Tips For Ensuring Teen Internet Safety

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Tips For Ensuring Teen Internet Safety

As parents, the most important thing to do when it comes to the internet is make sure your children know the dangers that come with it. Online predators are doubling and tripling as the internet expands. Would you want your child to be a target of these online predators or bullies? A child’s life isn’t worth the risk when there’s ways you can protect and monitor your child. One thing we need to understand is that some kids want to experience things for themselves, but in this dangerous world it’s best for us as parents to pay a little more attention to our children. A Dr. Phil article states that ‘Internet offenders target teens, not young children—rarely use force, abduction or deception”. But don’t be fooled. Whether it’s your teen or child, you should take the same appropriate measures to make sure your child doesn’t fall into the category of an internet victim.

Here are some tips to protect your child:

As a parent you should familiarize yourself with the internet:  practice navigating through the internet if you’re unsure how to use it. It’ll only make it easier to monitor your child.

Always make sure you communicate with your child: Explain to them that there is a lot of danger out there. Let them know you’re there for them, not against them. Gain your child’s trust so they can come to you whenever they feel something is wrong. Explain to them what certain predators may say to lure them in.

-Place the computer or tablet in a place where you can see: If your child doesn’t have a phone but is constantly on the computer or tablet, then place the computer or tablet somewhere you can see. If your child does have a phone then you can always have your child leave their phone with you overnight while he is asleep. Just an option that’ll help you go the extra mile to ensure your child is safe!

-Install spyware onto their phone (not to hurt them but to protect them): Highster Mobile is by far the best spyware that’ll allow you to monitor your kids anywhere you have internet access. You’ll be able to see texts, photos, videos, chat messages, stealth camera and more. Best part is that it’s equipped with GPS tracking so you’ll know where your child is at all times.

Monitor your child’s social media accounts: Make sure your child does not post anything on the internet such as naked photos or questionable videos, or anything that could possibly be used against them in the future.  

Don’t forget to advise your children to never make an attempt to meet someone in person that they randomly met on the internet, no matter how friendly that person seems. Not all tips apply to all parents, but Highster Mobile is a great product to monitor your child’s cellular activity, no matter which subjects matter to you. This software gives you the ability to see virtually anything on a target phone. Highster Mobile combines the above steps in a simple three-part process of download, install and monitor.


Angelina Hall
Angelina is a work from home mom who wants to share her words of wisdom, thoughts, and knowledge to other parents.
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