're using the software for.
  2. Make sure to always be within legal parameters.
  3. Make sure all intallation isn't seen. 
  4. Back up your data.
  5. What are you going to do if the target phone is lost or stolen?
  6. Store login information not in plain sight.
  7. Use proactive measures where you can.
  8. Export information for custom reporting.
  9. Look to use the best cell phone monitoring software you can find.
  10. Adopt a "help" excuse when possible.

All 10 tips are great ways to help ensure that you are not caught spying on a phone. The biggest help when spying on someone is to have a good, reliable cell phone spy software, such as Highster Mobile. This software is completely legal and secure. You only need the target phone for about 2 to 3 minutes to install the software and then you can monitor that phone without a trace. Highster Mobile can monitor all texts, calls, emails, social media and so much more. 

One of the biggest pluses to this software is the secure control panel. This is where all of the information that gets extracted and presents itself exactly as it appears on the phone, even if the information has been deleted. You have an exact copy of everything from the phone, which means this software can also be used as a safeguard for important company information. This control panel allows you to see EVERYTHING! 

A positive spin to this software as well is the GPS location capabilities. The GPS location feature is able to track the exact locatio of the phone in real time. So let's say your son or daughter loses their very expensive iPhone and don't know where they left it. You can use the Highster Mobile cell phone monitoring software to find exactly where it is and retrieve it.

Cell phone monitoring can be extremely helpful to parents, employers and anyone trying to monitor someone's cell phone activity. Visit www.highstermobile.com for more infomration on Highster Mobile's top-of-the-line features and compatibility. 

cell phone monitoring tips to help parents protect teens


As parents, the most important thing to do when it comes to the internet is make sure your children know the dangers that come with it. Online predators are doubling and tripling as the internet expands. Would you want your child to be a target of these online predators or bullies? A child’s life isn’t worth the risk when there’s ways you can protect and monitor your child. One thing we need to understand is that some kids want to experience things for themselves, but in this dangerous world it’s best for us as parents to pay a little more attention to our children. A Dr. Phil article states that ‘Internet offenders target teens, not young children—rarely use force, abduction or deception”. But don’t be fooled. Whether it’s your teen or child, you should take the same appropriate measures to make sure your child doesn’t fall into the category of an internet victim.

Here are some tips to protect your child:

As a parent you should familiarize yourself with the internet:  practice navigating through the internet if you’re unsure how to use it. It’ll only make it easier to monitor your child.

Always make sure you communicate with your child: Explain to them that there is a lot of danger out there. Let them know you’re there for them, not against them. Gain your child’s trust so they can come to you whenever they feel something is wrong. Explain to them what certain predators may say to lure them in.

-Place the computer or tablet in a place where you can see: If your child doesn’t have a phone but is constantly on the computer or tablet, then place the computer or tablet somewhere you can see. If your child does have a phone then you can always have your child leave their phone with you overnight while he is asleep. Just an option that’ll help you go the extra mile to ensure your child is safe!

-Install spyware onto their phone (not to hurt them but to protect them): Highster Mobile is by far the best spyware that’ll allow you to monitor your kids anywhere you have internet access. You’ll be able to see texts, photos, videos, chat messages, stealth camera and more. Best part is that it’s equipped with GPS tracking so you’ll know where your child is at all times.

Monitor your child’s social media accounts: Make sure your child does not post anything on the internet such as naked photos or questionable videos, or anything that could possibly be used against them in the future.  

Don’t forget to advise your children to never make an attempt to meet someone in person that they randomly met on the internet, no matter how friendly that person seems. Not all tips apply to all parents, but Highster Mobile is a great product to monitor your child’s cellular activity, no matter which subjects matter to you. This software gives you the ability to see virtually anything on a target phone. Highster Mobile combines the above steps in a simple three-part process of download, install and monitor.


Cell phone app to ensure business theft doesn't occur.

Who Can You Really Trust?

In today’s society, who can you really trust? Do you strongly believe your employees are being completely honest with you, especially when they are on their own for majority of their shift?

You’ve worked so hard to build a brand and you’ve put in so much effort as an employer, so why should you be a victim to employee theft? Just google it. Not only do customers steal, but sometimes an employee may steal from you as well for various reasons. Perhaps you sent your employee to a customer’s house to do an estimate for new ceiling or floor tiles. Your employee takes pictures of the tile work that needs to be done and tells you that the customer changed her mind and doesn’t want the work done anymore because it’s too expensive. What if your employee decided to complete the work for a cheaper price without telling you, and pocketed the money? There’s millions of stories of various employees (particularly movers and freelance contractors) who take advantage of their employers trust by stealing and doing things for a cheaper price. They know this is morally wrong. Don’t be a victim to employee theft – it’ll discredit your company in more ways that you think.   

But stealing isn’t the only thing you should worry about. What if your employee was supposed to be at one of your valued customer’s houses at 12pm and its 1pm, and they still aren’t there? Now you have your customer constantly calling because your employee was supposed to be at their house, ready to start the job. . Not only are you now losing money, but this will also discredit your company. Words spread like wildfire, and negative reviews sometimes outshine the positive ones when someone is researching your company to do work for them.

People tend to turn to trusted sites such as Google and Angie’s list to determine which company they want to use for their needs. Would you want your company to get low rating just because one of your employees is stealing or not doing the job they are being paid to do?  Studies from the Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse found the 2014 median loss caused by occupational fraud was $145,000 – and that’s just employee theft. That doesn’t include theft from customers. How can we protect our money and ensure employees are doing what they should?

Highster Mobile is an excellent cell phone monitoring app that will allow you monitor your employees from afar to ensure work is being done in a timely manner and that business theft isn’t taking place. Say your employee hasn’t shown up yet for a 12pm appointment at Mrs. Parkers place. No problem. You can pinpoint your employee’s exact location with our GPS tracking feature. If Mrs. Parker suddenly rejects your company estimate (when your employee finally decides to show up, and reduces  the price from $1,000 to $650 for a new full tile installation, and decides to keep the money for himself) now you can monitor any photos or activities that are done on the target phone. You will even be able to access our Stealth camera which allows you to take a photo of your employee’s surroundings, so you’ll be able to see what he’s doing at that exact moment.  Keep your company in good terms and monitor your employees today.


How to Deal with Your Teenage Child’s Favorite Mobile Apps

Smartphones and tablets are two of the modern-day gadgets that have completely turned the world of parenting on its head. Things have been complicated even further with the advent of mobile applications. When we take a look at a teenager’s mobile phone these days, we see hundreds of mobile applications installed. With its increasing popularity, several mobile applications are released every day. Seems like there is a mobile application for anything that we can think of doing, and, unfortunately, it is not possible to have the slightest clue about their capabilities by looking at their names.  

There are many mobile apps that encourage positive behavioral traits amongst the users. However, some of the mobile apps are used extensively for inappropriate purposes such as cyberbullying and sexting. Therefore, parents must ensure that none of these apps are installed in their child’s mobile phone.

Kik internet messenger has probably received the maximum amount of negative publicity amongst all mobile apps. As we all know, children prefer texting because it doesn’t cost them any extra money. Private messages sent through Kik often contain languages that are provocative and not appropriate for the kids.

As their names suggest, Dirty Talking Lite and Sex Texts Lite are two mobile apps that are used extensively for sexting. While using these apps, users can browse through different ideas of things that can be said to others. While these ideas can be funny for the mature users, it is never acceptable for the younger app users to entertain these thoughts.

Snapchat is another app that may have seriously adverse impact on growing children. This platform allows users to send temporary messages that are self-destroyed after they have been viewed. Since the images sent through this app are seen for a limited period, users are greatly encouraged to send inappropriate content in different forms. 

Online dating app Tinder is extremely dangerous because any teenager can pretend to be an adult to sign-up here. With this app, users can rate the pictures of other users as good as bad. The nature of this app makes it extremely susceptible to cyberbullying.

Looking at the severity of the potential danger, the only way to deal with this problem is to restrict your child from using any of these apps. In order to do that, your first step should be to start monitoring your child’s mobile phone to find out the list of mobile apps he/she is using. This can be done easily using a good quality cell phone spy tracking software program. Using a cell phone spy called can be extremely useful because this program does not require any software to be installed in the target phone. Therefore, you can continue tracking the phone without letting anyone know about it. In case you discover that your child is using any of these dreaded apps, now you can be proactive and completely remove these apps from the phone or block access to these applications.  

Highster Mobile cell phone spy can help intercept chat messages

Chatting Away

Messaging apps have finally caught up to social networks in user numbers and now dominate mobile”, according to a Yahoo Finance article. “Put together, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and Viber have 2.125 billion monthly active users globally (users who accessed the apps at least once in a 30-day period). And these are all mobile users.” This number is significant since it does not include any desktop population! With this rise in numbers, it’s clear that messaging is here to stay. Besides the normal chat, messaging apps have seen a rise in popularity because sharing photos can be easier through a messaging app. And it’s far more private to share a laugh with one friend through chat than risk offending your entire friend network on Facebook.

Way back in time electronic mail was revolutionary and changed the way business was conducted. Incredibly, text messaging started even prior to that in December 1992. The first text message was a simple holiday greeting sent from a Canadian engineer. The article states that “On December 3rd 1992, a 22-year-old Canadian test engineer sat down and typed out a very simple message, ‘Merry Christmas’ It flew over the Vodafone network to the phone of one Richard Jarvis, and since then, we just haven't been able to stop texting.” So we’ve evolved from text messaging, to email, to chat messaging, and the next amazing form of communication is just around the corner.

With all these forms of communication evolving, how can an employer keep up with the changes? Here’s a fact: a company can definitely benefit from a phone tracking app like Highster Mobile to stay current with the times. If you’re an employee and need to issue company mobile phones, a cell phone spy software can aid in recovering all messenger chat messages. This could be beneficial in two ways: to restore any crucial information that might be exchanged in a chat, or to make sure an employee is only chatting about business issues on their Facebook messenger, WeChat or Viber. Each phone gets a unique license key that provides all access to an employees’ phone: call logs, email, photos, videos, GPS location, and yes, even chat messages. Once the application is installed on a target phone, Highster Mobile takes over and opens up a world of chat messages that the employer didn’t even know existed.

In this rapidly changing world it’s imperative to protect your business and your bottom line at all times. Highster Mobile can help.