Tips To Find Out If Your Children Hate You

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Tips To Find Out If Your Children Hate You

Children, at various stages of growth, go through various changes, many of which are hormonal; many others are learned behavior. According to Psychology Today, children in early adolescence (aged between 9 and 13) go through a “separation” phase which propels them into adulthood.

Coinciding with teenage, this is the phase in which your children become more rebellious than the revolutionaries in 18th century France. This is also the phase in which children begin displaying negative attitudes and end up putting many parents on the edge of worrying.

When observing such an attitude in children, it’s easy to think that your children hate you. Read on to find out why children act as if they hate you and how to deal with this rebellious phase.

Separation Anxiety

Psychologically speaking, children go through another separation phase when they’re considerably grown up. It’s important to know that your children are intricately attached you ever since birth and that when they begin realizing that they’re separate entities is when they begin facing separation anxiety.

Once children begin growing up and learning from cues lent by the society that they need to be different from their parents, that they need to be independent, a rebellious attitude is developed. They learn this from other children, from peers who they look up to, and from a desire to act “old.”

They’ll begin retreating to their rooms more often, they’ll begin hiding things from you, they’ll stop conversing with you, and there’ll be a lot of disrespect involved. It is also in this phase that they become vulnerable to predators and criminals.

What to Do?

The trick is to not lose your calm. Remember that there aren’t children involved on both sides. You, being the adult, should act with caution and not with sentiment. Instead of badgering your children to know what they’re up to or why their attitude toward you has changed, get privy.

Use a mobile tracking and spy app to double-check if they’re under the influence of nefarious characters. Are they talking to potential predators? Are they going to localities they have no reason to be near? Are they exchanging unseemly photographs with shady older people or predators?

They’re children, they won’t know what’s wrong from right even if you installed a software in their heads. You’re the one who needs to do the job of an anti-virus and keep an eye out for situations that could be dangerous for them.

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