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Is Your Teen Safe and Sound? Make Sure with a Top-Rated Mobile Monitoring App!

It’s after 10 p.m. and your daughter is still not home and you’re starting to get worried. Her shift at the surf and turf restaurant should have ended at 9—and she usually rolls in about 9:30—but she still hasn’t returned. Even more troublesome … she hasn’t called.

You waited a good 30 minutes before dialing her cell, but she didn’t answer. You left her a message and then hung up, hoping she would call back right away. She didn’t. You waited 5 more minutes before texting … twice. Still nothing. You don’t like to go overboard and make multiple calls and texts, but this is out of character for your reliably responsible girl, so you send two more texts and call again before hopping in the car and heading over to the restaurant.

You get there and don’t see her car in the lot, but you head in any way and ask her fellow employees and manager. They all say she left—as far as they know, by herself. Now, you’re really getting worried. You call her phone again hoping maybe she lost it and can’t call you. Then you dial home and your husband says there’s still no sign of her. You get back in the car and start driving the route you expect her to travel. Nothing. Eventually, you contact the police.

Twenty-four hours later, you find out she’s dead. Gone forever. Never to enter your front door again. You won’t get to hug her. You won’t get to speak to her. You won’t get to see her graduate or go to college or get married or anything. She’s gone.

This is a situation that happens all too often in America. Thousands of families are devastated each month by the tragic loss of a teenage child—whether by car crash, murder, abduction, rape, gang shooting, etc. There are so many ways your child can be harmed that you almost don’t want to ever let them out of your sight. But you have to.

That being said, you should do yourself a favor and install a top cell phone spy free of contact on your teen’s smartphone so that you can keep track of where your loved one is, who they are talking to, and what pictures and videos they are sending and receiving. You might be thinking is there a cell phone spy free app available to you so that you can monitor someone whenever you feel like it? There are free options, but that's not the best option in this kind of case.

A reliable mobile monitoring app will enable you to access your teen’s phone so that you can make sure they aren’t being preyed on by sexual predators, drug dealers, bullies, and more. You can track their whereabouts via GPS and even turn on their phone’s camera and microphone to survey your teen’s environment in order to make sure they’re safe and sound.

Don’t let your child become a picture on a milk carton or a top story on the 10 p.m. news, install a trusted and highly rated cell phone spy free download once you purchase the Highster Mobile software. Then you can put it on your teen’s phone as soon as possible.


Safety First

What are some of the iconic safety messages? Look both ways before crossing. Caution signs. Stop, drop and roll is simple to process – these rhyming instructions can help anyone escape potential and permanent injury or death by fire. Its easy word structure is designed for kids to remember. Don’t run with scissors. Wait an hour after eating before swimming. Don’t talk to strangers.

We are inundated with safety messages and caution on a daily basis with a variety of sayings and signs. What does this say about us as a society? That we’re careless? That we run headfirst into danger? And if these precautionary tales were intended for adults, how much hesitation is needed for children? By nature, kids are fearless and throw themselves into precarious situations without even knowing it, or caring. It’s a parental imperative to protect kids from harmful instances. But what else can we do to protect our family, besides asking kids to remember a random statement that rhymes?

Highster Mobile is a mobile software application that can be added to your teenager or tween’s phone and installation only takes minutes. Cell phone monitoring is not only legal for the authorized user, it can be a welcome modern aid to any concerned parent or guardian who want to track mobile phone behavior. Why would you want to track mobile phone behavior? Sometimes teenager’s don’t make the rational or safe decision; in fact, they’re most likely not to.

Here’s how it works: the simple three-part process is simply download, install and monitor. Your child’s phone is considered the target phone. Once the application is placed on the target phone, the user can view a whole range activity on their unique user panel: text messages, call logs, email correspondence, GPS location, social media posts, and more. Highster Mobile makes it easy to spy on a cell phone without having access to it, except for that initial installation, which only takes a short time. It’s yet another roadway to safety, like the red flashing warning lights or orange safety cones in the road. It’s there to guide you home through the stormy times.