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The Pros and Cons of Remote Employee Monitoring Business Strategy

Does employee monitoring increase productivity? Why is this business strategy being implemented in an increasing number of companies today?

As the world continues to advance its technology, more and more people rely on digital tools for their everyday lives. This goes the same with different businesses. And this is one reason why companies began making use of cell phone employee monitoring software as a strategy for making work more efficient and effective, leading to the success of their establishments.

But Is Employee Monitoring Really Doing The Job?

Let us weigh the pros and cons of this business strategy, which goes way beyond your usual CCTV cameras that are used for monitoring.

Pros of Employee Monitoring

  1. It can help establish and maintain the safety of employees. With employee monitoring software, workplace problems like harassment between co-workers, bullying and the likes can be uncovered. Therefore, such troubles will be prevented and employees’ welfare within the offices will be preserved.
  2. It can help track employees’ working hours effectively. Some workers can come to work and clock in, only to leave after a few minutes. Then they appear when it is time to get off work. This waste of company time can be easily tracked with employee monitoring software so that proper invoicing can be provided to the staff.
  3. It can help reduce the incidences of theft. Whether it is company properties or employees’ belongings, stealing of such things usually happen within the workplace. But when employee activities are tracked, this type of occurrence can be lessened significantly.
  4. It can help in delegating tasks effectively. Monitoring apps allow employers to see the kind of work employees do and how long it takes them to finish. Thus, they can easily acknowledge where work needs to be redistributed and who has the best ability to do certain tasks well.
  5. It can help prevent slackers in the company. Sometimes, employees tend to work on their tasks slower or even not at all and doing non-work-related things, hoping they won’t get caught slacking off. But when they know they are being monitored, they are less likely to waste their working hours and contribute more to the company.
  6. It can ensure that company rules are being followed. Every company has its own rules and regulations that need to be followed so that safety, security, and success can be achieved in the workplace. Compliance with such rules can be monitored through employee monitoring software, thus ensuring safe practices and efficient means are being followed when working.
  7. It can help measure and improve productivity at work. By using employee monitoring apps, details about a workers’ time and activities on the job are recorded. Employers can review such things and find out what actions lead to productivity and what can be done to errors on the job.

Cons of Employee Monitoring

  1. It can result to trust issues. Problems with trust and the relationship between employees and employers can be burdened when employee monitoring is implemented since this practice is associated with a lack of trust. It can then cause resentment among workers and low productivity may result.
  2. It can push employees to quit their jobs. When monitoring seems too intrusive and workers’ personal lives are being probed into, they may feel disrespected. They may decide to quit and trying to retain them can be a challenge.
  3. It can lead to legal issues. Yes, there are a number of legalities that employers can face when employee monitoring tools are used in the workplace. They need to make sure that their use of such software remains within what is lawful, which can differ in every area or region where it is being used.
  4. It can make use of a lot of resources before being fully utilized. Employee monitoring apps need to be tested and scrutinized before they can be fully used in any company. Employers need to make sure that such technology will not compromise their business, as well as their employees. And this kind of testing will take time and money.
  5. It can create a false sense of security. Having employee monitoring apps five employers the feeling that nothing can get past them. And they may also feel that their workers will comply and will not commit something against the company if there are being monitored. This false sense of security can result to devastating consequences, which, instead of success, might just pull the company down.

The above lists show us that there are downsides as much as benefits to the trending employee monitoring software that are being used as business strategies today.

However, when you weigh it properly, there are more positive effects when businesses make use of remote employee monitoring in the workplace compared to the negative impact: productivity can increase, the safety of workers can be established, the security of company properties can be achieved and so on. All these benefits can be enjoyed at the expense of a few drawbacks on the company, which can no doubt be prevented when proper knowledge about employee monitoring is disseminated.

Trust between employers and employees will not be an issue if monitoring software is not abused. With the right explanation and with the staffs’ awareness, plus their consent, employee monitoring apps will provide more benefits than expected. It may even strengthen the bond between bosses and their workers, instead of causing damage.

Thus, employers need to make sure that their employees know about the company’s monitoring strategies. When understanding this technology is realized by the workers, they will be more agreeable to it and will cooperate for the sake of the business’ success.

It is then that the use of the best cell phone monitoring tools like Highster Mobile will be optimized and their results are enjoyed even more.

But of course, to each his own. This is why learning more about how employee monitoring apps can be used in the workplace is important before any decision can be made.

So, visit Highster Mobile for more information about this modern business strategy and if it is what your company needs.